What Questions Are Asked in the Canadian Citizenship Test

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Becoming a citizen of some country is an honor, an opportunity, and for some, it can be an entirely new opportunity and chance to start over. No matter the reason, it’s good to have that option, as living in such a world simply asks for it. Understandably, rules vary about how someone can become a citizen and get that important piece of paper. As for how demanding and long the process of getting citizenship is, well, there are extremes, and some are rigorous with their rules, as you have to literally earn the right (being successful in some field, or if there is some other way that you can contribute) to take a test and become its citizen. On the other side, we have countries where one can buy citizenship, or with a not that difficult procedure, to say the least.

How difficult is the test?

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Applying for Canadian citizenship is a process of several steps, with one of the crucial ones being taking the citizenship test. Now, the test itself can be complicated or easy, depending on how much you know the country, its origins, customs, history, geography. Yes, as you can see, these are some pretty basic questions that, let’s be honest, would be embarrassing not to know. As for the opportunities, Canada really is a land of diversity and so many possibilities for its citizens. Canada’s growing economy means that this trend of so many jobs and lack of manpower is not going to end soon, and knowing this, it’s no wonder why people so often move here. For the test itself, one should be prepared and study just as they will do for some other exams, and as for the questions, well, let’s take a look at some of the most important topics.


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It is not possible to pass the citizenship test if you do not know the history of the country for which citizenship you are applying. Keep in mind that Canada has a long history, and probably the most important to know are the facts about Aboriginal people. They inhabited this country from its inception until the moment when the Europeans colonized it, and it is necessary to know and understand them and their culture, to understand how the country changed. Aboriginal people lived in three main groups, and you can expect to get a question to write the group names or specify the largest one. Besides that, many national symbols of Canada are influenced by Aboriginal culture, and you need to know which of them. Other history questions may be about World War I and the number of Canadians who served in it or about the battles they participated in. Do not be surprised if you get the question about European countries that colonized and secured Canada because it is also an important part of its history.


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Another important thing that we need to learn about the country where we want to live is its geography. Canada has amazing nature that should be mentioned, and also great cities and landscapes. Because of that, you need to expect a few questions about this subject when you decide to take the citizenship test. The country is surrounded by three oceans, and it is crucial to know their names if we want to pass the test. Besides that, it is divided into provinces, and we cannot become Canadian if we do not know their number and names. We can also expect some questions about cities, for example, which of them is westernmost, the biggest or have the most inhabitants. The best way to prepare for this type of question is to watch travel documentaries, read maps and travel books or travel across the whole country and see everything in person.


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Canadian culture may be complicated for those who do not know its history, and because of that, these two topics are related, and it is impossible to understand one without another. This country has a diverse group of cultures, and it might be pretty difficult to understand cultural differences about them. Canada has two official languages, and you need to know which ones are and to write their names. The good thing is that you do not need to worry about grammar because they are not checking it in the test. The matter of culture is also sport, and it is crucial to know the name of their most popular one, but there is no need to learn the rules. Another common question is about flag and anthem, so make sure that you learned that. Try to spend more time with Canadians before the decision to take the citizenship test because it is the best way to learn more about their culture and understand them better.

Government based questions

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Government facts and how the governmental system works is something that one should know even if it wasn’t in the test, as it’s not like you will have to memorize every single name from the governor of the state to some town chief. Of course, knowing who runs the country and the basic principle of how it works, the procedures, governmental system, the number of districts, etc., are just some of the simple yet essential facts to know. Along with all this, it’s required to know what the voter ID is and how it works, as it is a crucial piece of paper that clearly states where you are registered to vote when you can do so, and if in need of more info, where to get help. It is a simple yet pretty helpful fact that you, as a future Canadian, should know.


After checking these most important parts of the test, there is only one thing left to do, and that’s to check your knowledge. Luckily, if some of you already feel confident, there are practice tests that can provide a great insight into whether you will pass the test or not. So, if you want and you are ready to take one, check canadiancitizenshiptests.ca and tell us how you did.