Student in a New Group


What can you say, the fate of a freshman is hard enough. New environment, new surroundings, a new way of life, indeed – just a new life! The day in college comes, and there is a meeting with many people with whom, one way or another, you will have to spend the next few years. This is for the best. And yet these people are entirely different – starting from their nationality and social status and ending with character and mindset. Everyone is different. That’s not really a new thing. But everything seemed the same at school, so what’s the problem?

At school, first of all, the meeting with the new team happened at a tender age, when it does not yet have such great importance, including social and other differences between children. And secondly, all the schoolchildren live not only in the same city but often in the same neighborhood. It is easier to find common ground. A college or any other higher learning institution is a whole tiny world in which people come from different parts of the country and even the world. If you learn to coexist, your college life will be full of exciting and unforgettable moments! You will study together, party all night long, meet new people, pass the exams, and travel during the spring breaks. Sometimes, you will even have to hire a professional to write my paper company like WritingAPaper to keep up with your academic performance while having fun with your group mates. And how to exist organically in this world? How to present yourself well? What to do?

First, you need to suddenly remember that you are not alone in this unhappy and complicated, tortured by the question of joining a new team. Everyone is the same. Everyone is afraid, though they do not show it. Any first-year student must come to an unfamiliar place and sit at a desk with the same unknown person on the first day of college. A picture in the first course in the early days is always funny – the new students clumsily encounter at the door and the desks, almost shy away from each other and make awkward attempts to be the first to make contact… After a while, these same students, becoming friends, will roll on the floor with laughter, remembering such moments. Yes, it’s hard to believe now, and the freshman is torn by doubt and torment. Have no fear, student.

Blending in is not as difficult as it seems (as many things in this life are), and now we will look at what to do and how to be.



“Meet on clothes,” nothing has changed in this matter yet. Humans are so built that first, we assess everything with our eyes and do so quite categorically. And yes, “we will never have the opportunity to re-make the first impression” – this popular expression also works, alas, without fail. Almost instantly, the group is divided into “attractive” and “not attractive,” and correcting this perception will be difficult. This is psychology, and there is nothing to be done. And to communicate with the “unattractive” will not be a lot of people.

The law of the jungle is in action. So, if there is a desire to make a good impression on the group, do not dress up whatever you see first, grabbing some things from still not fully unpacked suitcases. But evening outfits should not be recalled too. We need the “golden mean,” the usual casual but attractive clothes. In this case, no one will ever reject anyone.



Regardless of whether the student is impulsive and boisterous, whether they were a star of school or played in the local rock band in the institute’s early days is better not to brag about it. In general, showing off at first is not good. None of the people met in a new place do not like it if someone attempts to command or press with their mythical authority. Such “hosts” the environment immediately put on a list of worse “unattractive,” and normalizing the relationship in the future will be very difficult. So it is necessary to allow everyone in the group to adjust so that all the personality traits begin to manifest themselves. Gradually everything will fall into place, and the true ringleaders will stay that way.

It’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t try to be someone you’re not. Some students that were not very successful in school think that in a new place, they can start a new life, thereby rubbing the nose of the previous offenders. Alas, it does not work. All the secrets come out, and the complexes do not go far. You just have to be yourself, and the new group itself will decide how to communicate with a person. According to the professional writers of the best writing services, most students who are not popular at school are good at building relationships in college simply because people are chosen without any prejudices about this or that person. The new life will begin on its own, and there is no need to try too hard – the risk of missing out on such an opportunity is too great.



Or simply the ability to be the first to contact other people and respond to attempts to make contact with you. So, to integrate well into a new team, you should try to start a conversation with everyone, forgetting that these people are entirely unknown. The occasion is anything from the peculiarities of the upcoming school schedule to the weather outside. You can make friends in no time by talking about different subjects with different people.

Incredibly, with such behavior in any case, first-year students will immediately become clear with whom it will be comfortable to coexist and with whom not. The sooner you can make friends, the easier the process of entering student life will be.



People are social creatures. It is not enough for us just to settle in a new place; we also need to be appreciated and respected in this place. Continuing a proverb started before – “… I see you off by your intelligence”. Once a freshman acquires friends or even friends and begins to more or less organically exist in the new conditions of life, there is a further need for a specific position in the team. Let us recall Maslow’s famous Pyramid – it makes itself known. So what does a freshman need to do to become something or someone more in the group? Again, it’s not that complicated. For example, you can do something useful for the people around you. The student went to, let’s say, the department (no less intimidating in the institute’s early days) and took everyone’s schedule. Or you could recommend the best college essay writing service to your groupmates, so they don’t have to struggle with the writing assignments. That’s it. An advantage in the eyes of the student body is clearly earned. A good reputation will be ensured if you continue in the same spirit and do different trim, but valuable to all things. People of the action are loved always and everywhere.

The first time in the institute, in general, you have to focus on others, not yourself. It’s like in business. First, you have to work for the image, and then the image will work for you. It’s like Apple – their company’s policy is not primarily aimed at profit but at meeting the needs of their customers. So, a product that everyone is excited about comes out, but is the company making a loss? More than the opposite, another such successful business to look for. The Apple principle should be taken up by the first-year student and everyone in general.

As you can see, the recommendations for joining a new student group are not at all complicated, to say the least – simple. They are also easy and even enjoyable to follow. Good luck!