How to Write all Your Research Papers Within The Deadline

Deadlines are not our friends. Bet we can agree on this one. Whatever you do in life, there was a time when you needed to hand in a paper in an attempt to honor the given deadline. Sometimes it was an honest one, which was easy to honor, but sometimes it was a short one, due to the shape of the assignment, or because of personal laziness. Admit it, there were times when you left all the work for the last day, and it almost backfired on you. But, we hope that today you are wiser, and do not leave important tasks for the last minute. But, even if you do, do not worry too much, as we are here to help you with that issue. In this article, we are going to explore and talk about how to write all your research papers within the deadline. With our help, it shouldn’t be that hard anymore. At least we hope so.


Plan in Advance

While some papers can’t be planned for months, you’ll be left with some time to do it the right way. First of all, you always need a plan and make it a good one. The plan will of course change as the deadline approaches but you’ll learn to adapt. If your deadline is measured in months, you shouldn’t have too many issues planning and make a good plan while you are at it. You need to start with making outlines, and set milestones on the way. It all starts with asking only a few right questions. Go with the basics: Where to start; what are the key issues I’ll encounter; how long will it take me? These are always the basics, and you need to make sure that you have the right idea which is easy to follow on the way when the project starts. All of this can be planned, but only if you start on time.


Research The Topic

Once you get the assignment, you’ll immediately know what’s your topic. Even if this is not the case, the key is to determine it right away. It is where it all starts. Of course, you will immediately start thinking about the outlines we mentioned above. This is not a bad movie per se, but first, you need to get involved with quality research. Researching the topic is the key if you want to meet the deadline. It is vital not to get lost in all the reading, as for every information used, you’ll need to state who the author is. This is not a need if you use websites such as Wikipedia or Britannica. But you also need to have in mind that some research papers are off-limits for them by professors. It is also important o avoid copying anything as plagiarism is easy to check these days. If you want to do things the right way you should stick to books. They’re not only the best source, but some professors prefer them to online sources. Also, by using books, you prove a point and show that the topic is researched in detail.

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Take Good Care of The Writing Process

As we already said, sometimes you’ll be in the rush to present your work to the authority that issued you the assignment. When this happens, you might lose track of what you are doing, and you might find yourself stepping away from your established routine. When there’s a deadline involved you could find yourself doing a few things at the same time. Multitasking is all good and well but when writing a paper it might not be such a good idea. Researching and writing at the same time is a big no even if you’re short on time. Writing and editing could go hand in hand but they should be avoided if possible. All in all, despite the fuse running fast, you need to do all of this separately as it is supposed to be done, and the way you have always done it. Setting the whole process apart is what will make it faster. Doing all of it together would only create mistakes and slow you down. So, if you have a habit of doing many things at the same time while writing, remember that you are not napoleon, and drop this habit to be more punctual.

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Interchange The Beginning And The End

While this might confuse you, it is a rather simple concept. If you have done quality research, this shouldn’t pose an issue for you. Of course, the first step for writing your text is the introduction. The topic you prepared should be introduced at the beginning in a  few short sentences. It should contain a thesis that should put a mark on the rest of your paper. Now, while it is important to have everything in your paper up to some standard, you should know that introduction and conclusion are the parts that leave an impression. During the research, you’ll know what are the most important facts, and you need to be able to restate them in the conclusion even before writing the core part. It is a part of the text that needs to remain with the reader. Creating a concept like this one shortens the time you need to close the subject as the story writes itself if you know where it starts and how it ends. If you are not sure that you can handle this on your own, you can always ask for help from professionals.

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Be Serious About It

We don’t even have to tell you this. Even if you are facing a deadline, which means you already have one, adding another one is what you need to do. Set one up by yourself. A deadline within a deadline just likes with dreams in Inception. Once you have one of your own make sure that you meet that one before everything else. Of course, you need to set it up before the real one. Trust us, the only way to win with these things is if you are playing against yourself.