How to Keep the Memories by Digitizing Old Photos

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Memories fade with time, and keeping them alive will need intentional steps. Developments also happen, and we often have to do things differently. Many families have a collection of old photos that tell stories and would wish to keep them going for other generations.

Old prints get ruined over time, and you will need to consider digitizing them to extend their shelf life.

Digitized photos are more secure as you can have back-ups on various platforms and gadgets. You can also share photos with close friends and relatives in different ways.

Many people claim to be experts in digitizing old photos and related services. Do not be quick to hire anyone over the internet before doing due diligence.

Identify a Consultant in the Field

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Though many DIY ambassadors would make you feel like digitizing old photos is a breeze, and do not need any specialization, it is not true. To get the most and best out of your old photos, you will need an expert in the field. Classic Memories are professionals in turning negatives, printed pictures, slides, or even documents into digital content at high resolution and can advise on the best storage method. After that, you can turn these enhanced photos into one creative photo book through Printed Memories. You can personalize your photo book according to your taste and have it delivered to your doorstep.

There are thousands of businesses, both online and offline selling their services with the most enticing words. Unfortunately, many do not deliver what they promise and may ruin your precious memories. Here are some considerations to guide you on your choice of a suitable consultant.

Budget: How much are you planning to spend on the digitization of old photos? Some photo digitization agencies will charge high rates for low quality work. Expensive does not always mean high standards. Experts give free consultation after you reach out and will provide you with a reasonable quote depending on your job demands.

Experience: Shop for an agency that will seamlessly convert aging media into the latest technology without losing the originality. You are safe with professionals who have been in business for about ten years and above. Vast experience in the field assures you of good quality as they have handled different jobs and materials in the field, perfecting the art.

Portfolio: While photos are sensitive to show everyone, every service provider has to have a portfolio to showcase their work. Even without a background in the field, you have an idea of what you want. On browsing through the portfolio, you may also get an idea of what you want. Ask to see examples of previous work from the service provider.

Reviews: Old photos are a treasure, as you can never replace them. It can take one wrong move to destroy what you have held dear for years. One sure way of keeping the memories by digitizing old photos is to hire an expert for the job. Looking at the reviews of the previous clients will give you a clue on what to expect. Good ratings increase the chances of getting a well done final product.

What are the Steps Companies take to Keep Memories by Digitizing Old Photos

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Photos are often passed down from one generation to another, and it is common to find a pile stashed in boxes, or drawers gathering dust. Going through the pile is exhausting and time-consuming. The easiest way to make the best out of the photos is by hiring a professional to digitize and help you organize your photos. A reliable consultant will walk with you through these steps:

Sort: Looking through thousands of copies of old photos is draining, especially in these busy times. Hiring the right expert will do the work for you. With solid experience, professions in the field will take you through the process at unbelievable speed. They will then advise you on the ones you need to keep and how to go about it.

Scan: Using state of the art scanners, the consultant you settle for should convert negatives, printed photos, and 35mm slides into high-resolution digital images. The ideal scan resolution for prints should be 300 PPI, and resolution 35mm slides are 2750 PPI. This is only achievable by an experienced service provider with a wide experience. Part of scanning services should include dust removal with the use of technologies like Digital Ice.

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Store on digital platforms: There are many ways to store your photos digitally. Your agency will guide you on the best and safest way to store your digitized photos. Digital devices, like thumb drives, DVDs, Cloud storage, among other latest technologies, will assure you stable, safe, and reliable storage of your photos. You can always quickly access the photos when you need them. Unlike rummaging through thousands of snapshots, digital photos are easy to access as you can search through thousands by typing keywords to find what you need.

Print: You can choose to print some and create a form of wall art for your home. Alternatively, you can settle for photo books with either a soft, hard, or sophisticated Leather Luxe Hardcover. Involving an expert ensures your photos are arranged in a clean and modern design. Your service provider will help you choose a theme or sequence that will make browsing through interesting and emotive.

Share: Once the photos are digitized and in modern storage devices, you can share the memories with people close to you seamlessly. Whether you choose to save them on a blog, attach to an on e-mail, or post on social media platforms, digitized photos are easy to share.


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Keeping cherished memories requires some work on your part. Hiring the right agency to digitize your old photos is the first step in the right direction. Experts offer many options on how to keep the memories alive with the use of photos.  Your profession of choice should have a proven track record of happy clients.

Getting the right person for the job ensures that you keep your classic memories alive. This is one area in which you should not compromise based on price. Your photographs, slides, and negatives are too precious to lose. Digitize them today!