How To Wear A Wig With Long Hair?

The main reason why wigs are so popular is that you can try out different hairstyles without the need to visit a hairdresser more often. Also, frequent hair-dyeing can damage it over time. Therefore, the best solution is to choose some hair wig. There are various types of wigs available on the market today, and you can choose between synthetic and natural hair. Check Beauty Forever to see a full list of hair wigs, headbands, lace part wigs, and more. Moreover, you will need some experience in placing a wig on your head in the right way, especially if you have long hair. We are going to introduce you to some methods and steps to wear a wig with long hair.

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Make Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a great solution for keeping your natural hair under the wig unnoticeable.  To make proper dreadlocks, you will need to separate your hair into separate equal parts with a distance between them of few centimeters. After that, choose an area of your hair, and divide it into three smaller parts and start making a dreadlock by combining the first and third parts with the one in the middle. Make sure to create equal rows that will cover all of your hair.

Always start from the end of the hair to the base of your head. Also, you can use hair ties to make the braid stronger. Furthermore, be sure to tie the hair on each part of the head and organize them in rows. When you are finished making the dreadlocks, you can use pins to hold them in one place.

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Wrap the Hair Around the Head

If you don’t have any experience in making dreadlocks, or you don’t have enough time to deal with that since it can take a lot of time, you can choose an easier method and wrap your hair to hold it in place. For this simple solution, you will have to create several sections of hair. In most cases, around 4, but if your hair is not too dense, you can make two or three for easier wrapping.

After you separate the sections, make a proper knot of them by dividing each part into three sections and tying them from the base of your head. Also, it is important to pay attention to not tie your knots too much since it can cause portions of your hair to be seen under the wig.

When you finish with tying, take one piece and wrap it around the hand to like a crown. Do the same with other parts as well. Make sure to leave enough space for a wig to cover all of your hair. You can use pins to hold the braid in place. Moreover, you shouldn’t place ties over each other because that will create a bulge on your head, and you will look odd after you place a wig.

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Placing the Wig

The most important part of every wig is a cap that holds and covers your natural hair. Methods for binding your hair are very important because your hair needs to be stable and without bulges. There are two most common types of wig caps, with one hold and two holes. A wig cap with two holes is for people with more experience since you will need some skills to arrange the cap properly to fit your head.

On the other hand, those with one hole are much easier since you only need to place all of your hair under it and put on a wig. Make sure to place a cap in a way where people won’t notice that you are wearing a wig. Nevertheless, a lot of people forget about parts of the hair that could stick out from behind and aside from the cap. Always check each side before placing a wig.

When you are sure that your hair is tied correctly and that the cap is covering all of it, you can finally place a wig. You should start from the backside of your head and gently pull it over to the front. When the whole process is over, you can stretch out the wig to cover the cap and make it look more natural. Also, you can add hairpins or tape to make sure that the wig won’t move around over the cap.

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Benefits of Wearing a Wig

There are many cosmetic products and modern methods that you can use to treat your hair, get improved volume, change colors more often, make various haircuts, and more. On the other side, you should know that all of these methods require a lot of time and effort, along with the money that you would spend. Therefore, a wig represents a simple and more affordable solution that will provide you with the ability to experiment with different styles more often. You can buy several wigs and change your style for any occasion, even during the same day.

On the other side, you won’t need to worry about your natural hair, and you will keep it in better condition as well since you won’t be using any hair products, dyes, and more. We all know how much time is needed to prepare for some event, and a wig is great because you will at least save time on your hairstyle. Moreover, wearing a wig can help people to feel more attractive, especially those who have issues with thinning hair, damaged hair, and more.

Furthermore, having a collection of wigs can be entertaining because you can combine various styles and always keep a glamorous appearance. Wigs are very popular for a long time, and many celebrities are wearing them all the time. Some of the most popular celebrities with wigs are Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Selma Hayek, Zendaya, Beyoncé, and many more. Also, you can choose from a wide selection of wigs in stores. They are quite affordable, with an average price of around $50 for a synthetic one. Wigs with human hair can cost between $100 and over $2000.