10 Tips In Saving Electricity: Your Road to Sustainability And Lower Energy Bills

Nowadays, one of the biggest trends is the road to sustainability. People have been trying to replace items that cost harm to the environment with something that would create less waste. It is now becoming a lifestyle and a great trend as well.

With people’s awareness when it comes to taking care of their environment, people try to find ways to lessen their carbon footprint in their own homes by saving energy. Too much energy use can deplete energy sources unless people are using renewable energy sources which is not the case for most homes.

Not only will you help out the environment, you’ll also have a lot more savings as you’re paying only for the times you’ll need power. For those who want to be a part of those who care about the environment, you can start in your own place by managing energy use. Here are some tips to save electricity.

1. Switch To Alternative Energy Resources

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If you are still using non-renewable energy as your electricity source, then you are out of date. It is now the time to explore green eco-friendly electricity sources. Sustainable renewable energy can come from wind, water, and solar resources.

Not only are you saving up on energy, you’re also helping the world cut down on greenhouse emissions. Greenhouse emissions or gasses damage the earth’s ozone layer and contribute to global warming. If global warming pushes through, the world will experience catastrophic events such as flooding, rising water levels, hurricanes, etc.

Going green is certainly becoming popular nowadays, and it’s trend should be a norm all over the world. Although there are other tips down below to save energy, doing this first can make you less conscious about your environmental footprint. You can check Eligoenergy.com to help you with this switch.

2. Turn Off Your Lights When Not In Use

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This is one of the best tips that could help you conserve energy, by turning off your lights when not in use. Turn off your lights in your hallway when you are hanging out in your room. Turn off your lights when you are done using your bedroom, dining room, or living room. It may not seem much, but a few lightbulbs that are constantly on, even without anyone using them can add up and rack up your energy bill.

3. Unplug Appliances That Are Not In Use

Source: Saving Money – LoveToKnow

Remove the plugs if it is not in use. Remove the TV plug when not in use. Make sure no unnecessary appliances are plugged like your personal computers, game consoles, or any other extensions because they still consume electricity if it is still connected to the energy source.

4. Air Conditioners

Source: Gorenje International

Air conditioners can use up a lot of energy. Yes, you do need their aid in the hottest summer weather but they do not have to be on all day. If you are away from home, turn them off. Most air conditioning units also have built-in timers with them. You can just set these timers to how many hours you think you’ll need the AC on when indoors.

5. Speakers Without The Electronics

Source: Rolling Stone

The right speakers can greatly amplify the way we listen to music. It can create a different atmosphere for your house whether with loud hip hop music or a sophisticated jazz sound. It is a hassle to always charge your electronic and bluetooth speakers now and then, however there are speakers such as wooden or bamboo speakers that do not need electricity to function. The sound quality is still good and you do not need to waste energy with its use.

6. Go Outside More And Appreciate The Parks

Source: Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences – Texas A&M University

Sometimes, you need to go out and feel the fresh air, go and enjoy nature. If you are outside especially with the trees, flowers, and grass, you can lessen your use of entertainment indoors that require electricity use.

Not only will you be able to save energy, but you’ll also breathe a fresh perspective in your life. Taking breaks such as these can greatly improve your mood. It can also help you become healthier, physically and mentally.

7. Buy Appliances That Uses Less Electricity

Source: simplyswitch.com

There are innovative appliances that are created to spend less energy such as those with inverters. Not only does it lessen your bill to more than 50%, it also helps with conserving energy thus helping the environment heal.

8. Do You Fancy A Brewed Morning Coffee? Use Your French Press

Source: Taste of Home

If you love your coffee brewed yet you want to save energy, then you can buy a french press instead of using your coffee maker. Not only you don’t need electricity with its use. You’ll also always be a part of the process of making the coffee itself plus it is portable and can be brought to sleepovers and camps.

9. Use Cold Water When Washing Your Clothes

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

When you activate hot water when washing your clothes, that will consume more electricity as compared to cold water. Using hot water is extra work for your machine and extra energy use. With cold water, your clothes avoid shrinking. Also, not every stain responds to warm laundry water.

10. Hang Your Clothes During Dry Days Outside

Source: The Spruce

The only dryer you need is the heat of the sun. The hotter it is, the easier for your clothes to dry. Although even if it is not summer as long as there is no rain, you can practically hang your clothes outside. Electric dryers often require a lot of energy to dry out your clothes. Although you’ll be drying your clothes faster, your bills will surely spike if you continue to use them on a regular basis.


There are several ways for you to save your energy. It would take more effort but you are still serving the higher cause which is saving the environment and lessening your bills. However, the cheat here is converting your electricity source to an alternative renewable energy. That would still make you use some of your appliances without the worry of piling bills and harming the ecosystem.