Split PDF Tools – The Best Ones

Image source: unsplash.com

Living in the world of advanced technology is amazing because of many reasons. Doing certain things is easier than ever before thanks to the online world. However, working with different online tools brings certain concerns as well. You need to understand that number of files you need to be familiar with is huge.

People work with PDF files for different purposes. Because of that, using different PDF tools is a necessity in some strange way. Logically, the first thing you should know is how to convert word or excel files to PDF. Yet, one of the things that people often use is PDF splitters.

Split PDF tools allow users to splice a PDF file into pieces. That is probably the simplest explanation that we can give you. For instance, let’s imagine that you are working with an important business document. Believe it or not, you can split only, for example, two pages of the document while others can be removed.

At first glance, the entire splitting process might sound confusing and complex. Fortunately, things are not as difficult as you might thing. Different offline and online Split PDF tools will make your life easier. The users will easily find a huge number of them by basic Google research. Yet, it would be unfair to say that all of them are equally good. Because of that, we would like to review only the best ones. After reading our guidelines, you will manage to find those that meet your expectations and requirements. Let’s find them out together!


Splitting the PDF files with PDFBear is easy and you need to go through 4 simple steps. Logically, before everything, you will need to visit pdfbear.com.

After you enter the website, the first thing you should do is choosing a file that you want to split. You can also use the “drag and drop” option as well. After you do that, you can choose the pages that you want to convert. The next step is to refine the pages that you selected. You will need to export them into an individual PDF. In the end, the pages of a document will be ready and the last thing you have to do is press “download”. We believe that the entire process doesn’t sound confusing at all.

Despite the quality, accessibility is one more reason why people like this online tool. You can access it from every device and platform including Linux, Mac, and Windows. Despite that, the security of your files won’t be your concern. Each time when you finish the process, all the files that you downloaded gets deleted after an hour. You can find more information about how to convert jpg to pdf here.


Sejda online PDF splitter allows you to split the files in multiple ways. First of all, you can easily preview all the pages before extracting them. People usually like to use the program in combination with OneDrive and Dropbox. It might seem strange, but you can even import PDFs by URL. We believe the feature like that is valuable for most of the users.

Now, let’s get to the point. Logically, the first step you need to do is upload the documents. When you do that, you will get four options to complete the process. One of the options is to extract every page into a separate PDF. Despite that, it also allows you to manually choose the pages you want to split. The last two options allow you to split every so-many pages and every even page of the document.

Just like for the previous tool, this one comes with an auto-delete feature. However, for something like that, you will need to wait for two hours.

Of course, we need to highlight some disadvantages of the program as well. The PDFs you plan to work with can’t be larger than 50 MB. Despite that, the document mustn’t contain more than 200 pages. Yet, we believe that these limits will not change your opinion about the program a lot.


There is one big difference that makes Smallpdf different from other programs. Cutting out some pages is not the only service that you can use. There are different types of things you will manage to do with it.

When you upload the PDF, you will get the option to choose between two options. Fortunately, you won’t have to be a genius to realize how to use them. The first option that you have is extracting every page into a separate PDF. Yet, there is one thing that we need to highlight here. The service is not for free and you will need to make certain investments to use it. Despite that, you can also select particular pages that you want to extract and create a custom PDF. Fortunately, the second option is free.

Using the first services of the tool allows you to download each page individually. Despite that, all of them will be organized in a ZIP file and you can also rotate them all. On the other hand, the second option allows you to preview the pages you selected. We need to be honest and say that many Split PDF tools make that process complex. Fortunately, the problem like that doesn’t exist with Smallpdf.


The program allows you to upload PDF in different ways. Logically, the most common method of uploading is from a computer. However, you can also do that via Google Drive or Dropbox account.

The entire process starts the same as for the previous tools. However, this time, you have two options after choosing and uploading a PDF. You can split the PDF by page ranges and you can extract all the pages from the PDF.

The first option gives you the chance to merge all extracted ranges into a single PDF. On the other hand, the Extract All Pages option gives you the option to extract all the pages into separated PDG. For instance, let’s imagine that your document has 200 pages. In that case, you will a ZIP file that contains 200 different PDFs.

However, there is one disadvantage that you might not like. We need to mention that page previews aren’t quite big. In other words, you can’t easily confirm that pages you picked are those that you truly want to extract.