4 Irrational Myths About Pokies (Slots) That Are Illogical

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Pokies is a New Zealand term given to video slot machines. The historical origin of this name stems from the inception of the games, which happened to be placed beside video poker machines, ergo the poker-like reference. It gained traction and as such most Kiwis prefer this dubbing to the technical name given to the games of reels -column- and spin.

On the flip side, the mythical origins of slots, in general, garnered the same attention. Strangely enough, some players still hold to these irrational beliefs even though they have been debunked.

Myths on pokies (slots) in gambling entertainment have ranged from the most superstitious to the irrational. When playing slots, it is important to realize that it is an outcome based on luck, without requiring any skill – a game based on a number generation principle.

Many have tried and failed to ensure that luck is on their side through fake misinformation based on myths about the game. Here, we will look into a few of these myths and direct you as to why these are illogical in both thought and application.

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Slots Are Temperamental

This belief coincides with the perception that slot machines run hot – that is, the slot machine will have more frequent payouts – and this provides the best opportunity to play. When the machine runs cold – that is, the slot machine has few to no payouts – it is not worth playing as the expectation is that it would not yield expected payouts.

Slot machines use a random number generator (RNG) program. This just basically means that all play outcomes are completely random and will not follow a ‘hot or cold streak’ formula.

The Casino Edge Is Always Fixed In the Game

While most players understand the way technology works i.e., that it is based on programming, they still illogically hold this to be true. Casinos are indeed in the business of making money, however, software developers are regulated to show their games are fair.

With a reputation at stake, it’s only wise that pokie games have an RTP of no less than 95% to show the probability of win payouts. Online casinos want to ensure their customers have a good experience with high-quality slot games.

They even go as far as providing online pokies free spins on this website to allow players to test out the volatility and win ratio. Free spins are advantageous in debunking this myth. As long as terms and conditions are met, especially wagering requirements, you’ll notice the zero influence an online casino has on the outcome.

Also, the perks or bonus features being offered on the games will have to be weighed in with other factors as well. A good player knows to balance off their winning versus the affordability to continue playing another day.

Though it is not debatable that the house is there to make a profit, in a game of slot machines this statement is inaccurate. The house has no influence and, therefore, cannot alter a slot machine in their favor. The machines are designed and developed independently and can never be influenced by the house. The number generation principle governing the game means it will never be possible for the house to interfere with the algorithm of the game.

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Casino High Roller Automatically Win Jackpots

There is no correlation to the statement that the more you bet, the better your payout outcomes. Unless the RNG plays in your favor, this myth does not hold at all. There is no way that the RNG will be able to tell that the amount placed for the bet will determine a favorable outcome. The odds are still the same as in every gameplay made. If this were not the case, people who have randomly played slot games and won the progressive jackpot would not be as many.

However, while the game is still one of chance, there are certain slot strategies you can implement to turn the scales a bit profitable. Recent changes in slot games mean that most developers indicate the new game volatility, feature payouts, etc.

Optimized Payouts Are Science-Based

The most complicated science involved in slot-machine games is not where you expect. The algorithms involved are from the developer – to ensure a fair and maximized experience for the player.  Because of this, the developer also ensures that though the house also generates an income from the slot game, the player will be fairly rewarded as well.

There are almost no cheats when it comes to playing slot games. Again, due to the RNG nature of the game, the games played can work out either way. The consistent pattern here is primarily that slot game machines operate on a system that utilizes the generation of outcomes based on a random number generator.

Either way, this system ensures that the chances are indiscriminate to both the player and the house. This is just a tiny fraction of the list, but one needs to gain insight and reviews online to also have a broader selection of games from which to choose.

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To optimize your online gaming experience, look into the extra features being provided by the games. These would include bonus features such as free spins and starting deposit bonuses, amongst other features. It is important to factor in costs that would offset your payouts. These would be the charges to the wallet and the cost of minimum versus maximum betting prices, amongst other costs.

Not all slot games offer jackpots, so when playing it is important to play with a particular game plan and limit in mind. Accessibility to add to your wallet and access payouts and the charges involved would also need to be factored in. All these considerations will not only improve your experience as a player but also provide the feeling of getting your rewards worth in slot gaming time.

When playing slots, always bear in that the generation of the outcome will remain the same based on the developer algorithms that govern the machines. Online the player could make use of reviews provided online about their game of choice to find its RTP. As tempting as it is to believe myths, during losing sessions, assessing them only gives you clarity of how illogical they are.