How to Deal With Stress Before an Exam

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How to cope with anxiety, to make the excitement not prevent you from proving yourself, to show their best side in the exam situation, and in other responsible life situations?

Why does excitement arise?

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Anyone, even though well prepared, before exams begins to worry, it is normal. Many students are so unsure of their abilities that they start ordering their papers on various sites such as PayToWritePaper to get a good mark and not to worry. In order to cope with worry, you need the ability to control yourself.

Speaking about the feeling of excitement, it should be noted that to someone this feeling helps, for example, in a certain situation helps to remember and give out the necessary information. Unfortunately, excitement cannot always help very many people, on the contrary, from anxiety, fear, and forget everything they knew before. They find it difficult to concentrate, they start to blush, they start to stutter, in other words, they cannot present information the way they need to. Therefore, the excitement gets in the way when it becomes excessive and a person cannot cope with it. So what scares a person the most before an exam?

Most people say that the cause of excitement is the unknown. The examinee does not know what exactly he will be asked, how he will answer, and most importantly – he does not know the result. If unpredictability scares you, you can try to make the situation more predictable: be in the classroom, feel the environment, prepare those things that will be with you at the exam, maybe take some talisman, try to play the exam with friends, being in the role of both student and teacher.

How to cope with excitement?

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Firstly, you need to convince yourself that a little excitement before an exam is a perfectly natural and even necessary condition. It mobilizes, sets up for intensive mental work.
Secondly, you must learn never to think about failure in the exam. On the contrary, it is necessary to mentally draw yourself a picture of a confident, clear answer, a complete victory. We get what we intensively think about, literally, programming yourself for the result.

Third, if you feel that you are panicking, immediately prohibit disturbing thoughts to clog the consciousness. Tell yourself to stop. This word should be uttered as a command, preferably aloud, and should sober you up. Then focus on your breathing: take a deep breath in – slow breath out, deep breath in – slow breath out. Therefore, several times (use the same technique of deep and slow breathing at the beginning of the exam, when you seize nervousness).

Fourth, if exams really make you feel unwell, worry or depress you, do not hide your feelings. Talk to someone about it. If you are suffering from exam stress, it is important to remember that you are not alone. There are people around you who can help you. It can be your friend or teacher, a psychologist. Sometimes, to get rid of anxiety, it is enough to share it with a friend or with a teacher.

How to fight anxiety?

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If it is not possible to get rid of anxiety, then instead of running away, you can engage in a struggle. You can use the following techniques of self-adjustment and auto-training. The reception of the “frontal attack. Select a phrase in which you express your attitude towards the exam, pronounce it with feeling, repeatedly, until the feeling wears off. Create an image of the exam situation and, as soon as excitement appears, say in an orderly tone: “Stop” or “Stay calm.

Repeatedly throughout the day, say words that make you feel anxious: “exam,” “ticket” Use until the word is no longer associated with the state of anxiety. Imagine the exam in your mind, repeatedly replaying a pattern of desirable behavior. This is how you can reduce the strength of the experience and the level of anxiety. Mentally reincarnate into a person who has all the desirable qualities for you.

Try to react indifferently to the situation, evaluating it, analyzing it as just an interesting phenomenon. By recalling a very difficult situation from other people’s lives, you can realize that your own difficulties are not as burdensome.

You can reassure your friend or friend before an exam. In doing so, you yourself will become calmer.”Pick a picture from a magazine, or make a collage of clippings about your exam success. Hang it in a prominent place so that as many times as possible You can consciously and unconsciously capture this image. Before the exam, imagine that this is your image.

How do you manage your emotions?

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In stressful situations, you can experience different emotional experiences, and sometimes emotions are so caught up in a person that they begin to interfere with his life. How can you effectively manage your emotional state?

In stressful situations, emotions come to the fore, and the ability to think rationally decreases. Therefore, if you load your brain with some kind of thinking activity, emotional tension will decrease.

Try to be positive. The phrase works well – “The case is difficult, but I will try, and everything will turn out well.”Use auto-training skills: you can just sit in a relaxed state and listen to calm music.If you cannot fight what is bothering you, just use the anxiety for some creative activity.Exercise helps with running, gymnastics, swimming, and walking outdoors.Do something for others: – feel needed by someone else.Draw your emotions: When we see our feelings, we can control them, change them, and complete them.Try to speak out. It is best to talk to a specialist or a loved one.Take a shower or a bath. Water helps to release tension.