9 Reasons Why People Are Still Playing Destiny 2

There isn’t any lack of video games in the world. The market supply and demand is huge, and many of them are definitely worth playing. So why is this particular one on the people’s radar and is actively played by thousands?

As most of us know, Destiny 2 is an award-winning sci-fi MMO (massively multiplayer online game) set in a single evolving universe with many planets and moons. It is an online-only loot-driven first-person shooter game. It has been around since 2017, following the success of Destiny, and is loved by both critics and players. It is actually a sequel to the famous Destiny which was available in 2014. The players step into the role of a Guardian, tasked with missions intended to protect the Last City on Earth from enemy alien races and the entity called Darkness. The Guardians explore the universe, battle and conquer their alien enemies while gathering fighting gear and improving their warfare skills.

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It is the perfect game for folks who are into sci-fi stuff like the Marvel Universe, Game of Thrones, or Stranger Things. It has an amazingly constructed universe with endless possibilities and features. However, if anyone is stuck at some phase, or struggling with particular quests and raids, websites like lootservices.com offer completing them by professionals.

A few versions have been released over the years. Initially, it has been available for PlayStation4 and Xbox One since September 2017, and about a month later, a version was released for PC (Microsoft Windows).

In December 2024, it is expected to be released for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, so there is something to look forward to in this cruel year. However, as there are so many other games out there, what makes Destiny 2 popular for so many years, keeping a large active player base? Let’s look into some possibilities.

1. Free-to-play

Many editions of the game can be bought, or preordered, but still, the reality is that not everyone can do that. So have some good news: the New Light version which was released in October 2019, can be played for free. Interestingly enough, the beginning has been changed. Namely, the introductory mission for new players is actually the first mission from Destiny. That way, the players get a taste of the original game, but now in even better overall settings. How cool is that?

2. Countless activities

There are many activities that Destiny 2 offers. The players get to choose their own missions they would like to finish, as well, as the enemies they want to fight. They can almost fully customize their characters and collect as many treasures and rewards as possible during the course of the play. It can be played in single mode, as well as in multiplayer where there are player-vs-player matches, too. For solo playing, there are missions, quests, adventures, etc. When it comes to multiplayer, there are options to play with either friends or random strangers.

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3. Novelties

The creators of the game know how to keep things interesting, so every Season (basically, an expansion), the universe of Destiny 2 evolves for all the players. That way, they will have the possibilities to master new skills and earn new equipment. Also, the creators make sure to offer new updates so that the players can live their fantasies in this sci-fi world.

4. The expansions

There have been small and large expansions throughout the years, but in October, there was the Shadowkeep expansion which didn’t require the previous expansions in order to play. Yay. Another one has been scheduled for November 2024, with a couple more to be expected in the next two years. We will be waiting.

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5. The storyline

Unlike 2014’s Destiny, this game has a story which begins with the attack of the headquarters of the Guardians, known as the Tower, by a new fraction of Cabal forces called the Red Legion. The story continues to unfold with the additional expansions featuring new missions and tasks for the players. One of the best parts about it is that the experience is different for each player, as they can create their own story within it.

6. Character progression

Even though for some features one has to be at a particular level and further down the storyline, generally, the game offers great character progression and development. The players can gain loot from their conquered enemies, win prizes and get rewards after completing missions and raids, which help their characters level up. Also, there are many quests for numerous special weapons and armors that are available to anyone who wants to go after them.

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7. It is quite addictive

There are many psychological reward loops and systems that are embedded within the game, making it very addictive. Even the previous game, Destiny, which didn’t have much content in terms of storyline, it succeeded in getting people hooked on it. The company behind it, Bungie, certainly learned from their previous experience and created many reward loops that keep players occupied and on the edge of their seats. The daily and weekly challenges have the players always come back for more.

8. The creators listen

The makers of the game have been very successful in taking feedback from the players and continually improve and developing the game. They have taken the ideas from the players, and even the critics, and make them feel as a part of the game because of their input. The game had to fill out some great shoes – Destiny – its predecessor, and after a somewhat of a rocky start, it has gone above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

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9. Great replay value

Since the characters are almost completely customizable, each player can create an altered version of the story by creating a new character or choosing different missions every time they play; meaning that on each occasion when one plays, the gaming experience will be different and that gives it a big replay value. Also, the developers constantly add new environments and weapons, so any time one comes to play, there will be something new to try or go after.