Bill Gates Net Worth 2024

There isn’t a single soul in the world who hasn’t heard of Bill Gates and his enormous success and wealth. The founder of Microsoft never even dreamed that he will become one of the wealthiest people on our planet today. If you want to know how he got to the place where he is today, we suggest that you read our article below, as we will reveal it to you. We will also talk about his current net worth, so stay with us until the end.



William Henry Gates’ zodiac sign is Scorpio, as he was born on October 28, 1955. He was born in Seattle, Washington, located in the United States of America. His father is William H. Gates Sr. and his mother is Mary Maxwell Gates. His mother, unfortunately, died in 1994. The billionaire has an older sister named Kristianne and a younger sister called Libby.

During his childhood, he was a target of many bullies. He liked to keep quiet, and his mother and father always tried to teach their children to be more competitive in their lives. They thought that was one of the main points for success, and apparently, they weren’t wrong.

Bill Gates was just 13 years old when he created his first software program. He attended Lakeside prep school at the time, and during his final years, he started to develop an interest in computers, mainly in the GE system in BASIC.



We mentioned his time at Lakeside School, but we haven’t covered the whole story. During his time there, The Mother’s Club managed to get a teletype terminal for their pupils. Gates became fascinated with tic-tac-toe in BASIC, and how it can let you play the game against a computer. Upon graduating, he later went on to attend Harvard University. Since his parents were involved in a law career, Gates also wanted to try and pursued such a career path. However, he left college as he wanted to concentrate on creating Microsoft. He and his partner Paul Allen worked hard to achieve their dreams.

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Bill Gates Career

Paul Allen and Bill Gates met during their common time spent at Lakeside School. Allen and Gates were friends, but they had their share of disagreements. During one fight, Gates wasn’t allowed to enter their lab, but the two reconciled, as usual.

The first joint project the two friends had was when they were 15 years old. It was called Traf-o-Data, and it was intended to monitor Seattle traffic. After some years spent working together, they managed to get MITS attention. Allen was their employee, and Gates joined after leaving college.

Microsoft was created in 1975, and it was a mixture of a micro-computer and a software. That was the first BASIC software to be compatible with the Altair computer, just like MITS wanted to be. Every beginning is hard, and Microsoft creators know that the best. But after many ups and downs, in 1979, the future seemed bright. Gates was just 23 years old when he became the head of his company.

In 2000, the entrepreneur left Microsoft and handed the torch to Steve Ballmer. He did stay as a chief software architect and the chairmen of the board. The day he left Microsoft for good was June 27, 2008.

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Personal life

Melinda French was the Microsoft product manager in 1987. The billionaire was mesmerized by her, and they developed emotions to each other. After many years of dating, the couple got married on January 1, 1994.

In 1994 Gates’ mother died as a result of breast cancer. He was devastated by the news, and he decided that he wanted to travel a little with his life to cool his head a little. In 1996 they welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Jennifer. Three years later, Melinda French gave birth to a baby boy Rory, and in 2002, they welcomed their second daughter, Phoebe.

The happy couple has their own charity organization they called William H. Gates Foundation. The organization is supporting education, health, and low-income societies. There is also a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that is helping struggling families.

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Bill Gates Net Worth 2024

Bill Gates’ estimated net worth as of 2024 is an amazing $107 billion.