Anitta Net Worth 2024

Many would agree that she is one of the most famous Brazilian pop music performers in modern times. Besides, Anitta is an actress, dancer, and music text writer—a multitalented young woman with a promising career. Should you like to know more about her background and career, follow the article below.

Early Life

Larissa de Macedo Machado, with the nickname Anitta, was born in Rio de Janeiro on the 30th of March 1993. Her horoscope is Aries. She is the second child to Mauro Machado and Miriam Macedo. Her elder brother Renan is her great support through music career, as he works as a producer. Her roots are African-European-Brazilian.

Her family was very modest, and kids did not grow up surrounded in luxury. It was opposite to that, and her mother was looking after them on her own. Ever since she was a child, she showed an interest in music. Therefore, she was a part of “Santa Luzia Church Choir.” Besides, she wanted to learn how to dance, so she started classes when she was 11.

Her ambitions were taking her further, so she was into the English language, and she was going for those classes too. Later, she attended the school of technics and finished a course of administration when she was 16. Following year she got an announcement as “Revelation of the Year in Music” by APCA (Associacao Paulista de Criticos de Arte) and decided to dedicate herself to a music career.

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In 2011, producer DJ Batutinha noticed one of her videos, “Funk Carioca,” and invited her to for some trials in his studio. Her first single “Eu Vou Ficar” saw the light of the day in the same year when she signed for the first recording house. Following year, “Quadradinho” became a hit song with recognizable dance moves. This year she already got an offer from a bit stronger music recording house; therefore, she left the previous one.

One of the songs that brought her early fame was “Meiga e Abusada.” By the statistics, this song was “most wanted” on country radio stations. Her next contract was with “Warner Music Group.” Her first album was finalized and ready to be in the air in 2014. It was fully prepared in Las Vegas.

The album hit the number of 40 thousand in sales, and she was honored with platinum and gold certification from ABPD. Her most popular song at that time in Brazil was “Show das Poderosas” with an incredible number of views – more than 130 million. This brought her high income, so she became a musician with the largest salary of that time. The famous singer stepped into acting waters in 2014, showing her face and skills in two comedies.

In the same year, she opened her firm for management “Rodamoinho Producos Artisticas” and had the chance to have a performance at the “Latin Grammy Awards.” We can tell that this year was ultimately productive for the young pop icon. In the coming years, the number of new offers was continually growing. She had a role as a host in a TV show, many roles in national TV series, and movies.

However, her main passion, music, was still her priority; therefore new album was out in 2016 and had great success as the previous one. In 2016, she got an invitation to open the ceremony of “Summer Olympics” at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Her first English song was out in 2017 in cooperation with a rapper from Australia Iggy Azalea. At that time, her fourth record was already finished.

New songs, new inspirations were coming in a quite rapid way. Hit “Downtown” was one of the most significant since it put her on the “Top 50 Global” list. This song brought her also the award in the 2018 “MTV Millenial Award.”

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Personal Life

The young pop star was never filling out scandal magazine pages with turbulences in her emotional life. She had few relationships known to the media. One of them is a year with Mr.Thug of ‘Bonde da Stronda’ and later with actor-mannequin Pablo Morais. Today she is married to businessman Thiago Magalhaes. The happy couple stepped on a crazy stone in 2017.

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Anitta Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Anitta has an estimated net worth of approximately $20 million. Somehow, she succeeds in hiding from the ears of media regarding her properties and how much they are worth, and the same story is for her cars, even though it is known that she is a driver. However, it is undoubtedly about high numbers.