6 Most Common Uses of Rubber Stoppers

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Rubber stoppers are small items that are most commonly used to seal, protect, and isolate different products and items. They are being used in almost every industry, and we come in contact with them every single day without noticing them.To help you learn more about these versatile items, we created this article, and here we are going to tell you more about the most common uses of rubber stoppers and how they are making our lives better and easier.

1. Scientific purposes

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These items are most commonly used in laboratories to help researchers with scientific breakthroughs. As we already know, in the labs, there are a lot of compounds and different liquids that can be dangerous and hazardous. Because of that, they need to be safely stored and secured. If they are not secured in the right way, they can release fumes that are flammable or toxic for the personal. One thing you probably didn’t know before is that some chemicals can even escape the bottle if it is not covered in the right way.

Here is where the rubber stoppers come into play. They are used to close different bottles and other containers so that the scientists can be safe and the chemicals can be stored in the correct way. Some researchers have to travel to different places, and they have to take a lot of containers with them. These containers may have toxic ingredients in them, so transporting them securely is a priority. The rubber stoppers are used to transport any ingredient from one place to another without it spieling or escaping.

2. Acids

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Everyone has handled some form of acid at least once in their life. We use acids to clean our homes, and we use them to help us with different tasks. However, acids are most commonly used in labs where scientists test different things and create new products.
They are also used in manufacturing and construction, so when we handle them, we need to be extremely careful. When they are used in labs, they have to be sealed in special containers, so they don’t mix with other materials.

Acids are abrasive and if they are closed with a cork or something that can be destroyed or damaged, we risk the chemical spilling or causing damage. So, rubber stoppers are used to seal the acids and they won’t get damaged if they come in contact with them. The chemical will not dissolve the material used and there won’t be any leakage.

3. Cosmetics

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These plugs can also be made of silicone, and if you ever used a cosmetic product, you know that all the moisturizers and creams have a silicone lid on top of the container.
We handle them every day, and most of us don’t know what they are and why they are there. Well, the biggest reason why there is the silicone layer between the lid and the product is so that the moisturizer won’t spill in transport or if we just throw it in the bag. If the lid was not there, it would be easy for the product to penetrate through the container and go to waste.

Another big reason why rubber stoppers are used is to make the product more durable. When it is closed by it, there is no air or dirt coming in contact with it and it can last longer. These plugs are also used in tonics and face cleaning serums and you can notice them when you open the bottle. They usually have a small hole in them, and that way we can get the right amount of product, without it spilling everywhere.

4. Automobile industry

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The rubber stoppers are also widely used in the car industry. They help build the vehicles we like, and they also help the mechanics do the proper maintenance. These items can be found in every trunk and they protect the lid of the trunk from being damaged every time we close it. The same goes for the doors and even the gas lid.
According to EtolRubber, there are thousands of different shapes and sizes of these items, and they are used to protect different parts of the vehicles and to seal holes.

5. Pharmaceutical

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Pretty much everything that comes in a bottle has a rubber stopper on top of it. Next time you go to the pharmacy and buy beauty products, pills, and even cough syrup, when you open in, you will see the rubber lid on it.
The stoppers are widely used in the pharma industry to make the products more durable, more secure, and safer. They are also stopping children from opening every container they find, and with that, they protect the health of the child.

6. Furniture

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Also called couch stoppers, rubber stoppers are used in furniture to make it more durable and to protect the floors. If you notice that the chairs are damaging the wooden floors, or if you notice that they are way too slippery, you should put these plugs on the bottom of each chair leg.

They are used for couches and tables as well, to make the tables more stable, and to make the couches more durable. You’ve probably noticed that with time the table legs may get wiggly, and one may become shorter than the other. In some cases, when we use carpets, there can be a dent in the carpet and that will make the table really unstable. So, if you want to protect your carpet and if you want to make the table stable, you should put the rubber plugs on the legs. They come in different sizes and colors so that you won’t have any issues blending them with the rest of your furniture.

These are some of the most common uses of these stoppers. They are also used in medicine, machinery, construction, and even the electronic industries. They are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so you can use them in your home without worrying about your health and the well-being of your family. You can find these items in pretty much every home décor store, or a car shop. Since there are a lot of different types, you need to know what you are going to use them for, and if needed, talk to the seller and ask them for help.