Amy Bruni Net Worth 2024

Anyone who is a fan of paranormal activities and many TV documentaries, TV shows, and movies about it has most likely heard about Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters is a TV documentary show that revolves around paranormal, and Amy Bruni is known to appear on the show. She is also known as the host off Kindred Spirits, another paranormal TV show. If you want to know a little more about her and how she got to be involved with this type of TV shows, take a look at our article below.

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Amy Bruni’s zodiac sign is Cancer, as she was born on July 10, 1976. She was born in Sacramento, which is located in California, the sunny state found in the United States of America. However, she was raised in another town called Alameda, also found in California, and she stated how she was living in a haunted house.

That is when her love for paranormal developed, and her father encouraged her love as he was considering himself as an amateur paranormal detective. When she was just six years old, she saw her first ghost. She said how it was a man dressed in green clothes, and that he was actually the son of the landlord of the house they were living in. The ghost of the man “dressed in green” was the spirit of a man who died during World War II.

Young Bruni and her father spent years investigating paranormal, even outside their house. The passion and love for spirits and the other world prompted her to chase a career as a paranormal investigator.

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At first, the supernatural lover worked as a part of a health insurance company, but she decided to leave that job so she can pursue her passion. She worked alone in searching for spirits, and she studied various haunted houses. Later she joined The Atlantic Paranormal Society, whose members were Grant Wilson and Jason Haws.

Her next significant milestone in her professional career as a paranormal investigator was Ghost Hunters. The TV show aired from 2008 until 2014, and she appeared in more than 100 episodes. In addition to this, the trio produced Beyond Reality Radio.

What rose the paranormal investigator to the stardom was Kindred Spirits. Bruni and Adam Bery established a company that later turned to be a TLC reality show. Other projects she worked on were Paranormal Lockdown, a TV series that aired in 2016, and Expedition Unknown from 2018. Point Society had her guest-appear in two episodes in 2016.

Personal life

Amy Bruni is trying to keep her own life on the low. Despite that, some details from her private life emerged, and we know that she is in a romantic relationship with a man named Jimmy. The two share a daughter, which they named Charlotte. Charlotte was born in October 2012.

The paranormal investigator is also a founder of a travel company titled Strange Scapes, and it is for people who want to experience supernatural and paranormal in haunted towns.

Amy Bruni Net Worth 2024

Amy Bruni’s estimated net worth in 2024 is around $800,000.