Tips for Selecting the Right CPG Marketing Agency

Are you considering hiring a marketing agency for your CPG products? Well done – this is a prudent investment of your valuable marketing resources. If you are just getting started with your search, however, it is likely that you will get overwhelmed by the options you will find out there. Finding the perfect CPG marketing agency that will match your business needs can be a daunting task.

So, why should you work with a CPG marketing agency?

Working with a professional CPG marketing agency helps bridge the skills gap

In a conversation with experts from Digitawise we found out that with tons of emerging marketing approaches and technologies, it is unrealistic to assume that your business can remain competitive with in-house marketing. It is not unusual for businesses to experience talent gap, not because they lack talent, but rather because they lack new evolving skills. Contracting an agency that has these skills can be an excellent way of assessing which certain skills or marketing tactics are beneficial to your CPG business. This will also help you evaluate the need to bring these capabilities in-house.

Source: Forbes

You get to work with a team rather than a consultant

It is one thing to bring a consultant on board, but when you contract a full-fledged CPG marketing agency, you are bringing on board a team of experts who live and breathe marketing. An agency is staffed by a team of experts who understand, and know exactly, how to solve problems. Even if there is a core team that you work with on a daily basis, chances are an agency will field your business’ challenges and come up with workable solutions. A professional CPG agency will help you keep things fresh, well informed, and successful.

You will invest more time in other aspects of your CPG business

One of the greatest benefits of contracting a professional CPG marketing agency is so you can focus on what is important – growing your business. Marketing sounds quite simple. However, it is not. Whether you are putting together multiple marketing strategies for an overall campaign or are looking to completely overhaul your brand, a professional CPG marketing agency will help you handle everything with speed, precision, and resilience. This takes stress off your plate, allowing you to breathe and focus on growing your business.

Finding the right CPG marketing agency

Having understood the importance of working with a professional CPG marketing agency, let’s now shift focus to finding one. With so many marketing agencies out there, finding the right one can be a daunting task. However, here are a few tips that you might find helpful when vetting a CPG marketing agency:

Clearly define your marketing goals

Every business has its own ideas of what it expects from a marketing agency, and for most, it is growth. Every marketing agency has its own approach to realizing these goals. For instance, an agency may specialize in helping clients increase their online presence through content and blog creation. Another agency may opt for a complete overhaul of your branding approach. It is important that you are clear about your business’ marketing goals in order to find the best agency that will help you realize these goals.

Source: Evok Advertising

What is the agency’s experience?

Make no mistake, experience does count. It is important that the CPG marketing agency offer a consultation or strategy session before getting into a contract with them. This way, you will be able to ask questions and get to know the marketing approach they will employ. Use this consultation to set the derivable.

The agency should be able to provide referrals

It is important that you work with a CPG marketing agency that has an accessible client portfolio. Do they have experience working with other businesses in your industry and what were the results? Check out the agency’s website for client testimonials. Most important, ask the agency for referrals – nothing is more assuring like getting an account from previous or existing clients.

Your budget is a factor

Marketing is a serious investment. Some businesses can afford a big budget while others have to content with a tighter budget. Most CPG marketing agencies offer scalable services. It is important that you engage an agency that has transparent billing practices, and is capable of providing quotes based on your specific business needs.

Source: The Blue Diamond Gallery

Can the agency deliver on your vision?

A professional CPG marketing agency should be committed to bringing your dreams to reality, because its staff is knowledgeable about building your brand and attracting, and retaining, your clients. It should be able to offer solutions for your business’ marketing needs, including customizing ideas specific to your industry.

Additionally, the right agency should be willing to work with your ideas. While most agencies have tried-and-true methodologies, the right fit should be willing to experiment until they find what works best for your CPG brand.

Measurable success

Any marketing agency can talk big—but can they deliver what you are looking for? You want to work with a marketing agency that has a tested method of tracking and reporting on the success (or failure) of the campaign. During the interview process, ask for the details about previous campaigns, including performance metrics, RIO, and actual conversion numbers.

Source: Nextiva

Communication matters

It is important that you work with a CPG marketing agency that keeps you in the loop. Find out if you will be in direct contact with the team that is working on your business. Find out about the agency’s communication policy during the marketing campaign. Remember, your business and the marketing agency are working together towards a common cause: growing your brand recognition. As such, it is important that you enjoy a harmonious work relationship with the agency. And this can only be possible when there is a clear, open communication lines.


Finding the right CPG marketing agency for your business is just as crucial as finding the right life partner. They should be a great fit and blend well with your personality. They should envision your company’s goals and come up with tailor-made marketing ideas that will help make these goals a reality. With the right agency by your side, you will have the peace of mind knowing that all your marketing needs are taken care of.