Top 11 Winter Home Decor Ideas for a Cozy Space

To survive the blistering cold weather outside, there is nothing more satisfying than to spend time at home with a cup of hot cocoa and a good movie. You will make it an even more enjoyable pastime if you create a warm and fuzzy atmosphere and add a dose of cheer to your home. It does not obligatory mean kitschy wreaths or holiday décor. There are different ways to decorate your home for winter. You can incorporate seasonal colors or rich, textural layers that reflect Old Man Winter howling outside, for example. Here you have some more winter decorating ideas that will cozy up your space and help you prepare for hibernation.

Top winter home décor ideas for a cozy space

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1. Warm up the décor

When it comes to decorating for the cold season, the color scheme is one of the most important factors. With the help of colors, you can create a warm, cozy feeling. A good idea is to use fiery hues such as reds, oranges, and golds when styling your space. If you have neutral, white walls, put accents on furniture, accessories, and rugs.

This way, you can easily light up your living place. You can also lookup some decor inspo from Pinterest, Festive Finds, and more.

2. Highlight the fireplace

During the colder months, there is nothing more pleasant than sitting in front of your fireplace and watching a log fire crackling. Reading books during the winter in the fireplace is a surefire way of relaxing and setting your mood. Nathan James can help with this with their fully functional and modern bookshelves.

In case you have no opportunity to install a fireplace in your home, you still can decorate your mantel or table with lots of candles. This will help you keep your space light and bright, especially in the combination with deep, rich colors used for winter décor. Pull your comfy armchair close to the fire to ease yourself into it and evoke a cozy feel. You can check some great Christmas ideas for the decoration on ElephantStock.

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3. Dress your sittings

Whether your armchair is rattan style or made of fabric, you should dress it with a fur blanket or chunky throw. Regardless of the style of your furniture, you can add texture and warmth to it this way. Besides, try draping sheepskins over the backs or seats of your chairs. These details will add extra comfort and make your furniture pieces look fashionable. Try to show your personality and do not be afraid of going against the latest trends.

4. Fill your place with sweet scents

To forget about the freezing weather outside, scent your room with pleasant smells of spices, pine, and cinnamon. Try a combination of apple slices, bay leaves, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and sliced oranges. Make your entire house smell so heavenly, and you will fall in love with this atmosphere.

Source: Country Living Magazine

5. Do not forget about the floor

Never let your floor be solid dark wood. Remember that winter has nothing about bare, hard layout. Cover your floors with rugs to add warmth and comfort to your room. Try throwing a cute, patterned runner in the hall or scatter several brightly colored rugs under the tables and furniture. If you want to get a large rug but have a limited budget, you can cut one out of regular carpeting. You will probably love such a fluffy hand-made thing and enjoy digging your toes into it in the coldest winter times. Read more on

6. Decorate your front door

One of the classic ways to celebrate this freezing season is to hang various door hangings and wreaths. You can find a myriad of winter wreath basket tutorials that can help you create one for your home. Show your creativity and customize your wreath using decorative elements you have on hand. Such door accessories will help you go through the winter holidays and attract the eyes of your guests.

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7. Add interior accessories

One more effective way to add texture to your living space is through decorative objects like wooden decor items, candle holders, baskets, and picture frames. This will help you bring great interest and instant warmth to your place. Besides, do not forget about an oil diffuser and fill your rooms with wintry scents, such as cinnamon or spruce.

8. Play up winter greenery outside

Unfortunately, it is impossible to enjoy the beauty of colorful flowers blooming in winter times. However, do not leave your front entry bare. You still can fill your planters with fir branches, interesting twigs, cut greenery, or a few small pine cones. Even several rows of faux greenery can make the difference, and you will have a welcoming entryway that brings everyone great joy.

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9. Turn your mattress

Rotating or flipping your mattress with the change of seasons is highly recommended by many mattress manufacturers. This can help you get a fresh and full night’s sleep. Turn your mattress so that your feet and head change places and add new sheets. You will probably feel like you are having an entirely new bed.

10. Look for a perfect artwork

Your home is supposed to be a place for relaxation and retreat, and artworks can help you create the right atmosphere. One of the best places for art in private homes is probably on the wall opposite the bed or directly over the bed. If you prefer large-scale pieces, it is better to hang them at eye level. Try abstract works with soothing tones or colors. You can also print desaturated photos or landscapes if you are into photography.

Remember that art pieces require adequate framing before hanging them on the wall. According to Fine Art Shippers, getting your art professionally framed is the best option. This way, your masterpieces will be custom-framed in a professional workshop with the use of special equipment. Besides, with expert assistance, you can focus on art and not on frames.

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11. Get a nightstand

A nightstand is a must-have thing for any bedroom. Look for eclectic, cute styles to create a unique look. In the combination with a candle, a book, or a small lamp, it can create a comfortable, inviting feeling. Just stay awhile and relax!

These tips can help you refresh your space to enjoy the wintertime, so apply them without hesitation!