5 Ways You Can Market Your Business without Spending Too Much Money

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Marketing a product is commonly associated with spending money, but this does not have to be. There are several ways where you can market your business without putting a strain on your wallet.

Although it is popularly said that “you have to spend money to get money,” and this does not always apply to marketing.

You can spend for as low as $0 to market your business and still experience an exceptional conversion rates. Yes, it may work at times to spend big, but it does not mean spending more equates is getting more customers or gaining bigger sales.

This blog will show you the five proven ways on how you can market your business without spending too much money. Towards the end of this article, it will highlight the revolutionary AI Chatbot for social media marketing from ZebraBuzz.com.

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1. Deliver Quality Content

One of the best ways on how you can market your business without spending any money at all is by delivering high-quality content.

You have to ensure that whatever content you deliver is valuable in one way or the other to a wide range of people.

Also, to be able to market your products and services, you may, at times, have to deliver quality content that may not correlate with your business or what you do, but are high quality and of value.

You may sell shoes, but post credible news stories that are of relevance to the community or motivational quotes. You could post something funny that many people can relate to and so on.

When people find what you post to be of great quality and very relevance to them, you will definitely increase traffic for your business and it will set you in a better position for conversions. This does not cost anything but devoted time and consistency.

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2. Organic Posts

This is another way where you can market your business without spending money, this is done through organic posts. In fact, you do not need to spend a dime or more money to make organic posts.

Here’s a great tip for organic posts that can help you market your business without costing you huge amount of money, it is by using a video.

The video content is consistently part of the most shared content. There is a popular saying that goes thus: “What I hear, I may forget; but what I see, I will never forget.”

People are more likely to remember video content rather than any other kind of content. Not only do they relate to it more, but they will also engage with it. By engaging, they will be increasing organic traffic for your business which is great news, because it can make your business page more visible.

And also, if you are going to be using organic posts; you should know that consistency is very crucial and important. This strategy is about being in people’s face and actively convincing till they say “okay, let me see what this business has to offer.”

You must always ensure to post on regular basis and try not to be scanty on your page. However, this can be tasking, especially if you have to put up multiple posts and content on your page in a day.

But of course, there are many ways that you can do this task in an automate process. You can automatically schedule your posting as many times as you want without breaking the bank.

Chatbots are great tools to use to market your business without costing you too much money.

For instance, you can get chatbots like Zebrabuzz for between 10 dollars to 35 dollars per month and get a tool that could help you post as many times as possible.

Availing this king of tools will also get you access to a wide range of features that can make your business promotions and marketing a whole lot easier than you ever thought.

This takes us to the next way where you can market your business without spending too much money – Chatbot Marketing.

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3. Chatbot Marketing

According to Quick Lines, chatbots are a very great way to save you a lot of money and could also boost your sales. For instance, the average chatbot can help you generate good quality leads as it assures up to 80% open rate.

When you compare this with email marketing’s 10% (which companies are still using to get good conversion rate), then you know that chatbots can really help a whole lot to market your products and services. And for the small price that they go for, they are a great opportunity to explore.

You could even get some for free. For example, you can get to experience 14 days of free access to all the extensive features of Zebrabuzz chatbot. You could also get a few sales before the expiration of your trial and cover the cost of continuing. Easy.

Chatbots can automate your organic posts, integrate your e-commerce store into Messenger to make it more convenient for your customers to reach you, recover lost sales with abandoned cart recovery, and could help you automate your comments so you can automatically reply to it on your pages even when you are not online, among many others.

With their outstanding features, they are certainly a great way to promote and to market your business’ products and services without having to spend too much money.

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4. Get Family and Friends to Share

Yes, it may sound basic, but you can use your family and friends to market your business, and of course, this can be done without spending money.

Friends and family can be the key in sharing your business as well as using word of mouth, which can be very useful.

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5. Affiliate Programmes

With affiliate programmes, you only pay when someone makes a purchase. The whole concept of affiliate programmes is getting people to market and sell your business products for you without spending money until a purchase is made.