How Tall Should Your Motorcycle Windshield Be?


Since there are so many different types of bikes, the selection of the windshield is not as simple as some might think. While personal preferences are the key to the best selection, there are some technical features included as well.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying one, be sure to do that only by contacting well-known motorcycle windshield manufacturers who can provide different sizes and designs according to the model of bike you have.

Moreover, you can find all kinds of models that will be suitable for your bike. One of the most important features is the height since it can affect your experience of driving in many ways. Here are some important things to know before choosing the bike windshield.


Determine the Right Height

The best part is that you can easily customize this part of your bike, and the process of replacement is not complicated at all. While your preferences can play a very important role, some standard rules will help you choose the right model. The first thing to do is to deal with some measurements. You will do that by sitting on a bike and checking the position of your eyes.

After that, you can choose between models that are over the head or in a lower position. It also depends on your style of driving and how much you are bending. For instance, some sports models usually require a lower windshield since you will bend more while driving. On the other side, city bikes like scooters and similar models are perfect for a taller model of glass.

If you are interested in a lower position, the best way to choose the right scale is to sit on your bike, and then choose a size where you will be able to notice an object above it that is at least 15 meters away. The advantage of that is that you will have a clear sight, while the shield is there to decrease the pressure of the air while driving, but also to protect you from the dust and dirt.

When it comes to the higher options, the best position for them is that the top of the shield is above your eyes. Be sure to don’t have the top in front of your eyes since that will interfere with your driving performances.


Benefits and Potential Downsides

There are many advantages if you choose to install this extension to your bike. Even if the shield is not covering your head, it is still a great solution against dust and wind. For example, if the weather is colder, your driving experience will be improved drastically since you will feel more pleasant. The same is when the road is dusty. On the other side, be sure to have a special layer of protection on a shield that is taller so that you can avoid deposits of dirt on the glass that will require frequent cleaning.

Also, it can be dangerous because you will not have a clear sight of the road. There is an advantage during the hot weather as well, especially when it comes to shorter options. Moreover, the stability can be improved as well because the shield will block the wind to go directly into your body.

Another important benefit that we have to mention is that the longer rides will become more comfortable because there will be less air pressure. We have to add that you will still have to wear your helmet.

When it comes to potential downsides, the first one is the most common reason why some people are not so interested in putting any sort of windshield on their bikes, and that is because it can affect the design. For example, there are models where putting a shield is simply never a good option. That is especially the case with sports models like Ducati, Yamaha, and more.

In case that you have a lot of experience in driving a bike without it, the difference it is making can be even dangerous in some cases. The pressure of air will change significantly when there is glass in front of you. Going straight will be more comfortable, and you can enjoy driving faster as well. However, changing directions and steering will become more difficult.

The reason for that is that the glass will block a lot of air, which will create pressure that will affect the steering capabilities. In that matter, test your bike and don’t drive too fast for some time after you install it.

Moreover, the biggest issue that you could face with a glass in front of you is when it gets too dirty. Besides that, sudden heavy rain or dirt on the road can be dangerous. That is especially the case with taller models. It will be much easier to take the water and dirt of your helmet, while you will have to stop if your tall shield is too dirty.


Make a Choice According to Your Preferences

It depends on your style and model of bike when it comes to making the right choice. Therefore, if you have a bigger model that you are using to travel a long distance, having a taller shield can be a perfect solution since it will make your experience much more comfortable.

On the other side, if you don’t like the appearance of your bike with the glass, you don’t need to install it in the first place. There are all kinds of helmets that you can find, along with other special equipment like safety jackets and pants that will improve your experience.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are different options available, and the best way to choose the right one is according to your needs and preferences. If you are interested in installing it, be sure to take the right measures and prevent the glass from interfering with your sight while driving. Also, not choosing to have one at all is also up to you.