6 Essential Summer Beauty Treatments To Try in 2024

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After months of cold, rainy, and overcast weather, the summer season of 2024 is finally within our grasp. Soon, the days will be longer, the drinks will be colder, and more fun and care-free times will be spent. While we wait for the final days of spring to go by, many are wondering that is the best way to prepare your body for the bikini season.

Ladies everywhere want to know one thing, and one thing only: what can they do and which treatments can they try this year to achieve that perfect summer beauty? The answer to this age-old question is actually quite easy, and in this article, we will go over six essential treatments to help you with your beauty routine this upcoming summer season.

Self-Care and Pampering is Everything

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Those who regularly practice pampering know who important it is to take some time for yourself and devote a few hours per week to your body. Pampering is a term that describes a session in which you do everything you want for your face, body, skin, hair, and nails. It is a once-a-week event many women enjoy having because it is effectively a restart for your body that makes you glow for a whole week.

The best time to do it is on a Sunday, preferably between afternoon and evening hours. What is important is that you do not go out after it and let your body relax and absorb the full effects of the pampering session. Depending on their needs and go-to care routine, women do different things as a part of their pampering. However, in order for your body to be ready for the summer, we advise everyone to follow these steps.

1. Hair Removal

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First of all, before we get to skincare, we have the issue of removing unwanted hair from your body. In the past, razors and various depilatory devices were the go-to gadgets for removing hair. Today, however, by far the best and most effective way to do things is laser hair removal. These modern devices have changed the way we do things, and best of all, they are now available as home kits. Although still expensive, it is still cheaper, in the long run, to invest in one than to go to a salon once or twice a week. The best time to perform your hair removal routine is before showering. If you want to learn more about modern hair removal or purchase a modern tool and start doing it yourself in the comfort of your home, visit harlotbeauty.com.

2. Full Body Exfoliating Shower and Hair Wash

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Exfoliating is the key to a youthful and soft skin that glows in the summer. Removing dead skin particles makes it look better and it is easier to work with rejuvenated skin. When you hop in the shower, first take a normal shower and wash your hair. Once you remove the soap and shampoo, apply exfoliating scrub on your face and body using circular motions. Massage your skin as you apply it. When you leave it to rest, devote some time to your hair, and apply your favorite conditioner and mask. You can also exfoliate your feet while you wait. The whole thing should not last longer than a few minutes. Once you are ready, wash away the scrub thoroughly, and wash out your hair from all products.

3. Post-Shower Skincare

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Once you dried your skin with a towel, and before you dry your hair, apply moisturizing cream or lotion to your face and body. Moisturizing is important, especially in the summer, because tour skin needs to be hydrated to prevent wrinkling. After exfoliating, it is much easier for the skin to absorb healthy and rejuvenating ingredients of your moisturizer, which is why it is smart to do it right after showering. Additionally, here you can also apply feet mask and put on cotton socks. This will help you take care of your feet skin and make it equally soft and youthful as other parts of your body.

4. Tending to your Hair

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Once you are done with your body, put on something clean and comfortable, and devote yourself to your hair. Blow-dry it from a safe distance, but make sure to do it in a few separate sessions. This will prevent you from overheating your hair, which is what sometimes happens if you continuously use the dryer for one long period. While you are drying it, brush it to prevent it from tangling. Once your hair is fully dry, you can stylize it however you want and apply a potential post-washing product. Hair is one of the things people notice first about a person. When you strip down to your summer wear and bikinis, it will stand out even more. Therefore, it needs to be equally nurtured and cared for as your skin. It needs the same amount of attention and protection as your face and skin.

5. Nails Polish and Mani-Pedi

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When you are done with your body and hair, it is time to do your nails. Once you start a practice like this, it will all feel natural to you. Here it is important to note that you should remove the old layers of nail polish before the shower. Now that your feet are soft and gentle, apply the first layer of your desired shade of nail polish. Once it is dry, we highly advise you to do one more. Following this, apply a clear, see-through polish, which will act as protection from accidental scratches. To the same for your fingernails. In case you have to or want to do something that requires a regular trip to the mani-pedi salon, if possible, schedule it for that same Sunday and do it before your pampering session. Simply apply the polish exactly like we previously described, right after you are done with your body and hair.

6. Sun Protection and Spray Tan

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To keep your skin protected throughout your life, you must stay away from the summer sun as much as possible. Always use sunscreen products with strong SPF, and have a light summer shawl or a string hat by your side. Sunbathing makes the skin age and wrinkle faster, so if you want that perfect summer tan, it is suggested you use a spray tan. These products are much better today than they ever were, so it is the perfect time for you to start using them. They are applied with a special glove on which you apply the product first.

The spray or cream lasts longer now, and the formulas are safer and with better ingredients that earlier. Keep in mind that you should not apply the spray tan immediately after your skincare routine. Allow your skin a day or two and then do the spray tan. For example, if you have your pampering session on Sunday evening, apply spray tan on Monday night or Tuesday afternoon.