8 Best Places To Witness Flowers Bloom This Spring

Can Spring fall farther behind, if winter arrives? Although a lot of people would argue that winter and summer are the ideal times to travel, spring travels will undoubtedly offer you more value for your money.

Airfare and hotels are relatively more affordable. Also, the weather is neither too cold or too hot. And because most people save their trips for the summer, many places will be nicely void of tourists.

Are you planning for a vacation this Spring? If yes, below are some of the magical places to watch flowers bloom this Spring. Read on!

1. Bowral, Australia

Source: Sydney

If a vacation is not doable or practical this Spring, then maybe you can witness the flowers bloom during Australia’s Spring? In Bowral, New South Wales, Spring occurs in September, October, and November.

The yearly tulip celebrations at Corbett Gardens will happen from September 24 to October 7. The festival hails and lauds the 75,000 tulips blooming, drawing thousands of tourists every year to adore the natural beauty, which is deemed or reckoned as tulip time.

The Corbett Gardens date back to 1911 of which the local tourist association acquired the empty, dead land in the center of the village and turned it into a public park. Then, the locals dutifully got to work, and after several months, the Corbett Gardens were blooming with trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Generally, it is free to enter the gardens. But during the festival, you may have to pay a small fee. Nevertheless, enjoy a picnic in the gardens with your family and friends. Also, you may want to check out the Bendooley Estate.

This vineyard is undoubtedly a must-visit because of its picturesque farmlands and fireplace that goes well with your wine sampling. Also, there’s an excellent restaurant with shelves of elegantly kept titles.

The smell of books surely adds to the decoration of the restaurant. Plus, the food served at the restaurant ranges from filet mignon to wood-fired pizza.

2. Mainau Island, Germany

Are you planning to visit Zurich this Spring? Well, then, head to Lake Constance, in the southwest corner of Germany. Mainau Island, also known as flower island or Blumen Insel, has roughly about 110 acres of sweeping lawns, wide paved paths, and radiating, vast flower beds.

The flowers start to bloom in late March. This month, you will find tulips, daffodils, and primroses blooming until the middle of May. Additionally, the second bloom of flowers comes in early June, when the rhododendrons and azaleas are in full force.

Are you wondering where to stay near the flower island? It is wise to search hotel options online, like in Planet of Hotels. When walking around the flower island, it’s wise to do it in a clockwise direction so that you finish the visit on a tall hill and work your way down.

An excellent place to grab a bite is right after you finish the sequoias walk. Prices differ by restaurant and cafe. However, all of them offer traditional German food.

3. Kauai, Hawaii

Source: Matador Network

For the most part, one of the wettest places in the world is Kauai’s Lawai Valley. Thus, wherever you go, flowers will undoubtedly bloom, but summer and Spring pack the largest punch.

On the south shore of Kauai, you can find the McBryde Garden Biodiversity Trail. The trail starts in an eighty-foot tunnel of mist and compresses the whole history of plant evolution into a ten-minute hike.

Be on the lookout for the pua Kala, flaming red coral trees, and tropical fruit orchard blossoms.

4. Giverny, France

Source: solotravelz.com

Guests and tourists are not permitted to enter or set foot in the stone house of Claude Monet at Giverny. However, Claude Monet’s painterly presence endures outside, in the small, tapered footpaths and the bright water-lily pond in his paintings.

While wandering around the gardens, which Claude Money tended and designed himself, ensure you have your digital camera with you. The flower beds, painted in wild strokes of red, gold, white, and purple, are a masterpiece.

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Source: Lonely Planet

Chiang Mai is a region in Thailand best known for its classic floral art and annual flower festival that also serves as a beauty pageant. Aside from the beautiful flower boats, young Thai women will pack the streets in gowns carrying baskets of orchids.

Additionally, uniformed local marching bands bring up the hype. Once the parade is over, you can get a bundle of lilies at the Ton Lamyai flower market.

6. Tuscany, Italy

Source: Reddit

Undoubtedly, nothing beats that almost encyclopedia-worthy rosarium dubbed as Roseto Finischi. It spans only one acre in main Tuscany. Roseto Finischi’s pale brick walls have more cultivars, meticulously classified, arranged in groups, with their original year of establishment and Latin name, compared to other private rose gardens in the world.

Strolling around the planted bushes, you can breathe in the smell of 1,000 roses (literally), to be precise, 6,500 roses. The rose gardens are best visited in May because the roses bloom at their optimal peak.

7. Marrakesh, Morocco

This rich, abundant desert city houses about 54 public gardens. At least six hours south of Marrakesh, you will find the Valley of Roses. Tourists can witness rosebuds being dried and picked for use in rosewater, potpourri, and essential oils. Moreover, the Festival of Roses in the country will happen in May, which is the month when the roses are harvested.

8. Keukenhof, Netherlands

Source: Holland.com

Keukenhof is a breathtakingly surreal tulip festival in Holland. The tulips here are at their peak in the middle of April. However, the season spans until mid-May. You will find at least seven million bulbs budding, including a 2,700 square foot mosaic of the face of Vincent Van Gogh, made of tulips.


Many people look forward to Spring to come because it is nature’s way of saying to party with tons of flowers blooming. If you’re planning a getaway or vacation this Spring, consider the places listed in this article. For sure, you will love our recommendations and witness the beauty of the flowers blooming.