Futuristic Fitness: 3 Smart Devices To Help You Get Healthier

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We all know that exercising is one of the best things that we can do for our bodies and that they come with several health benefits. The most popular benefit is that it helps with weight management and weight loss by increasing your body’s metabolism, allowing you to burn much more calories at rest than you otherwise would have without any physical activity.

Additionally, exercise has also been found to maximize fat loss and muscle development as any form of physical activity can create little microtears throughout the muscle, prompting the tissue to regenerate and grow. With enough lean muscle mass, your body can actually look a lot smaller and more toned without having to unhealthily restrict your calorie and diet.

Apart from its contributions to one’s outward appearance, physical activity also has several cognitive benefits. Getting in a regular workout can actually help you feel much happier and more content as it has been shown to improve mood levels, while also lowering the chances of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, exercising has also been found to create changes in the brain that allow you to better manage feelings of stress and anxiety.

On a similar note, a regular sweat session can also boost your energy levels throughout the day. Other benefits include increased concentration and brain function, reduced chances of acquiring chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, several cancers, and cholesterol, improved functioning of different bodily systems like the circulatory system and respiratory system, better quality of sleep and improved skin health and appearance to name a few.

With all of this, it would be easy to wonder why more people don’t take the time out of their week to get a good workout in. While many simply don’t have the time or energy to set aside from their hectic daily lives, there are also some people that lose their motivation halfway through—the major reason being that lack of change that they’re seeing.

While exercise is great for your entire body, most people only perceive their progress when it’s measured through outward physical changes rather than other factors like their energy levels and overall how they feel. This is a very reductive and damaging way to gauge your fitness levels, so it’s important to adopt other ways to measure the changes in your body.

In today’s society where technology and the internet are infiltrating almost every aspect of our daily lives, it only makes sense that these innovations will also revolutionize our health, so here are 3 different smart devices to help you get started!

1. Smartwatch

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The smartwatch was probably the first breakthrough technology that was actually targeted towards health and fitness, with the added bonus of seamlessly integrating itself to your everyday life as well. In addition to performing the conventional purposes of a regular wristwatch, a smartwatch can serve as an extension of a user’s smartphone, while also serving several other functions independently.

Through Bluetooth pairing, a smartwatch is also able to notify the user regarding any notifications or messages that appear in their smartphone, helping you to stay on top of any and all alerts throughout the day. It also helps manage phone calls more easily, while also having apps similar to those on your phone like the weather app or a music player.

However, the main reason that people get smartwatches is because these serve as a great way to track your health and fitness over a long period of time. With the sensors and software installed, a smartwatch comes with different functions that allow it to more accurately record your activity. It comes equipped with a step counter feature, while also tracking your blood pressure, heart rate, sleep quality and more.

More than that, smartwatches can also keep track of how many calories you burn throughout the day, breaking this up into calories you’ve burned during physical activity and calories that were burned at rest. Some also come with accelerometers and GPS that can measure the direction and distance of your movement, recording not only the distance you’ve covered but also the route that you took. All of this information can easily be viewed on your smartphone.

2. Smart Weighing Scale

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While fitness can cause a caloric deficit and encourage weight loss, the belief that weight loss is the only way to measure any progress is a very antiquated way of thinking that many still subscribe to today. There are those who step onto a weighing scale after every workout and get progressively discouraged when the number doesn’t go down—or goes up.

Many scientists have already debunked this belief by stating that the relationship between the two isn’t necessarily causal, but there are still those people who insist on measuring progress with numbers. Rather than sticking to a traditional scale that only measures one’s weight, a great way to get the best of both worlds is to get a smart weighing scale instead.

The reason that weight alone is such a dangerous metric is because it doesn’t account for the constant changes and fluctuations that your body goes through every minute of every day. A smart weighing scale performs the same purpose as a regular weighing scale, but the difference is that it breaks down your resulting weight into other components that help you understand what’s going on in your body better.

By displaying the varying components that make up your weight—such as muscle mass, bone density, fat levels and water—you’re getting a healthier and more holistic report of what your weight is, while also adopting a much more sustainable way to track your progress. While a regular weighing scale only shows you a higher number, a smart weighing scale can show that your body is holding onto more water or that your muscle mass actually increased!

3. Smart Water Bottle

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Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated in order to see actual results, but that isn’t always enough to get people to drink as much as they need to. Drinking enough water allows the body to replenish its reserve, especially after all the sweating that you’ve been doing. More than that, it allows the body to perform at its best throughout the day.

To recap, drinking enough water allows the body to rid itself of any unnecessary waste and toxins, while also regulating body temperature. It also helps promote a healthy immune system and keeps your organs functioning well. In terms of exercising, drinking water will help you get the most out of your workout and maximize your physical performance.

When struggling to remember to drink water, a smart water bottle might be just what you need. A smart water bottle is equipped with various smart technology that syncs up to your smartphone to accurately record your water intake and remind you to drink water when needed. Some bottles also come with additional functions like automatic cleaning cycles with UV lights, a wireless Bluetooth speaker, a convenient LED light and more.

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