5 Off-Road the Adventure Places in the US for Dirt Bike Enthusiasts

Regardless of where you are located in the country, you can still access some of the greatest off-road adventure places in the US meant for dirt bike enthusiasts. There are plenty of rugged trails and open land in each state which are worth exploring. Once you reach the sites, we are sure that the thrill and adventure peak will engulf you for hours.

There are a significant number of recreational opportunities if you own an OHV, ATV or dirt bike. We have chosen the five best off-road trails in the US that will surely blow your mind if you are a real dirt bike enthusiast.

1. Moro Plantation, Northern Maine

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There is no other opinion about the breathtaking Northern Maine attractiveness. The site is pretty similar to the East’s Oregon and is a heaven for dirt bike enthusiasts. Here you have the chance of riding on additional 1100 miles of trails. If you chose the ATV Trails of the country of Aroostook as your start-up destination, then you can enjoy at least 1200 more miles.

We can say that this place will undoubtedly test your wits and your talents. The best season for riding the trails here is the climax of spring till Mid-October. During this time you can enjoy mud bogs, dirt roads and many wood trails on your way.

Beware! You can encounter bears or moose occasionally. And yes, the black bears may be more quick and speedy than your bike which they see as a delicious meal.

Make sure to wear warm clothes as the area is covered in 100-inches deep snow layers each year in winter. Most dirt bike enthusiasts prefer staying at the Lodge of Katahdin. Embedded on the Mount Katahdin, this lodge will provide you with direct outbreak to the System Trail and County Aroostook ATV Trails.

Maine Interconnected They can lodge at least 25 people together, so you can enjoy the long weekend with your buddies without worrying about space. Enjoy your ride and when you get tired, enjoy a warm, welcoming meal at the lodge.

2. Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

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If you just want to entertain yourself with some of the country’s best views, your next dirt bike destination should be the Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho.

For the dirt bike enthusiasts, ther3 is a bonus point, the thrill riding to boot. If you choose Baumgartner area as your starting point, you have to go just eleven miles from Featherville. It is located near the South Fork Boise River and is a popular destination for dirt bike enthusiasts.

The Sawtooth can entertain you with its endless miles of single-track ATV and motorcycle trails. UTVs are also allowed on specific paths, but most of them are almost around 48-inch in width.

You need to exercise extra caution at some places as most of the single tracks are not that easy as you may think. They are technical as they are full of steep descents, rocky areas and narrow switchbacks. In simple words, the place is not for you if you are a beginner. We don’t suggest you take the risk unless you have an advanced level of dirt bike riding experience.

However, if you think you can take this challenge, we assure you that this experience you will never forget. It is unlikely to experience so much beautiful view anywhere else.

If you love camping, it’s a bonus. You can easily stay in any of the nearby campgrounds. However, we recommend the Baumgartner Campground because it is our favorite camping spot. Here you can enjoy a lot of riding opportunities, and when you are tired, you can relax in the swimming hole and the hot spring.

If you plan to camp here, we will like to inform you that the nearest amenities are more than 30 miles away from this campsite.

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3. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona:

Source: OffRoad Lifestyles

Though you cannot explore the whole Grand Canyon, you will find some places which will bring you very near from the rim, it allows you to observe some memorable views. The Grand Canyon is 277-mile long, and you can check both its North and South Rim once you are here with your bike.

But before you start your excursion here at the South Rim, it is better to spend some days exploring at the North Rim and camping. Though both South and North Rim are enriched with features worthy of exploration, you will find the North Rim is busier than the South Rim. Also, the amenities are much closer from the South Rim and are more significant in number.

Going to North Rim in winters is not at all a wise decision. The snow is intense here and the elevations can go above 9,100 feet. However, some dirt bike enthusiasts find this challenge even more exciting and worth the efforts.

4. Alaska: Denali Highway

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One can say that Denali Highway is heaven for those dirt bike enthusiasts who have no lack of energy when they are on their adventure. Denali Highway is recognized for its stunningly beautiful scenery and its exalting picturesque

This track stretches up to 135 miles while exposing you with few world’s best off-road bike trails dirt on its way. While you are enjoying your ride, ensure to capture the breathtaking beauty of towering mountains. Life seldom gives two chances for such great excursions.

5. Moser Creek Trail Head, Hyalite, Montana:

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Last but not least in our list is the one which is famous as Big Sky Country. You guessed it right; it is Montana’s majestic line up of mountains. They have trails all the way running through them. This magnificent scenery that starts at the Moser Creek Trail Head can take you to the Emerald Lake area.

This adventure place is ideal for bike riders who prefer spending nights in a swanky hotel to get warm showers and hot food after a tiring day. You can easily find amenities nearby, and it’s a positive point that many dirt bike trail riders prefer.

The only downside of this location is that there are certain restrictions on the bikers. They are only allowed during certain months and certain hours. You can click here to learn more.


Most of the dirt bike enthusiasts prefer exploring every other adventure spot they listen about. There may be several off-road trails near your home, but going out for more exploration and adventure has its charm. In the end, we ask you to follow the rules and stay safe.