8 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Productivity at Work

Waking up early in the morning, traveling to work, and doing work tasks can be very challenging, especially if you slept badly the night before and you are tired and grumpy. It feels like you want to run away and get some sleep, but the job is waiting for you and you need to finish your tasks. You are counting down the minutes, but it seems like the time stopped for a while, making you more irritable and tired.

We all have bad days and there is nothing wrong with that. But if that happens more frequently and you are tired and don’t want to work often, you may need to boost your energy and find a way to cope with the situation. Sometimes you may need to take a few days off and get rest, but most of the time you must balance between your life and healthy routines and optimize your daily schedule.

Here are a few ways how to do that:

1. Fix your sleeping patterns

Source: INLIFE Healthcare

A healthy person needs seven to eight hours of night sleep, so they can rest and renew the energy they spent during the day. A lot of people can’t sleep at night because their brain works too fast, thinking if something could be done better or creating an anxious feeling about what will happen tomorrow. If that happens every once in a while, like 4-5 times in the year, there is nothing to worry about. But if you have days or weeks of bad night sleep, you may need to ask for some help, because it consumes a lot of energy and you are unable to do anything the next day.

2. Create healthy morning habits

Source: New York Post

Drinking coffee will wake you up immediately and it has a lot of benefits, but you need to be aware that the energy this beverage gives to you is temporary and it will disappear in two hours. That is why you need to have a well-balanced breakfast every morning at the same time if it’s possible. Don’t skip breakfast and don’t eat sugary wheat bars, because they will have the same effect as the cup of coffee. If you don’t have time in the morning, you can always prepare breakfast in the evening and keep it in the fridge. If you are really in a hurry and sometimes don’t have the time to prepare any meal or drink in the morning, it is worth it to keep snack bars in stock. XiteYourMind protein bars are a great option here as they also contain natural nootropics that help sharpen your mind.

3. Make a plan and write down the priorities

Source: RescueTime Blog

After you arrive at work, turn on your computer and make a list of what needs to be done that day. The next thing you need to do is to prioritize the tasks and decide what is urgent, and what can be done later. Check the emails and delete the unnecessary ones so you won’t spend time on them. Focus on one task at a time and don’t try to multitask, no matter how good you are at home. After you finish one of them, take a few-minute break, and then proceed to the next one.

4. Don’t forget about your breaks

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Every company has a break policy that is suitable to the nature of the job. You won’t be more productive if you skip your break—just the opposite, you will be tired and unfocused, which may result in unnecessary mistakes. So, take your break, eat your lunch (also healthy and balanced) and go back to work to finish the rest of the assignments.

5. Office furniture of the future

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Uncomfortable desks and chairs can make us tired, messy, irritated, and less productive. Imagine how good it would be if you have adjustable office furniture, according to your needs. If you want to learn more about the standing and adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs, you can visit autonomous.ai and see how they work. Who knows, maybe your company will soon invest in this type of furniture, because so many studies proved that standing desks can increase productivity, especially for the workers that need to spend a lot of time working on the desk.

6. Skip the social media at work

Source: StartUp Mindset

Some companies have strict rules about using social media during working hours. Sometimes the employees can’t access Facebook using computers at work, so they spend a lot of time scrolling through the smartphone. But, that’s bad for both work and productivity. It’s OK to check it during the break, but when you work, try to turn off the notifications, even hide the phone from your sight, and finish the job. Many people lose the perception of the time while they read comments and answer messages, so you need to avoid that.

7. Keep the meetings short and clear

Source: Limeade

Long meetings are boring and you can make your point in a few sentences, so everyone can go back to work. Be loud and clear, so you won’t lose the feeling of urgency. When we are at long meetings, our working enthusiasm is getting weaker every minute, and that is why they need to be short and straight to the point.

8. Exercise regularly

Source: Runners Blueprint

This may look like a bad idea, knowing that we talk about tiredness and lack of energy during the working hours. But, physical activities have scientifically-proven benefits of renewing your energy and boosting your working performance. You only need to choose the exercising type that works best for you. Some people love just to take a long walk, others will run until they are completely tired, so they can sleep better at night. One of the best ideas is to take yoga classes because they don’t demand a lot of energy and will help you fill your body and mind with positive thoughts and renew their energy flow. No matter what type of workout you choose, you need to know that you are doing the best for your productivity.

These were only a few proven ways of boosting your energy, so you won’t procrastinate at work. You need to include in your everyday routine, so you can stay healthy, relaxed, and productive during the whole day, even when the tasks are complicated and challenging.