5 Health Benefits of Vitamin C

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Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic acid, is a crucial essential vitamin which the body can’t naturally produce. However, its main sources being fruits and vegetables, but Vitamin C can also be available in dietary supplements. Babesvitamins.hr suggests that you always pick the ripe fruits and fresh vegetables from your market.

The vegetables are advised to cook food at low temperatures and prepare the food quickly as the Vitamin is heat sensitive and needs to be preserved. The benefits of Vitamin C include prevent and control common cold and help fight free radicals in the body and others as listed below:

1. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

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Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that aims to reduce free radicals that cause harm to body cells. When these free radicals accumulate in the system, they may lead to chronic diseases like heart failure-related conditions. Consuming Vitamin C spikes up the antioxidant levels boosting the natural defense system against inflammation. Vitamin C also keeps in check common cold and flu attacks.

Mostly the citrus fruits help in the nauseating effects of the cold including running nose. Boosting the body’s immune system ensures the duration of a cold is shortened. When arteries are in distress, the ascorbic acid helps them dilate, enabling improvement of blood flow and increasing oxygen-carrying capacity. This reduces the risk of you suffering a heart attack or a stroke.

2. Manages high blood pressure

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With Vitamin C being a natural antioxidant, high doses of the Vitamin promote the diuretic effect that helps get rid of excess body salt and water from the body. This removal of excess fluid in the vessels helps alleviate blood pressure. Another way is that Vitamin C being an antioxidant combats the cell-damaging free radicals in the body, ensuring a supply of nitric oxide helps the blood vessels relax. Free radicals build up in the body can prove harmful; hence the more they are eliminated, the healthier we’ll be.

3. Improves iron absorption

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Iron as a compound is important in the body as proteins involved in the transport of oxygen and is integral in cell differentiation and growth. Vitamin C accelerates iron absorption in the body as it is important in maintaining general body health. Haemoglobin, a compound vital in the red blood cells is essential in transporting oxygen from the lungs to other body parts and iron. When iron is not consumed or not properly absorbed, it can negatively affect your health. Vitamin C helps the ingested iron not go to waste and is properly absorbed and utilized in the body.

4. Reductions of blood uric acid levels and prevent gout

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Uric acid is a waste product from the body metabolism, and when the acid accumulates on the blood, it leads to gout. The uric acid in high levels accumulates in joints leading to a painful condition, inflammation, and swelling. If you have a higher intake of Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables or supplements, you are less likely to experience the painful condition. Gout leads to uncontrolled swelling of the joints due to uric acid and usually affects the big toes. The pain is intermittent and sudden and attacks severely. Despite other gout prevention measures, a higher intake of Vitamin C independently is greatly beneficial for gout prevention.

5. Improves your skin glow and appearance

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Ascorbic acid aids in many biological functions and is essential in the synthesis of the protein, collagen. Of all proteins, collagen is most abundant as it is essential on the connective tissues, namely the skin and other muscles. Do you feel that your skin needs a polish? Vitamin C got you covered. Due to old age, the wrinkles are due to reduction of elasticity of the skin as the collagen levels decrease. Getting your Vitamin C through dietary means helps elevate natural collagen production, and this helps fight to age. Applying beauty products enriched with Vitamin C helps promote collagen production from the outside and restructure the skin’s appearance, including blemishes.


Vitamin C is greatly linked to many health benefits, and since it is naturally unavailable for the body doesn’t mean you live without it. It is water-soluble and commonly advised that intake should be directly from fruits and vegetables, but you can also use the supplements readily available in the market. To ensure this is achieved for the formation of good bones and blood vessels, fruit should be included in your diet. It would be best if you were cautious, but with supplements, the tablets and capsules need to be certified for safety.