5 Ways You Can Use a Powered Access in 2024

Today, without powered access, many companies would lose most of their services that require people to work with heights. We wouldn’t have what is people to work with heights can be quite dangerous, especially if you do not have the right equipment. Without the proper access to these heights, even the smallest mistake can become a very unsafe situation that may lead to serious injury, long delays or sometimes even death. Finishing your projects is important, but the health of your employees should always be your most important thing as a business owner.

Naturally, if you want your workers to be efficient, you buy them the highest quality of tools. So, the same goes for these machines that lift people to unbelievable heights. You need to acquire a piece of high-quality machinery that is rich with all kinds of features.

So, whether you are planning to use it to get access for maintenance, cleaning or to fight against fire to save properties, we suggest that you get yourself powered access that has a height reach of at least 20 meters.

Here are some ways you can find the use of powered access platforms

You might be familiar with some of these job positions and others might totally surprise you, but all of these cannot exist without access platforms.

1. Construction

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Well, this one is obvious. We all know just how complicated and how tall buildings can go. When it comes to construction, most companies like to use articulating boom lifts and aerial lifts. The aerial powered access allows the workers to reach a height that would not be possible with any other equipment.

These kinds of machines have multiple uses not just a single one. It can also be used to bring heavy materials to a certain floor of the building. You won’t have to worry about injuries while your employees are carrying heavy glass panels through the stairs because they can just simply fire up the powered access platform and then raise it to the required level.

Sure, you could also consider installing a crane, but if the area does not allow for one, you cannot use it. For a crane, you would need a large and flat enough surface area without any obstructions. Finding this kind of free space in a very populated area is impossible.

Fortunately, most powered access machines come with their own drive train and motor which allows you to drive it through the tightest spaces and over rocky terrain. They are small and compact, so you won’t have to worry about damaging it while driving it.

2. Building Maintenance

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With the use of a powered access platform, your workers will be able to reach heights up to 50 meters and they will be able to work on installing glass panels, adjusting AC units or placing rain gutters around the roof of the building. Basically, any kind of building maintenance can be easily handled with this kind of equipment. If you are a business owner with the need to reach even the highest floors of a building, you should check out cpslift.com.

3. Window Washing

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All those tall buildings we mentioned with huge walls of glass tend to get stained easily. Because glass is glass, and you know how dirty and smudged it can get in just a short time. Well, most of those windows cannot be opened at all because the winds up there can be quite strong which is dangerous. So, if you can’t open the windows to clean them up, why do they look so clean?

Well, thanks to powered access, expert workers can be lifted high up in the air to have easy access to these windows. These machines usually have a big enough basket to allow the worker to maneuver right and left and straps to keep them safe while cleaning. They won’t have to worry about holding on the rail with one hand because they are quite safe. They can also come with small storage spaces where a person could keep his tools. Unsafe keeping of the tools can also be very dangerous because it might hurt someone during its fall. At that height, even the smallest screw might cause serious damage.

The most common type of lift used for this kind of job is the telescopic boom which is great for rougher terrains. Take the DINO 280RXT as an example since it is an articulate, telescopic boom that can reach up to 28 meters and even has an outreach of 16 meters. This allows for a lot of maneuverability, allowing companies to clean several stories at once without having to move the machine.

4. Safety Inspection

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Ever wondered how safety inspection is done on massive objects such as airplanes, hydraulic excavators or bridges? Well, the only way to give access to a safety inspector on this kind of object is with an aerial lift. One small mistake on an airplane could lead to a crash which is why inspections have to be done after every flight. So, the inspector gets on the lift, goes under the wings and can analyze everything up close.

Even machines such as the Bagger 288 which is a bucket-wheel excavator needs to be properly inspected after months of working. This beast of a machine reaches a length of 220m and a height of almost one hundred meters. When you put it in perspective, it is simply huge. This excavator is actually bigger than most buildings in the world. So, just imagine how many different parts on this machine need to be inspected, tested or replaced. Thankfully, articulated, telescopic boom lifts can easily handle the rough terrain of a strip mine.

An expert can easily get right next to the blade of the Bagger 288 to service it with an aerial lift. The repairing process for this kind of machine can take up to several hours, but thankfully access platforms can easily last just as long.

5. Electrical Line Repair

Source: ETS Inc – Inspection and Testing, MA

Those power lines you see every single day through the streets of your city are probably maintained at least two or three times a week. But, how do they get up there without blocking traffic? Well, thanks to aerial lifts they can easily get access to the power lines, to ensure that our homes have a stable source of energy.