6 Best Nespresso Pods in 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

For a true coffee lover, there is probably nothing better than taking a sip of your hot caffeinated beverage first thing in the morning, especially when you have managed to make exactly how you like it. However, sometimes there is not enough time to prepare a cup of coffee in the morning or it ends up being bland if you are in a rush, ruining your morning, and your entire day. Luckily, today, there are coffee machines that can do the job for us and coffee pods and capsules that are not only revolutionary but also always provide the same high-quality taste.

If you are an avid fan of espresso and it is your go-to drink for waking up and staying energized, you have probably heard of Nespresso before. If not, then you might be interested in what it is, as well as what it has to offer, especially if you do not always have time to prepare coffee in the morning or wait in line at a shop.

So, if you would like to learn more about this or would simply like to check the top pod types for 2024, here are some things to have in mind.

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What is It?

The food company Nestle came up with their revolutionary sub-brand Nespresso that manufactures coffee makers and offers a vast variety of brews and flavors placed in small containers known as pods or capsules.

These pods provide a single serving and all you have to do is fill the water reservoir, put your cup or mug in its designated place, turn on the device, and pop in the capsule or pod.

The machine also comes with a receptacle that immediately catches used containers, meaning you will simply need to open and empty it from time to time.

You can opt for the Original line which offers devices that only brew espresso or the Vertuoline which also provides regular drip coffee too.

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Capsule Shapes & Types

Except for the ones from the Vertuoline which are in the shape of a sphere, all other pods have a cylindrical-dome shape.

There are also 4 series you can choose from, each featuring a few different flavors. These include:

1. The Espresso Line

The collection offers 4 different types of traditional short espresso. There are a few intensity levels to pick from and they contain a blend of coffee origin.

2. The Pure Origin Line

The series features 4 variants of pods and they are quite similar to the espresso line with the exception of having a single place of origin.

3. The Decaffeinato Line

With 4 different flavors and strengths to choose from, the series, as the name suggests, offers brews without natural caffeine for individuals who prefer to avoid it.

4. The Lungo Line

Lungo means ‘long’ and it is used to refer to espresso with almost twice as much water. Essentially, you will get a larger beverage than what you normally would and you can opt for one of the 5 different types.

If you would like to learn more about the different Nespresso series, as well as the types they offer, you can check out coffee capsules by Friedcoffee.

Top 6 Pods for 2024

1. Ristretto

Source: Nespresso

This full-bodied Arabica has a very intense and strong flavor that is also quite smooth and well-balanced. Slightly acidic, it offers a chocolate taste and vanilla creaminess.

2. Arpeggio

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Intense roasting and finely ground beans are what gives this blend of South and Central American Arabica an amazingly strong, bold, yet extremely balanced flavor. It is rich in taste, very creamy too, and comes without a trace of acidity and bitterness.

3. Rosabaya

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A single-origin brew, it is a perfect choice for someone who prefers a less strong coffee. It is super aromatic, smooth, comes with perfect crema, and a trace of sweetness. You will also taste hints of cranberry and red currants but smell a fresh coffee aroma always.

4. Kazaar

Source: Nespresso

This Brazilian and Guatemalan Robustas blend is great for serious coffee drinkers who love all the bitterness this caffeinated beverage has to offer. The peppery and bitter combination is the strongest, darkest, and richest out of all the Nespresso types and is most certainly not suitable for casual drinkers.

5. Altissio

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Although it is bold, delicious, and rich on its own, it is even better for making a variety of other beverages such as lattes or cappuccinos. This combination of South American Robusta and Arabica from Costa Rica, has a nutty, smoky flavor and an amazing smell as well.

6. Giorno

Source: Forbes

From the Vertuoline series, it is another great option for those who enjoy mild-intensity brews with well-balanced and smooth flavors. The full-bodied Kenyan and Ethiopian Arabica offers some sweetness, hints of floral notes, as well as a touch of acidity.

Where to Buy?

The official website is a popular choice for first-time buyers. People prefer it because they are assured that they are getting an authentic product, as well as the Nespresso Club that offers its members several benefits.

The physical store is not your typical shop since it offers individuals a chance to try different brews before purchase. Customers can also receive personalized guidance and advice if needed.

On Amazon you can easily and efficiently buy capsules, having the option to buy less than 50 of them at once as well.

Partner Retailers do not only offer Nespresso capsules but the appropriate machines too. You can find the products in a number of stores such as Target, Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, Macy’s, and many others.

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Nespresso pods offer you an array of brews and flavors to choose from, so you can have a lot of fun trying out all the different tastes until you find the one most suitable for you.

Besides, there is nothing better than having the option to avoid long tiresome lines at coffee shops just so you can get your daily dose of caffeine, whose benefits you can read on the Vivarin website. Instead, you can use a Nespresso machine that will enable you to have a delicious cup of coffee every morning without having to leave the comfort of your home.