6 Main Factors That Are Influencing Cryptocurrency Price

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Investing in the crypto market represents a great trading option because there is a large number of cryptocurrencies with great potential to become more valuable over time. Also, a feature that attracts so many investors is high fluctuation, which can be especially beneficial for daily and short-term traders. However, you will need proper research of the market to find the right digital asset for your investment. Also, you should learn more about blockchain technology and its potential impact on the various industries that will lead to even higher prices of virtual assets in the future.

Furthermore, you can visit tynmagazine.com to find out some of the most important things related to Bitcoin, which is the most popular cryptocurrency and holds the highest price on the market since the introduction of blockchain. Moreover, before you decide to invest in the crypto market, you should know that various factors could make an impact on the prices and stability. Here are the main factors that are influencing the prices of cryptocurrencies.

1. High Competition

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Besides Bitcoin, which is the most popular cryptocurrency, there are thousands of other blockchain-based currencies available on the market. A lot of people are also interested in Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and more. The advantage of a wide selection of virtual assets is that you can have a much bigger chance to make a profit while investing in several of them. Also, the popularity and stability of one token can affect the price of others.

2. Accessibility

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You can invest and trade with cryptocurrencies over online exchanges where you can convert them into fiat currencies. However, big and well-known exchanges will only choose to accept digital assets with good potential and proper stability on the market. Therefore, when an exchange introduces a new type of digital assets on their platform, we can expect its rise in value. On the other hand, the low accessibility of some cryptocurrencies will affect them to have a much lower price on the market since fewer people would get interested in investing in them.

3. Stability of Blockchain Platforms

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Cryptocurrencies represent decentralized units that are using miners and their resources to run properly on the platform. In case that some system has a lower speed of transactions or issues related to software, that will lead to negative trends on the market and loss in value over time. On the other side, well-known and proven systems allow people to manage their transactions within seconds, which is the main reason why so many people choose crypto payments in the first place. However, as more and more people are investing in crypto and using these systems, the demand for more resources and advanced digital solutions is increasing as well. When a system is reliable, the chance of rising in price over time of a certain cryptocurrency is much bigger.

4. Supply and Demand

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These are the most important factors related to the determination of prices on the market. Like with any other industry, prices on the crypto market can drastically change because of increased demand or supply. The best example is the Bitcoin price in 2017, which was near $20,000. In that period, many more people were interested in buying this cryptocurrency. However, when more people became interested in selling this digital asset, the price started falling. Also, when the supply and demand are near the same level, the value of some cryptocurrency will be more stable and consistent.

5. Mining Costs

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Since the process of mining will get more complex over time, you will need better equipment to stay able to mine coins with the same efficiency. However, that requires expensive hardware and software, along with high electricity bills. The number of miners on the platform can affect the whole system to become more stable and efficient in terms of increased production of tokens. That factor can also be very important in terms of price determination. You should also know that some more expensive cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, require the most recent hardware solutions and a lot of electricity. However, you should avoid the mining process if you live in some countries where the cost of electricity is very high.

6. Official Regulations

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While this market became very popular for investors in the whole world, we are still waiting for the proper regulations that would implement crypto payments in the monetary systems. The excellent step forward is the introduction of crypto ATMs, where people can easily convert digital assets into fiat currencies. However, there is always a risk that some large economies like China, Russia, or the United States could label cryptocurrencies as illegal, which could lead to much lower prices or even affect many tokens to become worthless. On the other side, according to current trends, we can expect various regulations for the full implementation of cryptocurrencies and provide people to use them as standard payment methods.

Last Words

Constant analyses of the whole market and searching for tokens with a great potential to become more valuable are some of the best ways to trade with more success. You should always be aware of these factors and consider them whenever you are choosing which sort of cryptocurrency to buy. One of the main reasons why cryptocurrencies have great potential to become a standard way of payment is increased security, transparency, efficiency, and lower fees. Breaking a code of a blockchain system is nearly impossible, while everyone can easily check their transactions and addresses of recipients.

Also, transactions are much faster than standard banking systems, while the fees are much lower. When it comes to trading and investing, you can choose several methods to make a profit. For example, you can buy and hold your assets, deal with daily trades, which can be beneficial because of the high volatility of many tokens on the market. Moreover, since there is a wide selection of units available on the market, you will have more chances to invest in the right one and earn on that.