6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy with Virtual Currencies

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Even though we’ve witnessed a lot of skepticism over the years, we can see that digital currencies are on the road to becoming one of the crucial factors in the world of finances. This whole concept was launched with the introduction of Bitcoin back in 2009. The skepticism we’ve mentioned was mainly present in official financial institutions due to the fact that transactions didn’t require any kind of personal information on the behalf of two parties.

The only thing needed for it to succeed was to address, one from the sender, and the other one from the recipient. Therefore, there aren’t any traces that can point to someone. We completely understand why there was this amount of skepticism. While the skepticism was high, there were some uncertainties about how this money can be spent and for what purpose. We all heard the stories about how some illegal things can be bought with it on the deep web.

However, we can see that this approach slowly changes. More and more companies are adopting it as a legit method of payment. We can even see that some of the countries have started developing their own digital currencies. Also, a lot of different communities were established by crypto owners, who are interested in learning more about this whole concept. In case you are interested in learning more about these, be sure to take a look at qatarday.com and inform yourself about it a little bit better.

Naturally, the pandemic of coronavirus stopped these works for a little while, but we don’t have absolutely any doubt that these works will continue soon enough. There are a lot of things you can actually buy with cryptocurrencies. With that in mind, let us take a look at some of the things you can buy with virtual currencies, but you weren’t aware of this being possible. Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Fast Food

Source: Cryptomaniaks

We all head a story about a man buying pizza for one BTC. While there isn’t any kind of proof of this story, all of us are perfectly aware of it. It became nothing short of an urban legend. This is the first time many people have heard about Bitcoin. Now, there are many businesses where you can buy fast food for BTC. We can see that this urban legend spawned a lot of different businesses that had the aim of selling their products for coins. In fact, we can see that there are a lot of them now. So, the first thing we would like to note in this article of ours is fast food, mainly pizza.

2. Airline Tickets

Source: FullyCrypto

We’ve mentioned that a lot of official institutions were skeptical about the whole concept of virtual currencies. Probably the best thing that proves how this concept is slowly changing is that you can now book a flight and paying it with some of the cryptos. It goes without saying that BTC is probably is the only one you can use now. But we can expect that this will change in the future and that we will have the option to pay with many other cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. We can expect that to happen in the future, without a doubt.

3. Electronic Devices

Source: The Telegraph

For a couple of years now, we can see that there are a lot of different companies, who specialize in electronic devices like Dell are accepting Bitcoin as a legit method of payment. It goes without saying that the only way you can play for these products online. Dell is a company that introduced this method of payment, which makes it one of the first huge multi-billion companies who’ve decided to adopt it as their method of payment. You can buy pretty much every device you find on their website, which a plus. Their decision started a trend that is still very much alive these days. We can expect that it will expand in the future, that’s without a doubt.

4. Weapons

Source: NewsBTC

One of the main concerns about cryptocurrencies was that they can be used for buying illegal firearms, due to the lack of control over the transaction. However, we can see that this approach is slowly changing. Nowadays, you can legally buy weapons with your cryptos in a wide array of different shops throughout the US. The most notable one is a local gun-store in Austin where you can buy any kind of weapons with your coins. This was a precedent among the companies, and we now can see that there are a lot of different companies who’ve started following this example.

5. Beer

Source: Bitcoin Exchange Guide

In case you didn’t know, but the world of beers is a pretty versatile one that has a lot of different types of this beverage. Surely, we are talking about one of the most versatile markets in the world. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it was one of the first markets that decided to adopt it as a legal method of payment. There are a lot of different cafés and pubs where you can pay for your drink with cryptos. The first one in the world to implement it was a bar in Sydney, called Old Fitzroy. The implementation started in 2013, which made it the first one in the world to do it. Nowadays, we can see that there are a lot of pubs where you can pay with BTC.

6. Gold

Source: Fortune

One of the most interesting things you can buy with cryptocurrencies is gold. This immediately means that you can buy a currency with a digital currency. Not only that but also, you can buy pretty much any other precious metal. Therefore, you can invest your coins into buying something that can lead you to have some real worth in official institutions, which is nothing short of exceptional. This ultimately meant that all the gaps that were between official institutions and cryptocurrencies are covered and there isn’t anything that can divide them again. We can see that this is something that ties the whole story together finally.