7 Quickest and Easiest Ways to Replace Your Social Security Card in 2024

Some documents are essential, and one needs to hold on to them. Various things can happen to these documents. Social security cards are crucial and can help verify identity. If it would get lost or stolen, this could cause some severe hardship. There is a way to get a replacement social security card in Ohio, but you need to do some things before that.

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1. Requesting a Replacement Card

Replacing the physical Social Security card is easy. A person will need to request a card and fill out an application. They can get this application online at Online-Application.org or can stop by their local Social Security Office. A person will need to report this, and in about two weeks, they will have a new card. If a person needs to replace a lost or stolen card, there is no charge for this. In the state of Ohio, a person is not able to request a replacement of their social security card over the internet. That may change over time, and it is recommended to visit the Social Security Administration website to stay up to date on this.

If a person goes to their local Social Security office, they will need to have some identification with them to verify their identity. A person will need to have their driver’s license, a state-issued identification card, or their United States passport. They will need to fill out an application for New or Replacement Social Security Number and Card. This form can be obtained in the office or can be printed from the internet.

The form is the SS 5 form, and it will need to be completed. A person can fill out the form online, or they can print it out. If they are filling out the form by hand, they need to write clearly and use black or blue ink. The Social Security Administration may also ask to see an original birth certificate when the application is submitted. Once the application has been submitted to the agency, it will be processed, and a person will be issued a copy of their card within a couple of weeks.

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2. Fraud Alert

Once a person has realized that their social security card is missing or has been stolen, they need to take measures to protect their identity. A person needs to put a fraud alert on their credit file. That will offer them some protection from identity theft. A person can call one of the three major credit reporting companies. They can contact the Equifax, TransUnion, or the Experian Company and ask to place their alert. The credit agency that takes the call will need to contact the other agencies. The fraud alert will allow a person to keep an eye on their credit. The alarm will be active for 90 days. After this time, if a person still feels their identity has been compromised, they can renew the signal.

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3. Contact the IRS

A person needs to contact the IRS and tell them that the social security card is lost or stolen. That will prevent another person from filing a tax return and using the victim’s name and identity. The IRS site has a simple guide for reporting and will allow a person to have additional protection and monitoring placed on their account.

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4. Contact the FTC

A person will need to contact the Federal Trade Commission as an additional way to protect their identity and the chance of someone using their status to commit fraud. This organization will collect information and will allow a person to make a full report. The FTC can be contacted on the phone, or there is an online form that a person can fill out. They will need to save the reference number they are given, and they will also get an FTC Identity Theft Affidavit. That will help protect a person if their identity is stolen, and there are credit charges that are made in their name.

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5. File a Report with the Police

While filing a report with all of these agencies, a person should also contact their local police department. Even if they have lost their social security card, they should still file a report with the police.

When they are going to the police, they should bring along the FTC reference number and file a report for the police. A person should also get a copy of the story for their records. That will offer additional fraud protection and will allow a person to be alert.

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6. Frequency

A person may replace a Social Security card that has been lost or stolen three times within a year. There is a limit ten times throughout their life. If a person is changing their legal name or their citizenship status, this does not go over the limits of requesting a card replacement.

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7. Additional Requirements

To request a replacement Social Security card a person needs to be at least 18 years of age. They need to have a valid mailing address and be able to confirm their identity. They will also need to provide a document to show their current age. A driver’s license or state identification card can be used for this.

These are some ways to get a replacement Social Security card in Ohio. If a person had their social security card lost or stolen, it is quick and easy to replace it. They need to go to the Social Security office with their identification and fill out a form to request a new card. They will need to take measures to protect their identity. If another person was able to get their social security number, they could commit identity theft. There should be a report on credit activity and even a statement with the police to offer additional identity protection and start a case of the stolen social security card.