Top 6 Summer Language Camps to Learn English

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Summer language camps are an excellent opportunity to improve English language skills, communicate with the natives, and broaden your mindset. It can also be a vacation program for adults or youth from different countries, involving joint language learning and organized leisure activities outside school hours.

The students study English there and climb the mountains, go on excursions and picnics, sunbathe by the sea, learn to play the guitar or fence, and make friends from different countries. They have a great vacation, overcome the language barrier and become more self-confident. A trip to a language camp is a fun and rewarding adventure, so let’s pick your next destination together!

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1. ЕС English, UK

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The standard course of study includes twenty English lessons per week. Classes are held in the morning and afternoon and depending on the program. The students will have time to learn English by themselves: books, programs are prepared for great learning on your own.

The students are assigned to study groups immediately upon arrival. A test is carried out to determine the level of the English language. The max. number of people in one group is fifteen, which makes it comfortable for everyone. The program also includes a variety of recreational activities:

● A full day and half-day excursions to London;
● Sports competitions;
● Film screenings;
● International parties;
● Trips to the beach;
● Karaoke evenings.

The cost of training in the camp with an early booking is one thousand three hundred English pounds, after that, it will be a bit more. Air tickets, visas, and consular fees are paid separately. Insurance is included in the price.

2. Bell, UK

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The Bell Effective English course is designed for students who want to improve their knowledge of the English language – students can start studying at a convenient time for them and choose to check for any period. Students can speak fluently in English from the very beginning of the course till the end of it.

Students can also add additional modules to their courses and choose online English tutors at Preply. They may select business skills or skills focused on exam preparation, speaking and listening, or reading and writing. Students can choose to study tet-a-tet.

3. Sprachcaffe, USA

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The city that “never sleeps” hosts famous Broadway music shows, discos, and film premieres every night. You can go to the Museum of Modern Art, relax in Central Park, go boating in the evening ─ visit the theater, and attend international student parties after the classes in New York. There are trips to Washington DC, Niagara Falls, or Boston offered each weekend. The school runs a free course where students discuss a variety of topics related to American culture. Rest assured that in New York you will quickly improve your English and make new friends.

The English proficiency test is carried out to determine the level of proficiency in a foreign language. Classes are held in small groups, and at the end of the course, each student is issued a certificate. It offers English courses for the youth, from sixteen to twenty-one years old, regardless of language proficiency. There is a choice of training intensity and course duration, but the time is the same.

4. IELS, Malta

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Students successfully combine learning English with a rich entertainment program at the summer camp IELS, Malta. There are excursions, beach holidays, sports events, and international parties. The cost of rest in the IELS camp is from two thousand euros per week. The cost includes:

● Accommodation with an entire board;
● Services of teachers;
● Educational materials;
● Excursions;
● Transfer from the airport to the residence and back;

The standard weekday schedule is as follows: English lessons in the morning, and after that, you can attend some extraordinary events such as massive screenings of films in English, discos, barbecues on the beaches.

Weekends are the time for exciting sea cruises. Thus, students actively learn English during academic hours and practice speaking skills while communicating with students from different countries and courses.

5. Brock University, Canada

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The school is based on Brock University, which is located in the heart of the unique Niagara region, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Niagara Falls is next to the school, and Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is forty-five minutes away. Brock University, perched atop the Niagara Escarpment with stunning views of forests, lakes, and rolling hills. It is the ideal destination for young students traveling for the first time to study abroad There are some obvious pluses we could mention:

● Learn English in a friendly and safe environment;
● Explore the Niagara Falls region on weekend sightseeing tours;
● Improve your language skills with twenty lessons per week led by friendly teachers;
● Enjoy fun activities such as bowling, movie nights, watch Major League Baseball games and take a trip to Niagara Falls.

6. Alpadia, Germany

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The summer school Alpadia of German and English is located an hour’s drive from Frankfurt in a town with typical medieval architecture, not far from the castle on a hill. The school has spacious classrooms, common areas where students can play table football and games. Sports fields, tennis courts, and an outdoor pool are just a few meters from the camp.

The Lahn Valley is a colorful region in Germany, where you will find forests on the mountain slopes, baroque castles, and the cultural heritage of the Celts and Romans. Students can explore historical and cultural sites surrounded by breathtaking scenery. They also have the opportunity to play outdoor sports, enjoy the beauty of nature, and go shopping and sightseeing in the nearby cities of Frankfurt and Cologne.

● Come to study at a camp in a traditional German town in one of the most beautiful regions of the country;
● Excellent sports grounds and a swimming pool nearby;
● Additional Leisure Program Premium + – horse riding, creativity lessons, and tennis.


Summer is the time for relaxation and meeting with your friends and family, but you can make it better by applying to the language summer camp. Pick the activities you love, and go studying abroad!