Boost Your Creativity at Work with Cacao


Feeling stuck in a creative rut at work? Incorporating cacao into your daily routine may help. Cacao, the raw form of chocolate, is full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance creative thinking.

What is Cacao?


Cacao is made from cocoa pods that are harvested, ground into a paste, and then processed to create cacao paste and other cacao products, as well as cocoa products and chocolate.

Cacao is often referred to as “raw chocolate” because it hasn’t been heated or processed, retaining all its natural goodness and making it a true superfood.

Benefits of Cacao for Improving Creativity


There are several ways cacao can improve creativity at work. Firstly, it can enhance mood thanks to flavonoids, which can elevate your mood and increase happiness and contentment. This is especially useful if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work, as it can help you feel more positive and motivated.

Secondly, cacao can improve focus and concentration due to compounds like caffeine and theobromine, which increase alertness and reduce distractions. This is helpful for tasks requiring sustained focus, such as brainstorming sessions or complex projects.

Finally, cacao can improve memory and cognitive function through polyphenols, antioxidants linked to improved memory and brain health. This is useful for tasks requiring you to remember a lot of information, such as presentations or meetings.

Ways to Enjoy Cacao

Cacao is a versatile and delicious ingredient that can be enjoyed in many ways. Whether you’re a chocolate lover looking for new ways to indulge or simply want to incorporate more cacao into your diet for its health benefits, there are plenty of options. Here are some ideas:

1. Cacao nibs


These are small pieces of broken cacao beans with a crunchy texture and slightly bitter, chocolatey flavor. They can be enjoyed as a snack or added to recipes for a crunchy, chocolatey twist. Cacao nibs are a good source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants, making them a healthy and satisfying snack.

2. Cacao beans:

Cacao beans are the raw, unprocessed form of cacao that can be used to make chocolate, enjoyed as a snack, or added to recipes for a chocolatey flavour. Most people who go for beans want the most unprocessed version of cacao, so they can put it in about any recipe, whether that is a pot of chilli or a beverage.

3. Cacao paste:


Made from ground beans and often used in the production of chocolate, cacao paste has a smooth, creamy texture and rich, chocolatey flavour. You can use it in cooking, baking, skin care products, or homemade chocolate recipes. It is also one of the easiest ways to turn cacao into hot chocolate.

4. Cacao powder

Made from ground beans and is often used to make hot chocolate, chocolate cakes, and chocolate smoothies. It has a fine, powdery texture and rich, chocolatey flavour and is suitable for easily incorporating cacao in just about anything.

5. Cacao butter


The fat extracted from beans and often used in the production of chocolate, cacao butter has a rich, creamy texture and mild chocolate flavour. It can be used in cooking and baking, beverages and much more.

You may hardly find cacao butter in the market because it requires much more processing than most products. Also, the idea for products is to leave most of the nutrients in, so most of the other ways to enjoy cacao include the butter unprocessed.

6. Cacao brick

This is a block of compressed beans, often used in the production of chocolate, with a dense, solid texture and rich, chocolatey flavour. It can be ground into powder or melted down to make chocolate. It is often mistaken for cacao paste, but they are not the same as cacao bricks that are solid and made to last for longer.

How to Use Cacao to Improve Creativity at Work

So, how can you incorporate cacao into your daily routine to boost your creativity at work? Here are a few ideas:

1. Choose the Right Cacao for You


There are many different types of cacao products available, as seen above. It’s important to choose a product that meets your needs and preferences.

For example, if you’re looking for a quick caffeine boost, you might opt for a snack like cacao nibs. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more planned meal, choose a product you can add to your cooking, like beans or powder.

2. Incorporate Cacao into Your Morning Routine

One way to incorporate it into your daily routine is by adding it to your morning routine. You could add a spoonful of cacao powder to your morning coffee or smoothie or have a piece of the brick with your breakfast. This can help set the tone for a productive and creative day.

3. Use Cacao to Take Breaks During the Day


Taking breaks is an important part of staying productive and creative at work. Consider incorporating it into your breaks by having a piece of dark chocolate or a cup of hot cacao. This can help recharge your batteries and give you a burst of energy and focus.

4. Make Cacao Part of Your Evening Routine

Cacao can also be a great way to wind down and relax after a long day at work. Consider having a piece of dark chocolate, some nibs or a cup of cacao before bed to help you relax and sleep better.


Incorporating it into your daily routine can help boost your creativity and productivity at work. Its mood-boosting, focus-enhancing, and memory-improving properties make it an ideal supplement for those looking to stay productive and engaged.

Whether you choose to add cacao powder to your morning coffee, take a break with a piece of dark chocolate, or wind down with a cup of cacao before bed, it can be a simple and enjoyable way to enhance your creative potential at work. So why not give it a try and see how it can help you unlock your creative potential?