How to Save Time & Money by Using Decluttering Services in Melbourne


Why is using a decluttering service faster and cheaper?

That’s because you hand over the hard parts to professional declutterers. They will declutter your house for you. What will take you a week to declutter, they can finish it in two days.

Sounds good? Keep reading and you will learn how domestic decluttering service helps you save more money and time.

How a Decluttering Service Saves Your Time

Have you decluttered your house yet? If you have, you’re amazing! If you don’t have time for decluttering, that’s okay too. Decluttering is not for everyone.

However, being busy doesn’t mean you cannot declutter. You can hire a decluttering service to do that for you.

How can a decluttering service save time?


1. No Need to Alter Your Schedule

The company will send two professional declutterers to your house. So, if you are busy at work, you can just let them inside the house and leave them to do their job.

That alone already saves you time because you won’t have to alter your schedule and make adjustments.

2. More People on the Job

Decluttering alone can be overwhelming, especially if you have many excess things. Having two people decluttering saves a lot of time.

The declutterers can split the task between the two of them. They can also focus better because the load is manageable.

That way, they can comb through your house faster than you can on your own.


3. Methodical Process

Professional declutterers will have a decluttering method they use for every house. Usually, they will assess your house before doing anything.

They will catalogue all of your things and separate them into piles. The three piles will be labelled;

  • Keep pile
  • Donate/Bin pile
  • Store pile

The ‘keep’ pile will include all the things you use daily. That means all of them are staying in your house.

Things you don’t need anymore will be put in the ‘donate’ pile. If they are decent, they can be donated to charities. However, if they are broken, the declutterers will throw them away.

Christmas trees, Easter decorations, or thick winter coats will all go into the ‘store’ pile. They are items that should be out of your space but will be used when the time comes.

After all the piles are sorted, the declutterers will pack and organise them. With this process, they can declutter your house in 1-2 days.

4. Comes With a Storage Solution

Your ‘store’ pile needs to be stored somewhere. However, you cannot just cram the pile into the corners of your house. That will repeat the cycle of clutter.

Decluttering services are closely related to storage services. That’s why declutterers will offer you onsite storage. Onsite storage is like an extra space outside your house.

The company will send a storage unit to your house and put it in your yard. Then, the declutterers will load the ‘store’ pile into the storage unit.

You can access this storage unit anytime you want. With this solution, your house is not crowded and your things are safely stored.


How a Decluttering Service Saves Your Money

Believe it or not, decluttering can be expensive if you do it on your own. There are a lot of things to organise. Inevitably, you will have to buy many boxes and bubble wrap.

But, with a decluttering service, you can keep your budget to a minimum. How can this save money?

1. Free Protective Materials

Protective materials can be expensive in big numbers. Looking at the total price, you start to think ‘Maybe I don’t need them’.

But you do need them, especially for your ‘store’ pile. You need to make sure that your items are usable by the time you need them again.

Fortunately, decluttering services include some free protective materials, such as;

Not all companies offer free protective materials, but most companies have cheap prices. They also offer bulk packages so you get a good bargain for all of them.

You can stay within budget by not buying protective materials from other stores.


2. Cheap Storage Solution

Storing your excess things in a self-storage facility might be your first thought. However, decluttering services include a cheaper storage solution.

Onsite storage, which is container storage, is 50% cheaper than self-storage. There are also four container sizes, so you pay based on how much space you need.

  • 6ft containers = 10 cubic metres = from $3.27 per day
  • 8ft containers = 11.5 cubic metres = from $4.7 per day
  • 10ft containers = 16-19 cubic metres = from $6.13 per day
  • 20ft containers = 32-38 cubic metres = from $8.56 per day

The smaller the storage size, the lower you pay.

3. Fees For Two Declutterers and Their Equipment

A decluttering service is usually done in a team of two. Hence, every fee you pay is for two people. So, you don’t need to request more personnel to make the job quicker.

Plus, included in the fees is all the equipment, like trolleys, ramps, etc. You won’t be charged more for these.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about extra fees.


4. Services Include Rubbish Disposal

After decluttering is done, you must have heaps of junk. Usually, people hire rubbish removals to dispose of them.

However, hiring rubbish removals adds more to your budget. But, a decluttering service includes rubbish disposal with a very low fee.

Rubbish disposal with a decluttering company is easier, too. The declutterers know which pile is going to the bin because they are the ones who organised it. So, they can just pack the rubbish and dispose of it.


A busy schedule does get in the way of decluttering, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You can hire a professional decluttering service to do it for you.

A domestic decluttering service can declutter your house in under two days. Much faster than when you do it yourself. Plus, they have a decluttering method that makes the job more manageable.

They also offer a storage solution – onsite storage — to get the excess things out of your house. The storage units are cheap too.

You will get free packing materials, as well. On top of that, the fees you pay already include worker and garbage disposal fees. Hence, you save a lot of money by letting professionals declutter your home.

So, what’s stopping you from decluttering?