Commercial Espresso Machine vs Home Espresso Machine

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We all know the feeling of freshly brewed espresso from a coffee machine. There is nothing better than that in the mornings, and that’s why the manufacturers are producing automatic coffee machines for home use. They work with ground coffee beans or coffee capsules, but no matter what type you choose, you can have a nice shot every morning, or during the day, every time you want to feel that smooth taste that wakes up your senses. The culture of drinking espresso in the morning dates back to history, but it’s still a symbol of gathering at the beginning of the day and getting you ready for your usual daily tasks.

As the pandemic hit the world last year, many bars, sadly, needed to close for a limited time, and that was the moment when the people realized they need a home machine so badly, so they can have their favorite coffee every morning, or during the day. And these machines are affordable, work with different types of coffee, as long as they are suitable for the device. But, they are made for home use, which means a couple of cups every day, and if you plan to run a business with it, it won’t even last a month. That’s why you need some of the best machines and you can find them with this helpful guide by

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Home machines are adapted for home use. They are affordable and made for just a few cups every day. They can’t serve a huge number of guests and can be used for limited amounts of time before they heat up, and something goes wrong. Probably you think that you invested a significant amount of money or your home machine, but as the very name says, it’s for home, for you and your family, or sometimes the friends who will come to visit you, but you can’t prepare hundreds of cups every day, because the machine can’t handle it, and the supplies are pretty limited and expensive.

Professional machines can be manual, automatic, or semiautomatic. They work with boiling water inside, at huge temperatures, that are good to prepare the drink in a few seconds.

They are usually very big and can’t be installed in a home kitchen. Also, with the home machines, you are very limited to the types of coffee you can use. With professional machines, you can prepare special beverages and brews, but again, they aren’t suitable for every home, especially those who are limited with space. But, if you plan to run a business that includes preparing espresso every day, you may consider buying a high-level machine, instead of those smaller and portable ones, that are perfect for home use.

The differences between these two types of machines

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The environment is important, so you must consider this as a priority. If you run a coffee shop, then it’s pretty understandable and expected that you will go for a commercial machine. If you need it for the office, then you need to estimate the amount of espresso that is made every day. That will help you determine which option is better for you. If a lot of people are using it in the commercial environment, you will need to go for a more advanced option, even though the home devices are more affordable for you. But, if they break, you will have to replace it or fix it anyway, so our recommendation is to stick to the commercial or professional machines.

Also, the good thing is that they can be a combination of semiautomatic machines and use ground coffee or capsules, and still manage to work through the whole day. When you buy a new machine, give the staff clear instructions on how it’s used, so they can be gentle with it. Sometimes people behave irresponsibly with the company’s belongings, and if you buy a cheap machine, your low-investment approach can fail and bring increased costs for maintenance.

Commercial machines can brew large amounts of coffee every day. As we said, home ones are pretty limited with that. If you try to make more than five doses of coffee, you will see that it will heat up easily, and you will need to leave it to cool down, so you can use it again. Home devices are gentle and delicate, and you don’t want to damage your small investment. Commercial ones are for kitchens and bars, and they can handle even hundreds of espresso cups without even stopping for a moment.

The choice depends on your needs

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We already said all of these, but let’s sum it up in a few sentences. The choice depends on the purpose and needs. If you are looking for a machine for your coffee bar or restaurant, then the choice is very obvious – you go for the commercial one models, and decide which one is the best for you according to the volume of job you have. If you want to use it at home, in the morning, for you and your family only, then you can go for the home devices that are available even in the discounts now. You will have to research a little to find out which one is worth investing in, and then find your favorite flavor, and rock it every day.

And one of the purposes is buying a machine for the office too. If you are only a few people in one smaller office, you can go for the usual home choice. But, for bigger companies, you can resolve it with a few machines placed in a few spots in the headquarters, or with a professional one that is run by someone who knows how to work with it.

Is it worth it?

For commercial use, it’s completely worth going for a commercial espresso machine. It’s the same for home use, with home-appropriate devices. Both the options are excellent, it’s on you to find the purpose and goal, so you can make the right choice. In the end, it’s all worth the nice sip of aromatic coffee every morning.