Using Alienvault to Secure Your Network: Tips and Tricks


Cyber security involves securing computer and computer-related systems that is web-based networks from threats. Since the world has moved into the digital space, the sophistication of cyber-attacks has increased manifold.

When computers were first discovered, computer network security attacks were limited to the introduction of malware, injecting viruses, etc. However, today with the expansion of computer users, internet networks, and delivery of services via softwares, the threats have become more pervasive. Businesses have multiple sites of vulnerabilities to computer network based-attacks.

A vulnerable cyber network can cause immense damage to an organization. There are organizations that can handle the entire cyber security management for a business organization. Learn more about how Clearnetwork managed Alienvault SIEM to threat detection and ensure your organization’s security.


Why Business Organizations Need A Cyber Security Management System

In the present times, all businesses, big or small, need a cyber security management system. An organization’s own systems might be intruded upon; moreover, their endpoints, that is, all the devices that are remotely linked to a business, are major threats. In the present times, all financial transactions happen online. A business has possession of sensitive data of all its customers and clients via its applications and websites.

Moreover, large networks like those of business organizations are the favorite targets of hackers. Attacking large networks can spread malware faster. Also, jeopardizing the networks of influential organizations has worldwide ramifications. Cyber attacks can affect the working of an organization and can bring the organization to a standstill.

A day’s business loss would cause a loss of billions of dollars. Moreover, attackers also demand ransom from the organization to restore the functionality of a compromised network.

What Is Alienvault?

Alienvault is a company that develops services that help companies manage their cyber security threats. Moreover, they also run the OTX, which is the largest community of researchers and analysts who work and report about emerging cyber security threats in the world. The network allows researchers to collaborate with each other to save the world from potential attacks.

OTX generates threat alerts based on several factors like unusual traffic on a network, login anomalies, an email id or a domain name that is linked to malware, etc.


Using Alienvault To Secure Networks: Tricks And Tips

By Blocking A Broad Range Of Threats

This softwares provides security for a broad range of cyber security threats like DDoS, Phishing, malware, etc. It also covers the latest threats in the cyber world that associate cyber crimes with cryptocurrencies like crypto mining.

It monitors specific events like bitcoin miners who are functioning at endpoints, suspicious downloads, and user credentials that have been stolen and used somewhere on the dark web for any illegal activity. Thus, it covers a broad range of activities that more or less covers all the potential areas via which cyber criminals can attack. Any intrusion at any vulnerable point of the network gets flagged and can be tackled before it is too late.

Leveraging OTX

Alienvault uses the threats that are flagged by the OTX community. OTX is an active community that has flagged more than 200000 cyber threats. It has a network that includes researchers and professionals from as many as 140 countries. Thus, it has the potential to flag almost all suspicious activities before an attack eventually happens.


Fast Detection Of Treats

A cyber protection system is good only if it acts fast as the threats spread to millions of systems in a matter of seconds. Alienvault can deal with almost 15000 EPS or Events Per Second. The EPS gives an estimate of the number of processes that any information technology system can process per second. Thus, the higher the EPS value, the more robust the system.

There are several reviews from end users that are available online that vouch for Alienvault’s ability to detect and handle threats and the enormous benefits it has for businesses.

An Integrated Program

Alienvault manages the whole range of activities that are required to manage cyber security threats. For instance, if the endpoints are vulnerable, then encryption of the endpoints is a common approach to tackle the vulnerability.

Alienvault not only detects a threat but also helps generate an appropriate response to manage the threat.


Can Be Applied Across Multiple Servers

The software is highly scalable and can detect threats and vulnerabilities across multiple servers. Thus, it is a one-stop solution for almost all the cyber security-related issues an organization might face.

It Can Be Deployed In A Need Based Manner

The software can be bought for perpetual service or for a limited time period. For companies who are trying out the system for the first time, it is a good idea to try out the free version or a one-month subscription first. Based on the threat report that is generated, the service can be purchased for a longer time period. Moreover, the services are customized to the needs of the organization.

A large organization will require multiple sensors for its large network. However, a smaller organization will require a small number of sensors for its network size. Hence the service does not work in a one size fits all manner. The service is customized according to the level of network complexity and vulnerability that each organization faces.



Although the open source software is easy to deploy, a company that does not have a dedicated cyber security team might face some troubles despite getting help from the customer support service. Hence it is a good idea to outsource the services to a professional company that can manage all the activities right from the deployment of the service to scanning the network and fixing the problem areas.

Getting a professional organization to handle network security issues can do wonders for a company’s return on investment. The company’s regular staff need not bother about upgrading skills to learn about cyber security. And at the same time, the organization can work freely without having to worry about any imminent cyber security threat that it faces.