Do CS:GO Skin Prices Drop During Summer Sale?


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, better known by the acronym CS:GO, is the fourth part of the Counter-Strike series and one of the most popular video games in the world since it was launched in 2012 until today. There are many leagues and tournaments where people fight for big prizes by playing this multiplayer first-person shooter.

There are a total of nine game modes, and many spin-offs have been created for different markets. Most players use Microsoft Windows and not some other platform. Although CS:GO is almost 10 years old, until a new version comes out, tens of millions of people will play it every month. According to current reports, it is not known that developers are working on the new Counter-Strike so you can be sure that CS:GO will be popular for a long time to come. And that’s why it is a good idea to invest money in new skin. But skins can be very expensive and that is why you hope that prices will fall during the summer sale so you can save some money and still get what you want. Find out in this article whether CS:GO skin prices really drop during the summer sale, as well as which skins you should aim for.

Do CS:GO skin prices drop during summer sale?


You will find many contrary answers to this question on the Internet. While some argue that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins are significantly cheaper during the summer sale, others argue that this is not the case. We can’t say who is right and who isn’t, because it’s obvious that people had different experiences when buying skins during the summer sale.

Our experience shows that CS: GO skins are cheaper during the summer sale, and the question is to what extent. Sometimes skins are cheaper during the summer sale because they are on sale, and sometimes prices drop just because people are selling skins to buy something else. For example, they sell one of more expensive skins to buy several new video games that they want to try, and are currently on sale. Then it triggers a chain reaction as in the stock market or crypto world. Selling skins leads to a drop in the value of other skins, and then panic sellers further lower the price because they are selling at already low prices because they are afraid that they will lose all their money. Either way, next Steam Summer Sale is announced from June 23 to July 7, 2024 so try to then take advantage of lower prices and buy skin.

Best CS:GO skins

As all seasoned professionals know, skin will not improve your aim or make you a better player. But it’s certainly much more interesting when you have different skins on your weapons than using only generic weapons. Since the game has been around for so long, the number of skins available is gigantic. We have selected some of the skins that we like the most, and we think that you will try to buy some of them during the upcoming summer sale. You can always decide to buy a weapon case and potentially get a much more expensive skin at a lower price.

1. AWP Neo-Noir


AWP is one of the most effective weapons in CS: GO and we especially like the Neo-Noir skin. Neo-Noir is again a very popular genre, and the new movie The Batman is a great example of a neo-noir thriller so you will look great in game with your new Neo-Noir skin. AWP Neo-Noir looks dark and very interesting at the same time because pink, purple and blue are perfectly combined. You can view here what this skin looks like, and although it is a bit more expensive, we think it is well worth your money.

2. AK-47 Gold Arabesque


Everyone uses the AK-47 in both real warfare and video games, including CS: GO. Gold Arabesque skin is flamboyant and everyone will immediately notice your gold weapons with decorated buttstock and some other parts. It belongs to The 2021 Dust 2 Collection which was launched a little over 6 months ago so the price of Gold Arabesque skin is still very high. You should take advantage of upcoming sale and buy this skin which you will later be able to sell at a higher price if you want to replace it.

3. AWP Atheris


We don’t think there are many CS: GO skins that look as attractive as Atheris skin from The Prisma Collection and that are so affordable like this one. If your opponent manages to see you before you hit him from the lethal AWP, he will surely wish that he also has such an attractive skin.

4. Karambit Marble Fade


Have you ever used a cold weapon skin or have you always decided to buy a skin only for firearms? Once you see Marble Fade we believe you will immediately decide to buy that skin. Karambit is a type of blade that looks like a small curved knife and certainly looks very attractive. And with Marble Fade we bet you will have the most attractive skin in the whole game. Karambit is very useful for close combat, so it will pay off to give more than $ 500 which is the price of this skin.


We know you will continue to play this legendary video game whether you took advantage of the summer sale and buy skin (or more of them) at a lower price than usual or you have to pay the full price. CS:GO will continue to bring us hours and days of fun, and who knows, you might become a professional and start making money playing this game. Also, you can start streaming your games, as this has also become very popular in recent years so there are more and more gamers on YouTube. Just remember that you should always buy skins from reliable sources otherwise you risk losing money without getting a new skin or getting a skin that is not the one you wanted.