Best Hotels With Indoor Pools In USA – 2024 Guide


When we’re thinking about vacations we are always associated with the sea, ocean, beaches, sun, and warm weather. None of that is necessary for a few fine days of rest. Today, you have plenty of options that do not require warm weather and outdoor settings. Also, it’s possible to have a summer type of vacation during the winter. If you insist on having water, and a place to swim when you have a few days off from work, we got you covered. The whole world got you covered.

Yes, vacations are always associated with summer. Most of us work all year long, and we tend to use our free days during the summer. That makes a lot of sense, but we’re not all the same. For example, some people love to spend their free days in a hotel, enjoy a spa, and simply swim in a pool. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s amazing. Are you one of those people? If you are you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are going to talk about places that suit people who do not like outdoor activities nor do they tie their vacation to summer.

If you do not know what we’re talking about, let us fill you in. in this text we are going to make a few suggestions for you that could turn out to be your next travel destination. Do you know what are the best hotels with indoor pools in the USA? Have you ever wondered what are the best hotels with indoor pool near me? If the answer is no, we are glad. Just take a look at our 2024 guide on this subject and you’ll find out in no time. When you finish reading this piece we are sure you’ll have one of these places on your bucket list for your next vacation. Let’s start.

InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile


A historic place. Soon, it will be 100 years old. Its anniversary is in 2029. While a part of the old school hotels this place has one of the most modern indoor pools not only in the USA but in the world. What’s even better is its location. This pool is not on the ground floor or in the basement. Instead, they put it on the 14th floor. A true marvel of modern architecture. If you ever have a chance to visit this hotel and swim in this pool you need to take it. The windows surrounding it are massive which allows you to enjoy the beauties of Chicago while you swim. It is a massive building, and the pool is thus an Olympic-sized one. What will thrill you if you’re a fan of statistics is that this is one of the, not only oldest but also the biggest indoor pools in America.

Hotel Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska

Let’s be honest. You won’t be doing too much outdoor swimming in Alaska no matter the season. Summer, and winter, it’s, all the same, it comes to the far north of the United States. But, when it comes to indoor pools, Alaska has an amazing horse for this race. This resort is one of the most amazing places in the entire States. It has it all. Mountains, glaciers, ocean, it’s all there and it all can be seen from the Hotel Alyeska Resort in Girdwood. The best part is that you can enjoy the freezing ocean and the cold glaciers from one of the world’s premium indoor pools. This is a fairy tale at its best. You can compare it to any of Disney’s ones, and this landscape will still take the win. Also, if you’re a fan of seas and oceans you’ll be glad that this indoor pool is filled with saltwater.

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa


Let’s say you’re not only interested in some swimming and resting. Let’s say that you have other wishes tied to your vacation. That’s fine. That’s great in fact. If you’re into gambling and want to swim, eat, and then play some blackjack, we have a resort for you. Atlantis Casino Resort Spa is located in Remo which only means one thing. It is a gambling paradise above all else. But, you can’t deny the grandness of their indoor pool. If the pool is the first thing you have in your mind, this one will serve just fine. If it’s something else, and we think about gambling, you have already hit a jackpot with this one.

Hotel Nikko San Francisco

San Francisco is an amazing city. Located in the bay it offers plenty to visitors. Its streets are a landmark on their own. But, if you want to see it in the eyes not many have used you’ll do it from the windows of Hotel Nikko. This one is located o the rooftop which only adds to its greatness. It offers an amazing view of the city and its buildings. The pool isn’t an Olympic one, but you’ll find its 50-feet size quite satisfying. The one downside is that there’s an entry fee if you’re not staying at Imperial Floor and Suite. That’s fine too because the view is worth everything.

Hammock Beach Golf Resort and Spa


This resort and spa offer plenty for everyone. As you can see from its name and Florida location, it is ideal for outdoor activities. But, you’re not limited only to those. Yes, the ocean is right there, and golf courses will bait you. But, as we know you want only indoor pools, we have good news for you. Their indoor pool offers something for everyone. If you’re for it, you can switch from the indoor pool to the one located outdoors. The ocean is not too far away.

Loews Philadelphia Hotel

Philly has so much to offer in every domain and one amazing indoor pool is one of them. This is a favorite location for many tourists but also for people who come over to Philadelphia on business. It is close to downtown Philly which makes its location ideal for staying and resting. It is also quite big standing 65 feet in length. The room offers plenty of light which is ideal for romantic swims. It is designed n lanes so if you only want to swim as training it’s possible. In addition, you have a state-of-art gym and a fitness center on the same floor which is good as it gets.