7 Best Budget Watch Brands 2024

Watches are a timeless fashion trend that is popular everywhere, in all traditions and cultures, and with people of all ages. They were once used strictly for telling time. Today, however, they are more of an accessory to complement out an outfit, a status symbol, or even an investment.

However, not all watches have to cost you a small fortune, or a big one for that matter. The real truth about the watch industry is that most of the money for advertising is put towards selling those ultra-luxury watch brands that the 1% of the people can actually buy, the richest of the rich. Although there are people who can spend more than $10,000 on an authentic designer watch and never look back, most of the people cannot, but they still want quality products. So what can they do?

Luckily, there are dozens of other manufacturers that care about all social classes and make budget options for everyone. The watch market is filled with brands that are actually more famous and loved for their mid-range value models than their high-end luxury watches.  If you want to spend your hard-earned money elsewhere but still want a nice timepiece, fear not. You can find out more on thewatchcompany.com.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the best budget watch brands from which to choose. If you want to learn even more about this topic, make sure to visit this website.

1. Seiko

Source: Seiko

The famous Japanese watch brand powerhouse is the absolute king of affordable watches, as well as many other products. But why are they so good at it? The reason behind Seiko’s success is their 100% devotion to giving their trusty customers amazing value for their money with their every product. Therefore, it does not matter if you are spending only $75 on a basic, generic watch, or if you want something more extra for $500, you will end up with a quality model rivaled by few on the market. The brand has a long and successful history on their side, and they enjoy millions of customers around the world. This is how every brand should aim to operate.

2. Casio

Source: Ethos Watch Boutiques

Similar to Seiko, Casio is another brand known for a wide array of tiers among its models. If the price is your main concern with watches, Casio could be the best choice for you. Since they are on the lower end of the spectrum of watchmakers, they have watches that cost around $10. This hardly means their quality is bad. They simply want to offer something for everyone. Of course, you cannot get the same exceptional quality with all watches, but the value for the money is there. As you reach more expensive models, the value for money actually increases. One of the best parts of this brand is their extensive catalog of models. Do not forget that the ultra-popular and tough G-Shock selection is theirs as well!

3. Orient

Source: A Blog to Watch

This is a lesser-known Japanese brand owned by Seiko group, which means most of the things we said previously can be applied here as well. They are still a separate company however and they operate as independently in bringing a unique style and flair to their neat products. Their most popular watch models are Mako, Ray, and Bambino. If you want more, their catalog is quite wide. Orient is really hard to beat when it comes to affordable watches in the lower tier of the market.

4. Citizen

Source: www.citizen.pt

Citizen is famous for two things, their eco-drive movement that makes the better part of their watches tick, and their value for the buck you spend. The mechanism is unique because of solar energy powers it, instead of the traditional watch button batteries. This amazing and futuristic feature will make your watch function much longer than a regular quartz movement timepiece. When it comes to their value, they are hardly up to the luxury brand standards, but that is not what Citizen is about. This brand delivers more quality watch value for far less money, and they can go head to head with Seiko and Casio in this segment.

5. Hamilton

Source: LinkedIn

Hamilton has a similar story to many of the other manufacturers on our list. They started their life as a pocket watch company like most, but when the two World Wars came about and changed everything, the brand started manufacturing wristwatches we know and love today. They thrived in this new domain of business, and they still do, offering a little bit of everything for a wide array of pockets. People simply love their roots and history. They are an American brand, and people in the United States know how to appreciate and support home brands. Although they have since moved to Switzerland, their heritage is still appealing to many, evident by their trusty returning customers.

6. Tissot

Source: Brandfield

You simply cannot have a list of watchmakers and leave out the legendary Tissot out of the discussion. This brand has one of the best selection of affordable watch models, and two factors make the brand unique among others on the list. The first is the long and rich history behind them. The manufacturer started to operate during the 1800s, which means they have been through it all and know their stuff. The second major thing in the world of watches is the fact they are one of the classic Swiss brands, and everyone prefers delicate things like watches from Switzerland, rather than some other countries. Although many do not care about the origin watches, some people will always buy and enjoy a little bit of Swiss heritage in their life.

7. Timex

Source: A Blog to Watch

Last but not least, we have a 100% American brand that has never moved their headquarters overseas. The brand has been in the USA since its beginnings, and for all that time, they have been making a wide range of affordable watches of great quality considering the prices. Their models are the go-to pieces for hundreds of thousands of people around America, and the world and they are without a doubt one of the best budget options on the market today. Their catalog runs deep, and you can easily find great looking quality models for less than $50. However, they also have amazing models that range from $100 to $300, and up. Basically, Timex will deliver no matter the range you are aiming for.