Why a Sole Trader Should Consider a Virtual Office Service

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Sole trading is an occupation many people choose to have as their calling. It’s not hard to start; it can bring a profit, and at the end of the day you can do it all by yourself. Many people learn to handle various forms of work by themselves and have their living expenses and lifestyle covered this way. Of course, being in a particular line of work only with your assets won’t get you too far. As soon as you start developing your operation, you will start to have employees and partners.

Yes, the official title is a sole trader, but that’s not doing justice in describing the work you’ll be doing in its essence. It speaks about you, as the owner of the work you’re doing, and the one responsible for it financially and in any other sense possible. While you could muster working from your house or a little office, while operating as a sole trader, with time, your business could outgrow your initial setup. Considering that we’re living in the age of the internet and technology, you could consider moving your offices. Have you given this any idea? Or, even better, do you have any idea what we’re talking about?

Do you have any idea what are virtual offices? Yes, it’s a novelty in the world of business. But, it’s a nice novelty. Technology is evolving, business is evolving, and everything about it does too. While as a solo player you might see that this is an expensive option, to have a virtual office equipped on your own, that doesn’t reflect the reality of the situation.  In fact, we are talking about renting one. If you’re looking for a virtual office at an affordable price they can be found with ease, and change the way you are handling your work and the way your partners and customers see you.

All that is left on our part is to go through a little convincing with you. Don’t worry, it won’t be too hard. All we need from you is a little patience and your time to read this article to the very end. If you do this you’ll learn why a sole trader should consider a virtual office service. Let’s see why this is the case.

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Create a Prettier Picture of Your Business

While we really shouldn’t fall victim to today’s world of appearing good, and social media trends, we can’t deny that impressions do matter. The first ones are those that matter the most. So, yes, you can be a sole trader from your home, study room, and even the living room and the kitchen. Even if you’re not having people here in person, they’ll see that you’re operating from the coziness of your home. That’s not a picture a successful businessman is painting. Also what about your family? Wife and children? The best part is to have a virtual office. You do not have to have it only for yourself. You can share it with other people. Having more of you work at the same place can be only affordable but also it can push you to work better and harder. Also, it will show your customers and partners that you’re serious about your work; that you’re surrounded y people who work hard and with dedication, and in most cases that’s the image that pulls people over to your side.

Increased Productivity

Working from home, or on your own from anywhere is not a symbol of productivity. Yes, some people work from home and are highly productive, but they’re the exception and not the rule. Productivity is at the highest level when you work surrounded by your peers. When you see other sole traders handling their business, completing deals, and making profits you’ll be inclined to do the same. This is how business work, and it’s how our brains and work habits are put into motion. When you’re at home, or in some secluded office, you’ll certainly spend some time daydreaming or what’s even worse procrastinating.

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Lower Costs

With a virtual office, you’ll receive a fully equipped space. That will suit all your business needs as a sole trader. Considering that you’ll be sharing the space, it is clear that your expenses will be lower. And we’re not talking only about finances. You’ll be leaving a space at your home. That is great for both yourself and your family. Having a rented space this way will certainly aid in lowering your initial costs, which at the same time aid you in boosting the profits.


In the time and age, we’re living in, privacy, safety, and security matter the most. You know this much. We are speaking the truth. If you’re a sole trader this is vital. Running your business from home or a remote location, this issue will be brought up. For one, everyone will know where you live. If you’re having an office in a bad part of the town, that’s bad. No one will want to come over to you. These are issues that can harm your privacy. The image you want to create about yourself will be shattered.  So, by having a virtual office, set in a nice part of the city, surrounded by other business people, you will tackle these issues. There will be no privacy breaches. Your safety and security will be on a higher level. Compare it to doing your work and having your customers over at your home address or in some remote office, and you’ll see the difference.

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Establishing a Local Presence

We can’t know in which sector are you operating. In most of them, those that are not closely tied to the web, location still matter. If you’re selling a service or a product, your location matters a lot. Establishing a strong presence in your local community matters if you want to grow your business from the bottom up. Even if you outgrew your local position it matters. Switching to an office in some of the developed parts of the city can be done too. As we said, location still matters. And in some spheres of running a business, it is still vital. As someone looking for a virtual office setup, you can make a head start by selecting a location that will work to your benefit.