Woah Vicky Net Worth 2024

There are chances that you might have heard about the social media star most famously known as Woah Vicky. She is 19 years old at the moment, but the popularity she has today can make many celebrities envious.

The appearance of social media in this day and age can bring you a lot of fame, wealth, and popularity, and Woah Vicky knows that for sure. She is famous for some feuds and many scandals as well, but we will talk about that later. First, let us start with her early life and education, and we will move forward to her career and income.

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Victoria Waldrip, or commonly known as Woah Vicky, was born on May 7, 2000. That makes her zodiac sign Taurus. She is of African-American ethnicity, but the color of her skin is relatively light. When she revealed that she identifies herself as black, many were shocked and confused with that statement.

She even stated how she belongs to Zone 6, one of the Atlanta districts that are known for its dangerous streets and events occurring on that soil. Papi JJ, however, claims that that isn’t really true and that she actually belongs to Buckhead, another Atlanta district.

Her father is Steve Waldrip, and her mother is Carla Johnson. Johnson and Waldrip have never gotten married, and in addition to having Victoria, Carla gave birth to another daughter. However, the age difference between the two daughters is over ten years, and that caused the two sisters never to develop a friendly relationship fully.

Woah Vicky at first attended Marietta High School, but she later stayed at home to be home-schooled by her father. In the end, she received a diploma from Penn Foster High School.

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Woah Vicky got her first job as a hostess at a food unit when she was just a teenager. However, her feisty personality got her fired after only a couple of days of working there. Then she came to Instagram. She became famous on social media due to her controversial statements, and after Snoop Dog and Cheif Keef shared some of her stories on their Instagram accounts, a large group of followers came to follow her. The number of fans increased as each day passed by, and she decided to take her videos to YouTube. She now has around 500,000 subscribers, and her most popular videos are titled How to Twerk and My Ancestry Story.

Personal Life

Woah Vicky is quite an infamous personality. As she deems herself as black, she grows accustomed to the black culture, and she is often using the N-word. Both black and white people weren’t content with such an attitude, especially after it was revealed that she is 25% black.

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When it comes to romantic relationships, her most famous one was the one she had with Papi JJ. They both enrolled in some criminal activities and were even arrested at one point. Everything ended after the social media personality lied about her pregnancy. The internet star is also known for her frequent feud with Danielle Bregoli, the Cash Me Outside girl.

Woah Vicky Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Woah Vicky’s estimated net worth is around $100,000.