James Rodriguez Net Worth 2024

These days, he stands in line, along with the most significant soccer players. James Rodriguez is a celebrated player of Real Madrid from Spain, and besides, he performs for his national team in Colombia. He is classified as one of the top young footballers on the global level.

Find out details about his life and background in the following article.

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Early Life

James David Rodriguez Rubio’s date birth was on the 12th of July 1991. He was born in the sign of star Cancer. Cucuta, Columbia, is a place of his birth and childhood. He inherited feel and skills for football from his father, Wilson James Rodriguez Bedoya, who was footballer back in days.

Same as his son today, he played for the Colombian domestic team. However, he faced problems with a lot of wounds and later had a problem with alcohol, so his career did not last too long. His mother’s name is Maria Del Pilar Rubio. The desire to build his career in this popular sport was present even when he was a little boy.

As a child, he was playing Pony Futbol with Academia Tolimense and slowly growing into a player with excellent expertise and ability.

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The start of his full-time career happened when he joined Colombian second league team Envigado in the middle of his teenage days in 2006. A year later, he went a step further playing for the first league. In 2008, he signed for Argentinian team Banfield and showed his skills on the football pitch in 2009. In less than two weeks, he won his first score for this team.

In 2009, when he was only 17, the entire team of players and mentors were getting impressed with his feel for the ball, his techniques, and speed. He was part of the first team playing regularly every game of the Apertura 2009. He made history becoming the most juvenile player from abroad who scored a goal in Argentina.

His performance was outstanding and consistent, therefore he gained an army of fans. A lot of teams were trying to “buy” him, so it was already matter of the best proposal and general reputation of the club. This was a strictly choice of the young football star.

In 2010, he signed for Porto, Portuguese club for around $5.6 million. A few months later he scored the first goal within European football leagues. His performance was magnificent while playing for Porto. He brought 14 goals to the team and 11 assistance. In 2011 he wrote his name in history book again, becoming a fundamental Player from Colombia who won the LPFP Award for Breakthrough Player of the year.

Later, this football star showed excellent performance during the UEFA Champions League as well. 2013 was a year of signing a new contract with AS Monaco from France for an unbelievable $49 million. The World Cup was the event where he gave his best on the pitch, and thanks to his brilliant game, his national team achieved their first quarter-final ever.

One of his highly paid contracts was for Real Madrid for Spain, where he accepted the offer of $88 million for transfer. In 2014 he had his first goal for a good start with this team versus Atletico Madrid.

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Private Life

James Rodriguez is a religious Christian. In 2011 he crowned his love with marriage to Daniela Ospina. The happy couple has a daughter Salome Rodriguez Ospina. Unfortunately, this young couple split in 2017. There were speculations in media, but the real reason for their divorce remained secret.

Through his career, he got many awards. Besides the already mentioned LPFP award from 2011, he was honored with the Portuguese Golden Ball in 2012. Soon he was the player of the Year for AS Monaco team. In 2014 he got FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Award. In 2017 young celebrity was in the top 100 athletes with the largest payment in the World.

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James Rodriguez Net Worth 2024

As of February 2024, James Rodriguez has an estimated net worth of approximately $30 million. In four years, only he earned a bigger part of his fortune, and it is all through sport! However, his career will surely bring him a lot more income as he is still young.

He is the owner of a beautiful property in Spain, in of the most luxurious areas of Madrid. In 2016, he put his villa up for rent for $18.5 thousand.