Building 10×14 Gable Shed in Your Garden

Having a gable shed in your backyard can be useful because of several different reasons. However, people usually deciding on this move when stuff is crowding their space. The advanced technology is improving every day. Because of that, the average person has more and more “must-have” tools at home. Logically, we can’t simply move to a larger house because of that. Instead, a gable shed in your garden would be the right place to place some of those tools.

Still, deciding on the right size also is a complex size. Well, we are here to suggest you a 10×14 gable shed as a good option. This will give you enough space to place all the things you want. However, building that type of gable shed is not an easy task. It might seem easy when you go to YouTube and see how other people do it. If you are not an expert, it is necessary to know certain things when deciding on this move.

Well, let’s see together how to build a 10×14 gable shed in your garden. Apply our pieces of advice if you want to make the entire process easier.

Source: Kauffman Structures


The best possible way to start is by overviewing the entire project. The overall height of the gable shed is 12 feet. However, don’t forget to add 5 1/2 inches for the roof space. You also need to match the width that should be around 100 feet and 1 inch. Despite that, the width from the side also needs to be exactly 14 feet and 1 inch. When you calculate everything, the roof’s width should be around 15 feet and 7 and a half inches.

Do not forget that your gable shed also needs to have a huge door and small window. The side of the window should be 3 x 3 feet. Despite that, the size of the front door should be 7,1 x 7m4 inches. You can purchase window and door together. However, if you plan to build them alone, then you can’t build them together. They should be built independently.

First Step – Foundation and Floor

Whichever goal that you have in life, the first steps are the most important ones. The same counts when we talk about building a 10×15 gable shed. You should primarily assemble and design a solid foundation. The foundation must be strong enough because it needs to support the entire construction. We recommend you carefully pass through this step and check if there are any weak spots or gaps.

It is recommendable that you use pressure heated timber and skids when creating a foundation. Despite that, the trusses and skids all need to be spaced equally. We know this might put you under pressure, but they need to be perfectly assembled.

Source: Byler Barns

The Structure of the Walls

After you manage to complete the floor and foundation, the next thing is to work on building the left and right wall. As you know, the width of both walls is going to be 14 feet. However, something you do not know is that the height should be around 7 feet and 6 inches.

We once again need to remind you that the right wall will also contain a window. Indeed, the size of the window can be your choice. However, our recommendation is to ensure a 3 x 3 area for its installation. This size will ensure you enough light and “privacy” at the same time. Still, there is one thing that you should do before installing the window. You should install T1-11 siding on the walls. Use galvanized nails to do accomplish the task.

After you manage to complete the right and left the wall, now you have to move to the back and front ones. Well, in this case, the width of both walls has to be 10 feet from the top. Despite that, they also need to be 9 feet and 4 inches at the bottom. The height of the walls should be the same as the previous ones.

Constructing the wall frames is not as easy as it might seem. You can construct them with cripple studs, L joints, and plates. Our recommendation is, once again, to use pressure heated timber to complete the job. Despite that, you need to find the best possible way to connect the frames. Our recommendation is to use 3/12 inches galvanized nails. Finally, when you build the structure, use T1-11 on the walls with exterior screws and galvanized nails.

In the End – Build a Roof

It is not hard to guess that the next step is going to be building a wall. Well, this time you truly need to know what you are doing. The roof will protect your equipment during autumn and winter days. We know this is the most complex part of building a gable shed. Because of that, it would be okay to call someone to assist you. We will provide you with tips that might make the process easier.

Despite additional help, you will need to find pre-designed parts. Not making mistakes or improving all the weak spots is crucial here. If you manage to assemble your roof properly, you won’t have the problem with water leakage.

The first step should be constructing the trusses of the roof. All the trusses that you construct need have the same shape. Even a small difference can bring you some serious problems later. Despite that, it is necessary to create 10 rafters each side spread over a width of 14 feet and 7 inches. The space between them also needs to be equal. In this way, you will avoid making any gaps.

Source: DutchCrafters

Conclusion: Improve Your Knowledge More

We know that our instructions were not going to the tiniest detail of the process. Because of that, we recommend you do not end your research with this article. You can find many useful gable shed plans online that will give you more information. However, you must find a reliable source of information. We attached one place where you can find some useful pieces of advice. You might want to check it.