How To Take Care Of Short Natural Hair 2024

Having short natural hair isn’t easy, although many people would say otherwise. That’s because even short hair needs taking care of.

The question of length dictates how often the mane needs taking care of. No one is immune from it and everyone should embrace it. No doubt longer hair is more complicated for maintaining, and it requires it more frequently.

But that doesn’t exclude short hair people from having that problem. As our hair grows, it requires more moisturizer. More than that, it requires healthy ingredients that keep it together. So, with all that said, there is a clear way of taking care of short curls. We are going to get straight into that, so don’t go anywhere.


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Cleansing is important since it prevents dryness. Cleansing is essentially using moisturizer to do so, and you’d want to use a sulfate-free moisturizer for it.

The most convenient way to cleanse is to obtain the product in the form of shampoo; that way you can easily apply it during showering. There is also an alternative way of going about it, and it involves using a conditioner to fight off the dryness.

However, you shouldn’t go overboard with the amount of cleansing per week. As a general rule, you should do it at least once, but this works differently for everyone.

An optimal amount is to do it three times per week. As shorter curls take less time doing in the shower and less time afterward, it’s quite normal for you to shower it five times per week. Dedicating three times on cleansing will put you on a good path to short hair care.


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We mentioned conditioning as an alternative to cleansing. Conditioner is essentially applied after your shower. You effectively rinse your hair with it.

Conditioner is a product that gives your bangs the required moisture. Once you apply it, seal it by rinsing it out with cool water that drastically alters the dryness.

Deep Conditioning

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A slightly different process that needs doing at least once per month, deep conditioning is a brilliant way to replenish moisture and regain its strength.

However, most experts advise against making this your daily thing; two to three times per month is more than enough. This process of care is an effective stress releaser for your curls. It helps it regain its strength and turn it into a healthy mane.

When on the subject of deep conditioning, there are many things you can use for it. As a general rule, and one that has been proven by cosmetics care experts, a deep conditioner containing hydrolyzed protein is best for the shorter styles.


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One of the biggest short hair problems is the need to detangle. Hair can certainly get messy and mixed up with other strains. When this happens, it can become a nightmare to detangle.

The nightmare will occur if you completely neglect the need for brushing your hair. That is why brushing is a very important step that no short-hair person should miss on.

This problem mostly plagues men and women with curly hair. Curly strains are prone to going to places they’re not supposed to, and that can result in creating various knots.

So, the best way to resolve this problem is to get a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush and start brushing. If you’re hitting a dead-end, use your fingers to knock out any tangles that are getting notoriously hard to detangle. Once you move past the initial barriers, start brushing away starting from the top and going all the way down to the end of your hair.

LOC Method for Moisturizer

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Before we continue, none of this will work unless you get the absolute best products for it. We will briefly mention what the LOC method means, and afterward, we suggest you visit Loreal Paris to obtain the much-needed ingredients for it to work.

By now you’ve probably noticed that moisturizer is very important for people with short hair. Don’t get us wrong, all types of hair require moisturizer, but it is the shorter types that have a lot of use from it.

This isn’t because these types need it more, but more because they don’t have much use from the other products. Truthfully speaking, shorter hairs are much easier to maintain and take care of. But moisturizing is important regardless of your length.

So that’s why we’re recommending a LOC method for moisturizing. You might be unfamiliar with LOC, but it’s actually a technique that involves mixing oils and creams to get your curls the much-needed moisture. It is a brilliant way to combat dryness, and applying to your curls is nothing short of convenience.

The LOC technique involves separating your curls into four sections. First off, you apply the liquid-based leave-in conditioner; the L from LOC.

You apply the liquid conditioner to all four sections of your curls. After that, you apply the oil, which is brilliant for regaining structure and it represents the O in LOC.

Lastly, you apply the cream; you guessed it the C in LOC. The cream part is super important as it helps seals the liquid and oil inside your curls. The cream effectively keeps everything together; that makes it very important.

After a few twists and turns, let it dry and you got yourself a brilliant set of curls that everyone will love.

Wrap at Night

Haircare doesn’t stop during the night; it can get quite busy during this time.

Both men and women love nighttime routines that involve taking care of their hair. So, that’s why we’ve decided to include a very important technique that millions of Americans use on “nightly” bases.

However, this isn’t anything complicated and it only involves wearing a bonnet or a scarf to bed. This is a preventive technique that prevents your bed from drying your bangs and curls.

The cotton from your bed is very capable of doing this, so you’re essentially wrapping it and protecting it while going to bed. Every time we twist and turn while in bed, our hair loses moisture from all that friction.

This isn’t something exclusive to short styles, also. As it gets older, you should start practicing braiding or twisting to prevent large sections from getting all tangled. If this happens, simply remember to detangle.