5 Future Challenges for a Nursing Career

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Nursing is a demanding profession. You have a number of obligations as a nurse: helping patients, assisting with operations, updating paperwork, and so on. Nursing development is seen as one of the most essential strategies for countries to achieve universal health care and long-term development goals.

Nurses are now regarded as one of society’s most trusted professions. Nursing is a fulfilling profession that impacts the lives of many people, despite its difficulties. Nursing has been fraught with difficulties since its inception. Nursing issues have evolved over time, from socioeconomic inequities experienced by the first nurses to modern-day staff shortages.

1. There might be an inadequate presence of the nursing staff

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People say that their doctor treated them and cured them of this illness. However, when it comes to looking after the patients in a hospital, this duty is not really performed by the doctors. Doctors do not spend as much time checking up on you every now and then. This time taking task is performed by the nurses.

The nurses are responsible for keeping a track of the patient around the clock. They have to notice each and every change in their condition and report that to the doctor. They are the ones who inject the fluids into the patient’s body at regular intervals, change the patient’s drips and bandages, give them medicine, etc. so to perform such duties there needs to be adequate nursing staff.

But usually, hospitals are not adequately staffed and due to this those nurses that are present in the hospital might feel overburdened. Performing their duties can become quite tedious. This situation would become drier as the pandemic is not decreasing.

2. There could be a need for compulsory overtime

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A situation that might arise as connected to the situation mentioned above is the demand for compulsory overtime. Nurses may be asked that as there are fewer staff members so they have to spend more time on their duties.

Of course, this job is one where moral and ethical obligations also bind you. Being a nurse you cannot even leave the patients to suffer on their own. But being human, nurses also need time for themselves. They cannot work around the clock without taking a rest. This is the dilemma that might be observed more in the future. And any student who is opting to become a nurse must keep the graveness of this job in mind.

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3. Need to ensure safe working environments

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The pandemic situation has created an unsafe working environment for the nurses. The nursing staff has to look after critical patients who are in need of constant look after. But the condition of Covid patients is life-threatening not only for their own selves but for others too. And the most close encounter that anyone could have with patients of this contagious virus, are the nurses.

Such an unsafe working environment is a great challenge for the nurses which is not going to disappear any soon. And who knows until when this situation might last or what other viruses may appear in the future. Also, there are other risks too.

For instance, many nurses get injured by needles and blades. These are very common injuries among nurses. However, blood-borne infections are a cause of great concern. To prevent this even now, nurses and hospitals should at least do what they can. Hand hygiene practices of health care workers has been shown to be an effective measure in preventing hospital acquired infections.

4. Violence at the workplace

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People nowadays are becoming more and more stressed in their daily lives. This in turn is upsetting their mental health. Especially in the urban areas, life is so hectic that people are just fed up with it. Moreover, they are exposed to different forms of violence through movies too. From there they unconsciously learn aggressive behavior. All these factors become very dangerous when such people are under critical condition i.e. when they get injured or ill and become patients.

Such people show aggression when they face problems in the way of their bodily health. All their exhaustion comes out in front of the nurses. As such behaviors are increasing with the advance of the modern capitalist world, there is also an increased chance of workplace violence for nurses.

5. Less time for self-care

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In order to take care of the patients, the nurses must look after themselves too. After all, they too are humans. They can get exhausted by work overload. They can get sick at times. They can get mentally disturbed by constantly dealing with patients with critical health issues.

So to deal with all these issues, they should spare some time to look after themselves and get rid of all the stress. A slight shift in your attitude can bring drastic changes in what you are doing.

However, as the occupation of nurses is becoming more and more challenging with the advent of dire conditions like pandemics etc. at the hospitals, there is a chance that the nurses might not be able to make much time for themselves. They would get so involved in their work that they would be left with almost no time to spare. This situation would be extremely unacceptable and hospitals must do everything they can to prevent this from occurring.

Final statement

No doubt, the profession of nursing might come up with a lot of difficulties in the future as the world is becoming filled with people who have complicated personalities. On top of that, the kinds of diseases that are being found are life-threatening too. However, nurses are not ordinary people and they understand their responsibilities well. They are strong personalities, ready to face any upcoming challenges. If this sounds like you, visit https://academicpartnerships.uta.edu/programs/rn-to-bsn.aspx.