Role of Digital Media in Modern Education


We often hear the word ‘technology’ around us. Every industry be it medical, business, engineering, or even education; is working towards technological advancement. If any company is ignorant to technological developments and wants to practice the conventional operational methods only, it lacks behind in the long run even if it were a monopolistic company once.

Thus, it has become extremely crucial for businesses to adapt to the rapidly changing world and avert their operating criteria to accelerate their profits and growth

How is digital media used in daily activities?

If we look into the world a few decades ago when there was no familiarization of technology or digital media; people performed most of their work manually taking them days, weeks, and even sometimes months to complete a task that after the arrival of automation became a job of a few hours.

That is when the emergence of computerization took place and made lives easier for people all around the world. Today all sorts of information are available on the internet which is accessible to everyone irrespective of their geographical location.

In education, platforms like leverage digital media and technology to provide convenient access to a wide range of lessons and courses. It is now easier for individuals to find and connect with instructors, access educational materials, and engage in learning activities online, which makes it more flexible, efficient, and accessible.

Digital Media and Education


Prior to the advent of digital media, students, especially the researchers associated with doctoral degrees, had very limited resources in hand and had access to limited materials for their research projects.

They had to depend on physical books within the libraries; which were also inadequate in number since the demand for the books was high. Not only the students but the teachers also had their challenges since teaching also had to be physical, the instructors had to be physically present in class for every session.

Students were also moderately observant in class since most of them largely depended on the teachers for masters essay help. Apart from being dependent on the teachers, back in the 90s before the invention of mobile phones and the internet, although there was less distraction in class, there were fewer resources too. Briefly stating, before the invention of digital media, several challenges impeded research and general learning. (HALEY, 2024)

How is digital media included in education?

In addition to technology and digital media prevailing in the business industry, it has made a significant place in education as well.

There is no way anyone can deny the fact that technology is not the most important feature of our lives and these days it is next to impossible to eliminate technology from our lives.

It has been incorporated into most of our daily activities including classrooms for better learning of the kids. Whether it is just a desktop computer or a technology in the form of automated tabs for the convenience of the students. Not only this, digital media has upgraded to the extent that students now can have multiple advantages out of it like;

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  • physical ease of writing
  • reviewing and editing

There are so many necessary matters where a student needs to write in their entire academic life. It is said that without any second thoughts these academic writings are the most crucial ones where students are required to write papers like;

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Dissertations

However, with the invention of the internet, even the most difficult tasks are changed into easy ones. With the digital media prevailing and having an immense amount of data and resources available in a few clicks students are witnessed to have an increased amount of interest in their studies and research than ever before. (Sandolo, 2010)

What is the role of digital media in education?


With the inception of technology and digital media in education, a lot of advanced changes and modifications are witnessed in teaching criteria and educational curricula around the globe.

Educational institutions are improving their systems to upgrade academic consistency. Universities and high-level institutes are using social media as a new method of the teaching-learning process to find the new value of education for creating a suitable learning atmosphere among students

Positive impacts of social media on education

Taking the digital world into consideration, both teaching and learning are very different. They think and act differently. New age students are more organized, interlinked, and well-informed.

One of the positive impacts of digital media is that it is easy to work together with geographically disseminated teams for projects and assignments using social networks.

Students can make groups on social networking websites to exchange their ideas, thoughts, and inputs regarding the assignment and compile the information.

This can moreover be accomplished through other communication mediums such as email, however, they are usually preferred by business professionals rather than young students who are more inclined towards social websites.

In any way, it is the digital media that is superseding any other means of communication and now education as well with knowledge being escalated rapidly with the usage of digital media in education. (Jain, 2019)

Digital media and writing skills


Although it is widely believed that writing comes naturally, what is not said is that writing is a skill and a skill that does not come easily, even to the most experienced of writers.

They also started with asking for bits of help and after a lot of failed attempts got the hang of what is called being a professional writer. This process has become easier with digital media and technology being available to the students.

Writing is something that takes time, persistence, and most importantly, the willingness to learn. It can take months or even years to improve your writing skills, nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that this arduous process has become quite easy and has sped up with the assistance of technology.

Technology has a lot many ways to improve the writing skills of its users in the following manner; (ITBriefcase, 2018)

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  • Plagiarism checkers
  • Writing practice websites and applications


Through digital media and technological systems, students are getting their education and best resources from outstanding universities of the world irrespective of their location, industrialists are having their businesses intact, and people are connected with each other through monitors.

Therefore, it can be rightly said that the invention of digital media has been a blessing.