Best 4 Movies to Write About in 2024

Writing a variety of essays follows a graduate throughout the entire academic life. Meaning by that one always has any homework assignments aimed to express opinions, to compare, to analyze, and so on. Therefore, there is a diversity of rules, structures, citation formats, and many other requirements to be followed to complete an essay in an unprecedented way. As follows, one is highly recommended to inquire about clarifications from the teacher to ensure that the homework will be done correctly. If one does not possess the instructions of the paper but knows the topic of it, he can look for the structure and whatsoever on the Internet; for more details about written discourses, check “” When it comes to the worthy movies of 2024 to write about in an essay, the list of the most predominant ones has been designed to provide a writer with some food for thought.

1. The Photograph (2024)

The story begins with the words, “I wish I was as good at love as I am at work. I wish I didn’t leave people behind so often.” The romantic drama begins in 1989, in which the video camera information on the bottom left corner shows. After the scene, the story flips back to contemporary times, where Michael (Lakeith Stanfield) meets Isaac (Rob Morgan) in provincial Louisiana, aiming to conduct an interview for his fiction on a photographer Christina Eames (Chante Adams.) Issac tells that he knew the photojournalist back before she got an overnight success in New York.

Conversely, he shuns how their relationships deep and sincere were, which, in turn, were stopped once Christina moved to New York. Seeking people for completing the task, Michael finds Christina’s daughter, named Mae (Issa Rae), who is currently an employee at the Queens Museum. Consequently, Michael and Mae are involved in mutual love affairs, which also helps them to disclose more information about Mae’s mother and father’s past.

Such a movie is great to be written about in an essay for the reason that there are two sides of the narrative: the main one, which is considered to be a love story between Michael and Mae, and flashes of longingly remembering relationships between Christina and Issac. What is more, the two stories share screen time from beginning to end of the movie, which, in turn, makes a complicated, yet romantic circle.

2. Come As You Are (2024)

The film, directed by Richard Wong, follows three men with ailments when they set off on a trip from Colorado to Montreal, aiming to lose their virginities at the house of prostitution solely serving special-needs patrons. Based on actual events, the movie reveals the authentic nature of disabled people, their sexual needs, while also avoiding the overall guilt of their appearance or whatsoever. What is more, the movie sheds a gentle light on their empathy, kind-heart, compassion, and charming humor. Surprisingly, all three actors are just portrayed as disabled ones in the movie. In real life, they tend to be able-bodies, which might create some second-thoughts about the trustworthiness of the picture. However, under no circumstances should one neglect watching the film because Wong depicted racial dynamics and intersectional viewpoints, which addresses to represent the robust sexuality of people with disabilities. As to the characters, the first person one is to meet in this trio is Scotty (Grant Rosenmeyer,) a romantic yet undeveloped paraplegic-from-birth singer living with his mother, Liz (Janeane Garofalo,) who is prone to be negligence about her son’s ailments. The second goes the wheel-chair Matt (Hayden Szeto,) a former athlete. The team comes across and embraces each other tightly. The company then discovers the virgin guy in his thirty-ish, called Mo (Ravi Patel,) who tends to be blind and to use the same rehabilitation option as Matt and Scotty.

The film is a superb topic for writing an essay because it balances drama and comedy. For instance, there are a plethora of moments that involve careless driving, quarrels, fights, etc. In all respects, the director’s camera remains practical- Wong keeps things sure and unbleached, and when the imminent moment comes- not the sexual intercourse, but something touching makes the movie valuable and worthy of watching.

3. Ordinary Love (2024)

Ordinary Love” stars Liam Neeson as well as Lesley Manville that depicts a story of a couple that guides along the route of solid breakdowns, disorders, and disastrous illnesses. Meaning by that the screenplay is based on a true story of a couple, the wife of which is riddled with breast cancer. Tom (Neeson) and Joan (Manville) have a delightful and courteous relationship lasting over decades. When it comes to the plot, Joan tends to feel a lump in her breast. And even though her last mammogram that was taken eight months earlier showed that everything was satisfying, they ensured to have alternative tests, which did not show pleasant results. As a result, she should undergo a variety of treatments, which are considered to be harsh and rough. In the hospital, she captures a knowledgeable face, who also has cancer. Being called Peter (David Wilmot), he was an educator who used to conduct lessons in Joan’s daughter Debbie class. A couple of Joan and Tom is fine with their suitable form of connection. Peter and Joan tend to have direct conversations because of time-limits.

The movie is an excellent example to write about in the written discourse as it reveals the genuine emotions of human beings. Joan is portrayed as an affecting woman with endless courage. For instance, it is vividly depicted in the scene when Tom cuts off her hair and shaves her head. All in all, a couple pays a delicate farewell to this tiresome disease, which was incredibly described by Owen McCafferty, whose wife overcame breast cancer.

4. I Was At Home, But… (2024)

This movie creates a plethora of gaps: the gaps in the narrative, gaps between settings of performances, timelines, and characters. As follows, it causes lots of situations where questions are asked, but scarcely ever answered, where things are proposed and never stressed. It would be reasonable to admit that the movie contains four separate plots, including prologue and epilogue series. As to the first one, it is about Astrid (Maren Eggert,) a mother of two children who can’t keep her head above water. Her son Philip (Jakob Lasalle) has come back home after spending two weeks in the wood for unexplained reasons. Critical pieces of information are concealed to provide the viewer with intrigue. The second plot stands for Philip’s tutor at school (Franz Rogowski,) who faces a difficult time after breaking up with a beloved one. Even though the stories might seem to be completely different, they work together indirectly, rather than purposely.

Angela Schalenec is widely agreed to be a confronting and taxing filmmaker, but the aforementioned treats are thrilling. By erasing connectors and links in the narration, the viewer is always to ask a question of the meaning of the film. To think is the primary goal of Schalenec.


2020 seems to be the year when a diversity of various films are to be released. Needless to say that many of them will be thought-provoking ones for the observer. As follows, the aforementioned movies give a clear picture of what to expect in terms of cinematography. Moreover, they may well be considered superb ones to write about in an essay because of the plot, characters, and the overall quality.