Escape From Tarkov – Pros and Cons of Game

People are going mad over Escape from Tarkov, it is currently one of the most popular first-player RPG Hybrids available on the market. The game was seemingly tested and developed for many years, and hence, it has a very compelling design. Several users have praised the game for its legitimate design and unique interface. The game has garnered a huge fan following right from when it was introduced in the market. You can find more about this at Lfcarry.

Even if several players praise the game, there comes a Reddit thread of people who call out on things that they can’t stand. It is impossible to find out pieces of information from the game by trying it. No one can sit and sort through several videos to know the best and the worst part of the game. Hence, if you are looking to know more about the game, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of Escape from Tarkov. There is a huge Escape from Tarkov boost​ in the market.​


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● Unique Gameplay Experience

No doubt, Escape from Tarkov is the best game in the market right now. The game has become reputed and people believe that it has the best gunplay and cool weapon customization options available. It is an excellent choice for a long time RPG/FPS player. You can play this game in two different modes: the PMC and Scav. While playing in the PMC mode you will have to be more cautious, whereas, while playing Scav you can be experimental as much as you want. You will experience things that you may not have encountered before.

● High Stakes Gameplay

While playing a lot of other games you may have observed that they are forgiving when death is concerned. But, Escape from Tarkov is different. Once a player is dead in the game, others will find their inventory of all equipped items and they are gone. No matter what stage you are in currently, or how many hours you have spent in the game, once you die, you lose everything. The player should have a trustworthy friend around when they die so that they protect their stuff until the dead player extracts. If not, then you will have to forget all the weapons that you have looted from other lobbies. Hence, it interestingly creates high stakes gameplay loot unlike any other game in the market.

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● Weapon Customization

Already mentioned, Escape from Tarkov has one of the strongest qualities of customizing weapons in the game. With the help of the weapon modding tool, players can easily curate a custom weapon for themselves. You can add unique attachments such as gas mods, pistol grips, stocks, optics, etc. You can create the best weapon that suits your needs perfectly. Create one by fully utilizing your strengths and weaknesses.

● RPG Elements

Being considered as one of the most popular RPG/FPS hybrid, the game has several familiar RPG elements implemented that can easily appease long-time RPG fans. It has the skill systems in place, and this one element has received a lot of attention and praise. You can also level up the skill system by being an active user. The game has five different skill categories that have several skills included, and each skill can be levelled up till 51.

The categories are all distinct from each other in several ways. Two such skill categories are physical skill and mental skill.


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● Character Wipes

If you are already disheartened with the death feature of Escape from Tarkov, wait until you hear about the Character Wipes feature. The EFT server updates frequently, and as soon as it updates all character data is wiped off from the game. Everything means everything from levels, loot, and anything else that comes in between. Since the game is still in its beta version, the wipes are essential each time the server updates. However, this is good that the developers are looking forward to adding new content continuously to the full game, but the update comes at the cost of a player’s long hours of grinding.

● Optimization

Since the game is still in beta testing, the frame rate of Escape from Tarkov is not the best.

A lot of players believe that the game could be a lot better than what it is currently. Players have reported that the game requires great optimization after its first update or patch is released. This makes the game inaccessible and unenjoyable to people with older and lower hardware. The model is not capable of handling the optimization done to the game.

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● Not Casual-friendly

Escape from Tarkov is insanely difficult and very challenging, and the users have also reported being so. This comes at the cost of losing several casual players. However, a lot of players enjoy this game, and this is not a con for them. Certain types of games enjoy playing this game. Players who are willing to grind themselves and put in long hours of effort to survive through the raids, they can thoroughly enjoy the game. Moreover, if you are not willing to put in so much effort, then you should consider playing it solo in offline mode. Find yourself enjoying the game while you start from scratch over and over again.

However, the biggest con that lies in this game is that the game is not yet released, and is still in the beta version. The game is running in beta mode, and there is no insight on the date of its release date.


Escape from Tarkov is undeniably one of the best games, unlike no other game people have seen. It is fan-favourite online with an unforgiving design and unique gameplay. However, there are a few complaints that come along with its unique gameplay. One of the biggest drawbacks is its lack of release date. Put in your best efforts to win the game. For the unforeseeable future, all that people have is its beta version to enjoy. However, the developers are still working hard theirits beta updates and patches.