What Are Longevity Supplements and Do They Really Make a Difference

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Oxidative stress results in damaging our tissues and cellular mechanism, which causes aging. A further release of free oxygen radicals results in causing many other serious diseases that include cataracts, atherosclerosis and even cancer. But the release of free oxygen radicals does not instantly cause these damages. At first, our body tries to cope with the reactive oxygen species but when their count increases the capacity, it becomes problematic.

Therefore, the hypothesis states that the more the number of reactive oxygen species, the speedy aging will be there. That is why, if you want to prevent or slow down aging, you need anti-oxidants. Either you increase the content of antioxidant-rich foods, or you take antioxidant vitamins. These vitamins include beta-carotene, Vitamin C and E. They limit the damage caused by reactive oxygen species and thus, slows down the aging process.

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Longevity pills

However, taking vitamins separately is a mess. You might not remember which one you need. Therefore, you can get a single pill that will deal with several issues.

According to elevant.co, this longevity pill slows down biological aging, improves your metabolism and also brain health and heart function. Moreover, it also deals with both acute and chronic inflammation and thus improves your bodywide health. And this is not it, this pill will also act in energy creation, kidney function and also eye health.

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Content of longevity supplements

There are a total of 41 nutrients that are known to promote the healthy growth of cells. Furthermore, these vitamins also reduce aging. The most common vitamins include vitamin A, B (B-1, 2, 6 and 12), vitamin C, D E and K and also pantothenate, choline, niacin, biotin and folic acid.

In addition to the vitamins, these pills also contain some of the essential minerals like iron, zinc and calcium. Although the longevity pills do not have all the vitamins and minerals but they do have most of them and also amino acids and mega-3 fatty acids. Thus, they work on improving your overall health. Consequently, you get a healthy life and slower aging.

Impact of different vitamins and minerals

Different minerals and vitamins impact our bodies differently.


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Carotenoids and vitamin A are essential for dealing with reactive oxygen species. And our bodies cannot create them on their own. Therefore, we have to take them from outside. Natural sources of anti-oxidants include colorful fruits and vegetables especially red, orange and yellow. And if you are taking green leafy vegetables, they will also provide a rich quantity of anti-oxidants.

You can also take tomatoes, carrots and other colorful fruits and veggies. And organ meat, egg yolk and whole eggs, fish and fortified milk. All these foods provide a rich source of carotenoids and vitamin A.

Different vitamins

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Vitamins are essential for the healthy functioning of our body. They are not only necessary for the beauty and healthy growth of cells and tissues but are a necessity. Therefore, you cannot ignore their importance. Dairy products are rich in vitamin A. Likewise, citrus fruits, melon, peppers, strawberries, melons and other leafy vegetables have Vitamin C. All these fruits and veggies also contain vitamin E and B12. Eggs, fish and dairy products also contain a lot of vitamin D.

How does our body work?

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Our body automatically copes with the nutrients that are in less quantity. So if you are on a bad diet or are suffering from malnutrition, your body will think about short-term survival. For example, a certain nutrient is essential for reproduction, therefore, the body will store it. On the other hand, the nutrients that are required for long-term maintenance are not prioritized. Instead, they are stored in the body for long-term reproduction. For example, the nutrients that you need for DNA repair.

The longevity supplements are built on the same concept. So when our body intakes any vitamin, it prioritizes its use. If it is one of the scarce vitamins, our body will store it. However, if our body has plenty of it already, it will use it. Thus, through the intake of longevity pills, you are actually giving all the essential nutrients to it. This vitamin and nutrient enrichment will make your body capable of supporting all the biochemical and metabolic processes.

Dependence upon the supplements – Do they really work?

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We are living in a world of competition. People don’t have time to do things. For example, a person is doing a job that requires too much effort. Thus, he is also doing overtime, such a long-term busy routine makes him unable to cook for himself. Eventually, he will start depending upon instant foods and won’t cook for himself.

This dependence upon fast food and instant foods not only makes him lack nutrition but also changes his taste. Thus, he won’t have a liking for boiled veggies and nutrient-rich foods. As a result of this, his body will have a scarcity of vitamins and minerals. And if it takes him to the hospital, the doctor will definitely give him some supplements.

Here comes the problematic thing. He already doesn’t have the time to cook food. Therefore, if he starts taking supplements, he will depend upon them. This long-term dependence is not good either. Although you might think that taking supplements is a good thing but it is not.

A lot of research studies show that taking supplements is good for health but it is not a healthy choice in the longer run. So instead of depending upon pills and capsules, you should pay attention to making healthy food.

According to the research results, taking longevity pills does not have a beneficial impact on reducing the mortality rate. However, these studies only focused on short-term effects. There is still a need to work on the long-term beneficial effect of taking longevity supplements.

Thus, researchers claim that taking longevity supplements does not undo the negative effects of a bad diet.