Debuting July 29th to 31st 2024 is the First NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles


The world we live in is changing rapidly, and one of the biggest reasons for that is the fact that technology is advancing at such a high pace. This crypto revolution that’s still currently happening has the lead role here. Regardless of whether we talk about the blockchain technology that’s today used not just in the crypto world but in many branches of industry as well, or the NFTs as one of the latest products, it’s pretty clear that this trend isn’t going to stop any time soon. Since there are so many changes and innovative ideas, it also means that there simply needs to be held some kind of event where you can get all the info about the latest innovations and discoveries, which is precisely where NFT Expoverse steps in.

The event will be held in LA from July 29 to July 31, 2024. Organizers will feature cutting-edge innovations in the industry, such as decentralized apps, crypto, and play-to-earn games. Newbies and experts alike will find plenty to do at this event, as it is created in such a way that it’s not just about informing people as it is more about showcasing and offering a great and interactive event in which you can also participate. There will be a series of informative panels, keynote talks, and workshops for guests. Attendees will have the opportunity to buy NFTs at discounted prices at the event, where they will be able to meet and network with the industry’s leaders.


NFT Expoverse

The gathering will host hundreds of exhibitors who will showcase thousands of products and blockchain use cases, which can be more than just entertaining. Namely, visitors can actually see and learn how blockchain tech works and learn more about where it can be used, along with all other examples and exhibits that will be presented for the first time.

As more NFT products and technologies enter the mainstream market, more jobs will be available, Expoverse will allow attendees to see them firsthand before they hit the market, which also means that you will have a VIP spot at the main event in the tech world. Ticket prices are available through Sliced, and the code SLICED can be used to avail of discounts on the event itself.


With the event combining immersive Metaverse and real-life experiences, NFT LA is set to be an unforgettable event and something that everyone into the latest tech simply must attend. It surely seems that it will be a sort of tech gala event, especially if we look at the number of people who will step on the stage and talk about these innovations.

In addition to the industry experts and artists on hand, NFT LA will have more than 200 speakers, including Mark Cuban, a billionaire from Shark Tank, the co-founder of Animoca Brands, and Gary Vaynerchuk’sVayner NFT. All this adds a special something to the entire event, as these names surely grant a high educational and entertaining three-day event.



The event will feature a mix of content from renowned personalities and a broader blockchain community, or in simple terms, everyone whose name means something in this field will be there. It is expected to be something worth seeing, as it can teach people a lot about this new technology and its usage. It is one of a kind event with various experts that has something to say and make this new technology closer to regular people willing to learn more and invest in it.

CryptoCurrencyWire will provide amplitude to content through its network of more than 5,000 news outlets and IBN, an investor brand network with over two million followers.

NFT Expoverse has many other media partners, including Rush 49, ICOHOLDER, Dtlaweekly, SmartMoneyMatch, the popular cryptocurrency website ICOHOLDER, and much more that will make this event spectacular.

Media partners

As the largest gathering on the American West Coast, NFT LA is poised to offer a unique convergence of real-life experiences and immersive metaverse technology. Attendees will enjoy world-class music, art, entertainment, parties, and interactive sessions and workshops. In that way, they will be able to learn more about this topic and the usage of NFTs, which will certainly change their opinion about it. It is one of the biggest events, and the number of attendants expected to visit it is pretty high.

With more than 200 speakers, the NFT Expo will have a broad range of topics and attractions, from business to entertainment. More notable speakers include Shark Tank billionaire Mark Cuban, celebrity DJ Steve Aoki, Animoca Brands YatSiu, and Gary Vaynerchuk’sVayner NFT. These speakers are expected to explain this new technology better to the people without enough knowledge about NFTs but also present new facts to these more experienced ones.


Excitement for The Future through NFT

The dawning of blockchain technology could be called a lot of things. A revolution.The gateway to the future.Or, most excitingly, an exponential return on investment. While those are all true, the one that matters most is this: now is an incredible time in the blockchain and decentralized exchange (DEX) ecosystem. That is the reason why this new technology attracts more and more people every day and why there are more and more users from all over the world.

The addition of tokens to already established exchanges has created many opportunities — and one of the largest is the opportunity to operate on new protocols that are purpose-built for a decentralized world. Although many people are still unfamiliar with decentralization and how it works, it becomes more and more popular every day, and people are willing to give it a try, so it is expected that it will be with us for a long time. It will bring us many new things and options, and it won’t be a surprise if people stop using fiat money in the distant future, but since no one can guarantee it, the only thing we can do is wait and see what will happen, or start and actively participate in the crypto market via exchange platforms like right now.