Yovana Mendoza Net Worth 2024

Yovana Mendoza, a lifestyle star and a successful blogger, has been in quite a negative spotlight recently. The Internet had turned its back on her because she was caught eating fish. This wouldn’t normally be a problem if she had not been a vegan and shot videos about her diet as such constantly.

If you’ve just heard of Yovana for the first time because of this Web craze going on around her, here you can find all the things the media knows about her life, career, and income.

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Early Life

Yovana Mendoza was born on August 11, 1990, in San Diego, California, USA. She has Mexican nationality. Her parents, Yovana and Nahum, had another child named Jackie.

She studied at Schiller International University in France.

She started her raw diet, which is the base of her career as a Youtuber, in 2013. Yovana probably would not have stopped smoking and drinking if she hadn’t had to undergo surgery in 2012. The surgery resulted in her falling seriously ill and depressed.

Knowing that she had to do something to change the way she had lived, Yovana discovered the raw vegan lifestyle. She jumped right into it.

It helped her a lot, both mentally and physically. She wanted to share her story and development, so she started her Youtube channel.


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I loved this makeup look, wish I knew how to make it myself?@elviafelix said she can teach me how to do it?I find it so fun to try different makeup looks and at the same time have the confidence to be out and about with a clean face. Eating fruits and veggies, drinking water, sleeping well, not being stressed, and working out all have an impact in the appearance of my skin. When one of those aspects is not so well I see it instantly on my skin. Does it happen to you? It’s so important to take care of ourselves to have glowing skin! —————————- Ame este look de maquillaje! Quisiera saber hacérmelo sola? @elviafelix dijo que me iba a enseñar cómo hacerlo ?Se me hace súper divertido probar diferentes maquillajes y a la misma vez tener la seguridad de andar con cara limpia. Comer frutas y verduras, tomar agua, dormir bien, no andar estresada, y hacer ejercicio tiene un impacto en mi piel y cuando uno de esos aspectos anda abajo se nota! Te pasa? Es súper importante cuidar de nosotros mismos para tener una piel radiante!

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In its description, Yovana states that her channel was made in order to help and guide viewers through their own transformation; whether it’s body transformation or the one of the mind and spirit. In her videos, she shares tips and tricks to her diet, skincare, and workouts and openly talks about it all.

The channel currently has 470 000 subscribers; its videos each have thousands of likes and views.

Her social media accounts are just as popular. Over 4 000 posts later, Yovana’s Instagram profile has 1.2 million followers. If you look her up on Twitter you’ll see mostly tweets in Spanish since the star is a proud Latina, but you’ll also notice that she has 55.8 thousand followers.

Rawvana is a guide to lead as healthy as a possible lifestyle, and it is this Youtuber’s movement. She said she plans to make more apps, such as the 30 Day Smoothie Challenge, but also to write a book in both English and Spanish, where she will describe her own journey.

Rawvana exists so it can be an inspiration to others and motivate them to follow in Yovana’s footsteps and change their bad habits.

She leads a happy ad healthy lifestyle and her husband, Dorian Ayres, supports her through it all.

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Yovana Mendoza Net Worth 2024

She talks about very important stuff in her Youtube videos, such as health, food, beauty, and self-love, so her popularity is not that surprising. Being watched by so many people has brought her a great responsibility, but also quite the income.

Her estimated net worth in 2024 is approximately $5 million.