Soulja Boy Net Worth 2024

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Soulja Boy single “Crank That” from 2007 brought him enormous popularity. It was continuously the number one hit in America for seven weeks. This is the time when he became a global rap star. Follow our article below and find out more about the background and life of this fabulous and talented young rapper.

Early Life

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His real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, and his birthdate was on the 28th of July 1990. He spent a good part of his childhood in Chicago, Illinois, the place where he was born. His star sign is Leo. At the age of six, the young boy moved to Atlanta with his father, and soon he showed interest in rap music. His father was following his ambitions and talent, so he decided to get him a recording studio where he could explore more and focus on his music and lyrics. 2005 was the year when he “hanged” his first song on the website called “SoundClick.” As the song got a lot of views along with positive critics from the audience, he decided to spread the network by opening official accounts on YouTube and Myspace at that time.


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2007 was a very productive year for the young rapper. He brought out the first individualistic album “Unsigned & Still Major: Da Album Before da Album” with the leading song “Crank That.” The video for this song was in the air too, but very low-budgeted. Before the first half of 2007, this song was slowly bringing success, so rapper had a pleasure to meet Mr. Collipark and sing off his first deal with Interscope Records.

Soon, he had two more very listened songs, and one of them again was hit on 19th place on the “Billboard Top 100.” Throughout his music career, the young artist had ups and downs; however, he never stopped recording as this was his biggest passion.

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In 2011, he spoke for media about hard work on one of his albums, “Promise,” but the release of it was a bit late. In the meantime, at the beginning of 2013, he brought out mixtape “Foreign.”

Soon, his contract for Interscope Records was expiring, so he signed off for Cash Money Records and brought out his first song along with this production house named “Handsome.” 2014 was the year of his album number three “King Soulja 3” and the mixtape “Young Millionaire” alongside iTunes. In the same year, he signed off for Universal Music Group. In 2015 he announced album number five and had top hits again on American radio stations and programs.

Following years he wrote, recorded, and aired two more digital albums and many mixtapes and videos.

Personal Life

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Soulja’s’ career last for a long time already, since he entered rapping “waters’ at a young age. He is acknowledged and his hard work pays off. He has been awarded in 2007 with BET Hip-Hop Awards for Best Hip-Hop Dance. Later through the same year, he earned the Ozone Award for the category “Patiently Waiting: Mississippi.”

Rap celebrity is still not married. He is in a relationship with Nia Riley. There were some rumors about them getting married, but that still did not happen.

Soulja Boy Net Worth 2024

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As of March 2024, Soulja Boy has an estimated net worth of around $35 million. Most of his income comes from the music and his record distributions. Rapping star is the owner of an outstanding property in Hidden Hills, California, worth $5 million. In front of his house are parked the most luxurious cars like Bentley, McLaren, and Maserati.